These are top-tier hazard lights!

This is changing the game!





48 responses to “These are top-tier hazard lights!”

  1. IFTI HUSSAIN Avatar

    That’s not a gimmick but the whole circus

    1. Thanos Avatar


    2. Sesto194 Avatar

      I hope thats your joke, this was the first time i laughed out loud at a youtube comment in forever😂

    3. Ray The FPS Gamer Avatar
      Ray The FPS Gamer

      Jesus Christ that’s the whole circus

  2. Rick van Stiphout Avatar
    Rick van Stiphout

    We have evolved into building cars that can show emotes….

    1. Lakshay Avatar

      Now Only waiting for my grandma’s pacemaker to do so

    2. Stef Avatar


    3. Carl M Avatar
      Carl M

      waiting for the indicators to show a V sign or wanker emoji 😅

  3. R Roy Avatar
    R Roy

    That has to be the most repulsive car design Ive seen

    1. Jordan Griffin Avatar
      Jordan Griffin

      I think it looks great. Miles better than any Tesla

    2. EasyPeasy Avatar

      It looks kinda GTRish at the front tho

  4. Oi Nathan Avatar
    Oi Nathan

    so they installed those digital signs into the tail lights

  5. mamin2849 Avatar

    Imagine someone rear ended it.

    1. Toby Avatar

      They’d get a 👎

    2. Ronald Jensen Avatar
      Ronald Jensen

      It’ll be sarcastic

    3. WOT-GT Avatar

      “rear end that like button”

    4. nomaan jabri Avatar
      nomaan jabri

      @WOT-GT 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Hussoon Avatar

    When someone sees that and literally Smashes the Like Button 😳

    1. WOT-GT Avatar

      Bruh ain’t no way people are going to say “rear end that like button” now


    2. GYUY YGH Avatar
      GYUY YGH

      @WOT-GTis it too hard for your brain to understand the joke?

    3. WOT-GT Avatar

      @GYUY YGH I’m an American, ok, sometimes I have to stop and think what the basic needs if life are to see if I forgot any.

    4. ThisIsMe Avatar

      The most expensive like button of their lives.

    5. WOT-GT Avatar


  7. Danskuy5 Avatar

    Car: crashed
    Also the car: 👍👍

    1. Thanos Avatar


    2. Eddy Jenkins Avatar
      Eddy Jenkins

      Good on man😅😅

  8. NaNoTech4Disaster Avatar

    Yes because That’s what a car needed. A more price to pay for a gimmick.

    1. Matthias De Scheerder Avatar
      Matthias De Scheerder

      Not that I think that is something we needed, but in terms of costs this is going to add next to nothing.

    2. Jeffrey S Avatar
      Jeffrey S

      This doesn’t look like an economy car. I don’t think price is a consideration by the production team

  9. Shohara Surahim Avatar
    Shohara Surahim

    Finally, the turn signals are bigger than blue ray discs…

  10. V. S. Avatar
    V. S.

    This will bring road rage to a new level!

  11. Matt B Avatar
    Matt B

    Just needs a 🖕🖕🖕 light now.

    1. TaqCOOL Avatar

      Me too… Been a long long time thinking about it

  12. Rich Avatar

    Much easier to just hit the hazard button than mess around doing this

    1. WOT-GT Avatar

      I mean I’m sure there has to be a way around it
      Oh god

  13. Robert Higgs Avatar
    Robert Higgs

    *Hazard incoming*

    Step 1: look away from road at screen
    Step 2: Press options button
    Step 3: look tireless for word ‘hazard’
    Step 4: crash

    1. Redmi Note 9 Avatar
      Redmi Note 9

      “smash that like button”

    2. mini4ture Avatar

      ​​@Redmi Note 9″… and subscribe to the rear bumper”

    3. Boooo Avatar

      I think there’s a dedicated hazard button without the emotes. At least if they wanna sell the car in other markets, a physical hazards button is required by law in a lot of places

  14. Enis Jasarevic Avatar
    Enis Jasarevic

    Nope, thats some top Tier bullsh*t

  15. TheYPCA Avatar

    This will create a whole new level of toxic road rage loool

  16. Manu  Avatar

    so a rear end collision in 5 years will write the car off then. Game changing

  17. Kevin Piip Avatar
    Kevin Piip

    God i love fumbling around 20 different menues on a screen to do simple things like turn on the hazards! yes this is what i call evolution!

    1. Igotta Cunning-Plan Avatar
      Igotta Cunning-Plan

      In most countries afaik cars are required to have an actual button for the hazards. I’m guessing this is just a menu where you can customise the appearance of the hazards. Which is definitely illegal in Germany, so this cannot be a worldwide thing – and yet the car has a German plate? 😮

    2. Mister Secret Avatar
      Mister Secret

      They need a stupid button

  18. Tabona Butale Avatar
    Tabona Butale

    there’s a reason why that button has stayed unchanged in cars for years… So silly that you have to go through a whole menu to activate Hazard lights

  19. Khalid Avatar

    1970: We will have flying cars in 2023

  20. Seraphim Valkyrin Avatar
    Seraphim Valkyrin

    From the display screen, I thought it was a new GT-R with that front end lol.

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