This is the BEST Rolls-Royce feature…






25 responses to “This is the BEST Rolls-Royce feature…”

  1. Amelia Weaver Avatar
    Amelia Weaver

    Watching it was really fun. Your work is really top !!!🧡🧡

  2. Gary Artz Avatar
    Gary Artz

    At least shake the dirt off if you’re not going to vacuum it before petting your shaggy carpet 😂

    1. Izham Sham Avatar
      Izham Sham

      That’s not dirt, mate. That’s imported natural crystalline & gossamer fluff specially flown in from the UK.

  3. Jaime García Avatar
    Jaime García

    Perfect for Poh

  4. JasperKTM Avatar

    Thougt you were going to do a parody on that strange lady who touches en slides over parts very strange. Luckily not really haha

  5. Kiss Gergő Avatar
    Kiss Gergő

    Rolls Royces are not my cup of tea but I do want to feel that carpet for myself one day

  6. Evora Avatar

    That touch on Rolls-Royce felt horn* ahem ahem

  7. Kim Blomberg Avatar
    Kim Blomberg

    Yo how about the Nissan Laurel C33 s

  8. JD Avatar

    Looks like it’s been stamped on a few times

  9. Rechit Patni Avatar
    Rechit Patni

    James: “20 lambs died for this rug”
    Thomas: “James, you don’t have to kill lambs to get wool, they get sheared. They don’t die.”
    James: “No, these ones actually do. They get martyred.”

    1. Jack Michael Avatar
      Jack Michael

      Hottle Throuse?

    2. PeanutButter&Jelly Avatar

      ​@Jack MichaelThottie House?

  10. Gmastevlad Avatar

    When that’s the best thing in a car.. that car has a problem

  11. Zepsuj To Sam Avatar
    Zepsuj To Sam

    If there wouldn’t be background noises you could turn this into some ASMR with proper audio 😅😂

  12. Bosko Filipovic Avatar
    Bosko Filipovic

    You will have to use firefighter’s hose to clean this crap

  13. sickeNz Avatar

    But can you really feel it with shoes on?

  14. patrick cowan Avatar
    patrick cowan

    That’s so the supermodels don’t hurt their knees.

    1. JoelH Avatar

      Underrated comment

    2. FalconGamer58 Avatar

      But they don’t sit on their knees in the car

  15. Y2Kazan Avatar

    He gets it dirty then shows it off. Someone protect this man.

  16. Stimm002 Avatar

    The best feature is if the engine starts.

  17. Certified Techneeshan Avatar
    Certified Techneeshan

    Click on that pop up banner or the link on the descri…. Oh
    RIP link in description😂

  18. Stefan Wiechmann Avatar
    Stefan Wiechmann

    Every car should have so squishi soft carpets 😊

  19. Adil Emre Sönmez Avatar
    Adil Emre Sönmez

    ” Soooooo soft 😤😡🤬”

    That’s what she said 😥

  20. Mike Chaouk Avatar
    Mike Chaouk

    My work boot will look good on them

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