This car has TWO horns?!


27 responses to “This car has TWO horns?!”

  1. @Bulwell_forest_level_crossing Avatar

    First, I heard of Hon

  2. @tomrede Avatar

    🚲 *toot* *toot*

  3. @SonyaRochas Avatar

    I watch your channel with pleasure. Your videos have become part of the good mood for me every day.🍦✌️🫦

  4. @EmmaHales1 Avatar

    I have been watching your channel for a long time and every time I find something new and interesting. Thank you very much!🍗🦀🐤

  5. @MilaPoole Avatar

    Ein weiteres Meisterwerk auf diesem Kanal! Unglaublich, wie die Autoren es schaffen, jedes Mal zu überraschen. Was ist dein Lieblingsmoment aus diesem Video? 💬🎨👊👊👊 ; 🍃.

  6. @George-yh7or Avatar

    Beep beep

  7. @Freda_Kreutzer12 Avatar

    Vielen Dank für dieses unglaublich tolle Video🌺

    1. @apersunthathasaridiculousl1890 Avatar

      Close them pedals girl before i get the weed killer 💀

  8. @thomasday3256 Avatar

    Why don’t all cars have two horns?

    1. @gibrevik Avatar

      Have been wondering this for soo kong

    2. @apersunthathasaridiculousl1890 Avatar


    3. @ruthlessluder Avatar

      Because horns are pressure sensitive. The lighter/quicker you press the softer it sounds.

    4. @SultanOfAwesome Avatar

      Some older cars used to have it, one for the city and one for the countryside

  9. @ndautomotive Avatar

    Is this a Chinese Defender or something?

    1. @24k__J Avatar

      Its hideous.

    2. @Youchatshitbitch Avatar

      @@24k__Jnope. British company. The grenadier is built in France and powered by bmw engines.

    3. @idkwhattonamemyself5513 Avatar

      @@24k__Jit’s not Chinese it’s French tho, and it’s a cool vehicle

    4. @dr-ok3sn Avatar

      @@idkwhattonamemyself5513no, it’s a british company, only produced in france. but developed together with the austrian company Magna Steyer, who also developed/produces the Mercedes G-Class (that’s why they are also looking familiar) and several other cars from BMW, Mercedes, JLR, Aston Martin and some more.
      and the Grenadier is using the B58 petrol and B57 diesel from BMW.

  10. @danielcastro1301 Avatar

    Das ist so… Geil?

  11. @matthewkafka9566 Avatar

    You’re telling me that the first horn wasn’t the “small horn”

    1. @larssonk22 Avatar

      inside you’re sound insulated

  12. @Antsfaner Avatar

    chirp chirp 🐤

  13. @rickcollin5600 Avatar

    What’s new about two horns?

  14. @camerondenholm8966 Avatar

    Yes even the horns try not to upset people anymore

  15. @jjsolo3070 Avatar

    Can you do something about these inappropriate bots??

  16. @Chris-Pringle Avatar

    Bike horn sounds louder

  17. @ruthlessluder Avatar

    Way overcomplicating things. Why not have 100 horns?

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