This car broke 4 times when I reviewed it!

This is the brand !

It's the smallest you can buy, but is it the you can purchase? Well, it's time to discover!

For beginners, when it concerns the style, there's no rejecting the Avenger looks outstanding! It carries over much of the tried & relied on styling hints, such as the front grille, but in this mini type, we're truly amazed with the design. Our also includes a two-tone paint task, with a bright yellow body coupled with a black roof – we would definitely advise anybody picking this cars and truck opts for the very same!

Step within, and the great looks continue! We have actually got our hands on the range-topping Top edition, which means the interior comes with littles yellow trim throughout the cabin. Alongside this, you'll likewise discover a large digital dial display screen, paired with a large infotainment screen. The infotainment system isn't the best, but luckily it comes with cordless Apple CarPlay and Android Automobile. There are a number of physical environment control buttons, which are always excellent to see, although regrettably there are quite a few scratchy plastics and low-cost bits of material to be found.

The is the first all-electric Jeep you can buy in Europe. It comes with a 51kWh battery pack which benefits a claimed series of 250 miles. There is just one option of motor – it drives the front wheels just and can provide 154hp.

The Avenger begins with simply under ₤ 36,000, increasing to simply over ₤ 40,000 for the range-topping edition. So is it the ideal for you? You'll require to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:34 Design
01:16 Rate
02:20 Interior
05:52 Rear seats
07:51 Boot
09:07 5 Annoying Things
10:58 5 Cool Things
13:03 Batteries & Motor
13:49 Town Driving
19:54 Motorway Driving
21:17 Back Road Driving
22:41 0-60mph
23:43 Decision

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75 responses to “This car broke 4 times when I reviewed it!”

  1. Psychotic Capybara 93 Avatar
    Psychotic Capybara 93

    Who would’ve have guessed an unreliable jeep. What a surprise.

    1. everypc Avatar

      Jeeps are much more reliable than this pegeout branded jeep

    2. LordOfTheDivX Avatar

      Yeah but it is not a jeep, it’s an afront to the normally always broken 4×4 😂

    3. C B Avatar
      C B

      @everypcYea, no

    4. SHROOMY Avatar

      ​@everypcI haven’t heard of a reliable jeep in the past how many decades

  2. Doug Avatar

    Considering the parent company, I’d say this perfectly represents an average ownership experience.

    1. X Avatar

      What was the parent company?

  3. SHROOMY Avatar

    It’s like Jeep said to their team “Look, i know we’re working on a Peugeot platform but our customers expect less of us” so they worsened the quality just enough so its familiar to pre-existing jeep customers

    1. Edward Fletcher Avatar
      Edward Fletcher

      Love this comment 👍😂😂😂

    2. Man Of Sesame Avatar
      Man Of Sesame

      Peugeot’s quality is worse than Jeep tho

    3. SmOgER Avatar

      @Man Of Sesame ​ Maybe in the past. But for recent models, this is really not the case.

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Man Of Sesamefor some cars yes, yet, for Peugeot 206, it has better reliability than Jeep Avenger.😅

    5. luuzeri Avatar

      @Man Of Sesame In what world? Peugeot quality is hit and miss, Jeep is consistently terrible as are all Chryslers

  4. F Ferreira Avatar
    F Ferreira

    Imagine wake up one day and decide to spend 35k on a “Jeep”.

    1. Harry Thompson Avatar
      Harry Thompson

      Not even the iconic one lol

    2. F Ferreira Avatar
      F Ferreira

      @Harry Thompson…and FWD!

    3. Georgi Iliev Avatar
      Georgi Iliev

      If such day comes then i will know for sure i had a stroke while sleeping 😀

    4. Mgoblagulkablong Avatar

      people are spending $150k+ on jeeps

    5. George Spalding Avatar
      George Spalding

      Jeep prices go all the way up to $100,000. And oh by the way they’re still one of the most popular SUVs in the world and have been for 75 years.

  5. Hillarius Satrio Avatar
    Hillarius Satrio

    “Broke 4 times only? See, we’re reliable” -Jeep-

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      It should’ve been 15 times broken like Flatout 3. Hot stuff.

  6. Alasdair Page Avatar
    Alasdair Page

    I thought the 0-60 was looking surprisingly good, then I realised I was watching at 1.5x speed 😄

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree bro.

    2. Mark Wilson Avatar
      Mark Wilson

      Yeah, plus he should probably average the time in both directions to take any wind or slope out of the equation, but on 1x speed that initial launch looked really slow 😅

    3. M M Avatar
      M M

      ah, I’m not the only one who 1.5x carwow…dude talks pretty slow.

    4. Batur Pasha Avatar
      Batur Pasha

      I think Matt’s gauge is not correct anyway.

  7. Santiago Marín Avatar
    Santiago Marín

    The R in Jeep stands for reliability.

    1. Baron Von Jo Avatar
      Baron Von Jo

      They just cut off the little line off the P

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Baron Von Jowhat if Jeep Avenger has B named Busted? Since the braking system of this Avenger is always busted.😅

    3. gary bennett Avatar
      gary bennett

      Jeep are crap on wheels if they stay on !

    4. XYZ Avatar

      Reliable in unreliability.

    5. Anti Avatar


      (I drive a Jeep 😅)

  8. marxnex71 Avatar

    An unreliable Jeep? Who’d have guessed. As they say, that’s what Jeep stands for- Just Empty Every Pocket

    1. Boring Stuff r us Avatar
      Boring Stuff r us


    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Seems like the initial of Jeep is really suitable. 😅

    3. E Vartanyan Avatar
      E Vartanyan

      Jeep actually has really good warranty on their new cars. Just Empty Every Pocket refers to all the money you spend on modding the Jeep.

