These cup holders are GENIUS!






27 responses to “These cup holders are GENIUS!”

  1. Mini BMW Avatar
    Mini BMW

    I agree

  2. Glitch _Gamer Avatar
    Glitch _Gamer

    Nice 💯

  3. The Cartist Avatar
    The Cartist


  4. TehHitmarker Avatar

    That interior is horrid

    1. J-Heath Avatar

      How so?

    2. Jaden Gregg Avatar
      Jaden Gregg

      ​@J-Heath2 REPLIES

    3. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      @J-Heath no driver display, meaning you have to take your eyes away from the road to see any information whatsoever.

  5. Ari Mpour Avatar
    Ari Mpour

    Looks cheap

  6. WLTDO Avatar

    Shame about the lack of gauge cluster in front of the driver

    1. Tiago.C Avatar


    2. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      yep. awful trend that Tesla started. truly hope other manufacturers don’t take away indicator stalks like Tesla have done as well. just moronic.

  7. Pugh Racing Avatar
    Pugh Racing

    Know cars that had that way before Volvo lol

  8. maerklin29800 Avatar


  9. Kuweiyo Avatar

    Yeah but whats the likelihood of them beeaking? More moving parts means more repairs, means more cost

    1. Matthew P Avatar
      Matthew P

      Very unlikely to break. Cars have had slide-out mechanisms in interiors for decades. Why are people so obsessed with thinking every new car feature is just going to break.

    2. Julian Avatar

      @Matthew P Well because quite often they do… I get what you mean though

    3. Austin Moore Avatar
      Austin Moore

      ​@Matthew P i get why people say it about modern cars and all these extra features. They are cool while they last but over time the integrated circuits fail as the silicone (semiconductor) fails. They last a good 15-20 years and start failing as thats pretty much how long they were designed to last. Its just simpler to fix if there is less, also less time diagnosing issues. Cars basically follow a bathtub curve, part failure happens early, those kinks are fixed and every other part worked correctly so should be fine for those 2 decades then the electronic issues keep increasing pretty rapidly.

  10. Noah Gonzales Avatar
    Noah Gonzales

    Wow that’s nice.

  11. TmK188 Avatar

    i would like old cups and old display…

  12. Chris Murphy Avatar
    Chris Murphy

    Soooo many people commenting who hate change and new things. Times change so does tech and design like it or lump it

  13. Dan Dan Avatar
    Dan Dan

    Meh, when will Volvo change the CX90? Its being almost a decade looking the same…
    Sorry rabid Volvo fanatics.

  14. Conor F Avatar
    Conor F

    Golf mk4 done it 23 years ago sorry and they can hold a pint glass (of coffee)

  15. Jørgen Avatar

    They look very solid and durable too. Most cupholders that pop out are flimsy and break easily

  16. leccy Avatar

    Wow. I love a good cup holder, and that my freinds, is the very best of cup holders. I own a very expensive 2-seat car. My cup holders look like they are from poundland when compared to these. Beautiful.

  17. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow please day 267

  18. Luke Lawrence Avatar
    Luke Lawrence

    Kinda cheap

  19. Ján Melich Avatar
    Ján Melich

    Great taxi

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