    4. Lucky Avatar

      same as bmw then

  9. drxym Avatar

    It’s hilarious that this car was voted “car of the year” even before it was manufactured. I’m sure no money exchanged hands for that award. Gotta say it’s nice to look at and I guess it could be good with the glitches ironed out.

    1. Rob Blanzy Avatar
      Rob Blanzy

      That was the only time it had hopes of ever being voted car of the year.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Rob BlanzyJeep seemingly needed more award for that.

    3. Alej Avatar

      Haha correct. Everything in this dumpster fire world = political

  10. J Artur Serrano Avatar
    J Artur Serrano

    We really would like to know what the excuse for the breaks’ fault was.
    Also, why in heaven they would not try the car before giving it for testing. Seems to much unlucky even considering Murphy’s law

    1. metalafro Avatar

      I guess someone is getting fired 🔪🔪

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      I guess the Avenger Jeep is about to get their shots fired up.

    3. Lex Loofah Avatar
      Lex Loofah

      *brake fault. Brake not BrEAk. Brakes normally stop vehicles. Jeeps break it seems.

    4. Jonathan Smith Avatar
      Jonathan Smith

      Something was definitely breaking, but the Jeep wasn’t braking properly

    5. Si Raff Avatar
      Si Raff

      They probably have a whole press fleet to choose from.
      This was just the least broken at the time.

  11. Max Kendal Avatar
    Max Kendal

    Love the idea of a car that’ll take you from 0-60 but then threatens to not do 60-0!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Or 100mph to 0 before doing U Turns?

    2. Anti Avatar

      Forget the death wobble, we just have death!

    3. Reece Avatar

      Lol 😂

    4. Rajmond Jánó Avatar
      Rajmond Jánó

      😂😂😂 You have won the internet for today my good sir!

  12. jorehir Avatar

    I think you’ve been too generous with the final vote.
    If the looks isn’t appealing to someone, there’s no reason to prefer this over any other similar EV.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Should’ve been AVOID.

    2. Muhluri Avatar

      it’s not even about the looks, some people want to own a jeep but can’t afford a real jeep

    3. jorehir Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan That, on the other hand, is too harsh. It disregards the fact that it’s a decent car. And also the fact that it looks ace to many people’s eyes.

      The brake fault is likely a stupid sensor error, so i wouldn’t give it too much weight.

      All in all, it’s a CONSIDER.

    4. Alpha13 Avatar

      @jorehir The AVOID verdict definetly seems fair. Having 4 errors like that in a day is worse than buying an old car from the second hand market. It doesnt justify itself either with being powerful or being fun and thus the reduced reliability. And being an electric it has less boot space but still a hump in the floor at the backseats so its not that practical either.

    5. jorehir Avatar

      @Alpha13 It’s not 4 errors, but 1 error repeated until repaired.

  13. John Cross Avatar
    John Cross

    Apart from reliability, build quality, practicality, performance, range and price, this seems like a pretty decent car. How short is this shortlist its going on?

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      For me this should’ve been on easy “Avoid” list.😂

    2. Ordinary Guy [edited] Avatar
      Ordinary Guy [edited]

      Nah fr; Literally an adequate list of its aspects for it to be called decent 💀

    3. Alisha Simms Avatar
      Alisha Simms


    4. Trevor Irwin Avatar
      Trevor Irwin

      Too funny. I’m reminded of the Monty Python skit “what have the Romans ever done for us” (Life of Brian) by your comment. (Apologies if you’re under 50, you’ll have no idea what I’m on about)

      All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

    5. BeyerT1 Avatar

      How the hell did it win the car of the year award is beyond me.

  14. Zestriddle Avatar

    That jeep breaking down all the time was an Easter Egg that Matt missed.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Well the Jeep Avenger has broken down 13 times actually.

  15. Joseph Quinto Avatar
    Joseph Quinto

    Can you mention the quality of the audio systems in your reviews? It’s obviously a subjective aspect, but you’ll surely be able to discern the good from average from bad. It’ll be a nice touch to the reviews to cover something that is so commonly skipped by almost every review.

    1. Alexandre Ertault Avatar
      Alexandre Ertault

      That would be awesome indeed 🙂 +1

    2. J. Lewis Avatar
      J. Lewis

      Why doesn’t anyone review that? I like solid bass and being able to get loud without hearing a rattling sound.

    3. thebigeggman Avatar

      @J. Lewis That is also a good way to figure out the build quality!

  16. Mark Wilson Avatar
    Mark Wilson

    I’m surprised Matt doesn’t take a code reader with him on these so he can see if a car has any faults (or pending ones following his ‘driving’ 😅).

  17. akeil lewis Avatar
    akeil lewis

    I have looked at so many car reviews, and this has probably been the worst in relation issues that Matthew pointed out, so many of them, i was surprised at the final shortlist rating. I think it shouldn’t make it past consider!

  18. Andrew 82 Avatar
    Andrew 82

    Definitely AVOID with all the brake issue. There are plenty of other options.

  19. Gary Kupitz Avatar
    Gary Kupitz

    It’s very important that automobile manufacturers provide the media with press vehicles that have been thoroughly inspected to ensure the best test results possible.
    In this instance this Jeep broke down just 4 times. If it hadn’t been thoroughly inspected it would have broken down at least 10 times. Congratulations Jeep! Well done!

  20. Daniel Harper Avatar
    Daniel Harper

    I remember watching the studio walkaround videos of this car and was quite looking forward to seeing reviews of it in action.

    This review has definitely changed my opinion, braking faults aside, the cheapness of the interior was enough to put me off.

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