The World’s Quickest SUVs: DRAG RACE! New Urus PERF v Model X PLAID v X5M v Turbo GT v GLE 63 S

Prepare for the most interesting SUV drag race we have actually ever operated on this channel!

We have actually lastly got our hands on the Tesla Plaid, and it's going up against the brand-new Lamborghini Urus , a Turbo GT, an AMG GLE 63 and a X5M!

So let's see how they all compare. Starting with the X5M, it's powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can produce 625hp and 750Nm of torque. It pointers the scales at 2,410 kg, and it costs ₤ 121,000. Next up it's the Turbo GT, which is equipped with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that delivers 640hp and 850Nm. It weighs in at 2,200 kg, and it costs ₤ 150,000.

Next up is the Urus, which also has a 4-litre V8, putting down 666hp and 850Nm. It's both the lightest and most pricey automobile here, coming in at 2,150 kg and ₤ 209,000 respectively. The GLE 63 S can be found in with a similar engine, although it's down on power compared to the Urus, producing 612hp and 850Nm. It suggestions the scales at 2,400 kg, and it costs ₤ 124,000.

Finally, we have the most powerful cars and truck here, the Plaid! Its electric motors integrate to produce 1,020 hp and 1,020 Nm, it weighs in at 2,500 kg, and it'll set you back ₤ 133,000.

Will the Tesla walk it? There's only one way to learn … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to everybody who lent us their cars:
– Design X Plaid: @RSEV
– Design X Plaid: @TundEmagazin
– Urus : @MarkMcCann64
– Cayenne Turbo GT:
– AMG-GLE 63:

Cayenne GT & Nissan GT-R v Huracan Performante:

Mat's BMW offer:

Offer your car with carwow:


52 responses to “The World’s Quickest SUVs: DRAG RACE! New Urus PERF v Model X PLAID v X5M v Turbo GT v GLE 63 S”

  1. carwow Avatar

    What’s the best car in this epic drag race?

    1. Sam Audio Avatar
      Sam Audio

      @Mischa Luyf that was the driver not the brakes watch Dragtimes Plaid smokes Top Tier Porsche 992 Turbo S
      He had no braking problems at all
      Y’all just hate a car for no reason
      Just ignore Tesla bro
      Hate for what?
      Practically Teslas are better Porsche Hybrids sound trash anyways who cares about sound
      For $120k I’d rather get a GT4RS

    2. Gavin Porter Avatar
      Gavin Porter

      Why no Aston Martin dbx 707?

    3. Joeykitty Avatar

      Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT!

    4. Dozi👼🏽 Avatar

      Next time add the amg glc63s, jeep trackhawk, Aston Martin dox 707, the new Ferrari suv, and a bmw x6m


      @Sam Audio  it wasnt the cheapest,the bmw and merc cost quite a bit less.

  2. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Huge props to the people who got all these cars in to do this drag race. Special thanks to you as well, Yanni, Mark McCann, and EV Richard. Also, you guys should dyno and weight test these high-performance S.U.V’S just to see how much power they truly have. I bet you that Porsche has a bit more horses than that Urus Performante.

    1. Sam Audio Avatar
      Sam Audio

      @Yianni yeanni bot 🤣

    2. RSymons RSEV Avatar
      RSymons RSEV


    3. InevitableBros Avatar

      @Sam Audio lmao thats not a bot thats the real yianni see the checkmark on the name

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Yianni yianni bot. Funny but amazing.

    5. aj47 Avatar

      Where’s the x6m

  3. Subhan Nasir Avatar
    Subhan Nasir

    Yanni is so concerned about the Lambo losing 😂

    1. Jason Jaramillo Avatar
      Jason Jaramillo

      Nobody who knows so little about cars should be allowed to drive/own them. Yanni’s a rich kid twat

    2. ADKNZ Avatar

      @Yiannimize Lamborghini, All day, everyday.

    3. Ronald Westra Avatar
      Ronald Westra

      Yep, he was not really concentrated and focused.

    4. Chicken Wigs Avatar
      Chicken Wigs

      @RamjeProductions it isint until 1000 miles

    5. Chicken Wigs Avatar
      Chicken Wigs

      @Yiannimize it won’t properly work until 1000 miles usually in Lamborghinis

  4. MKS Avatar

    The plaid shot off in every race, including the brake test

    1. Bimmer_Bill Avatar

      @Maximilian Alvim De Faria bingo! 💯 it’s completely irresponsible if not a huge oversight to put poor brakes on a 1,000 plus hp car. You’d never see a real automotive performance company miss that. Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, etc never overlook braking. I still want CarWow to setup cones and test roadholding and slalom time with all these cars. Another spot where the Trashla will fail respectively speaking. Don’t know why they don’t?

    2. Bimmer_Bill Avatar

      @TheDumbConspirator uh the X plaid runs 10.3 (evidenced here). Car Wow tested 911 TS 10.1-10.2. No one in their right mind would compare anything Tesla makes with a Porsche 911 TS on anything but drag racing… even craftsmanship is on a completely different level.

    3. Anhadplayz Avatar


    4. topgunm Avatar

      If the rest of the cars also had winter tires, the Plaid would be there with the rest of the cars. The braking test for the Plaid had NOTHING to do with the brakes. Winter tires in the dry will have a braking distance of 15%+ compared to summer tires.

    5. Bimmer_Bill Avatar

      throttle house, drag times, and Hagerty have all tested Tesla plaid models S and X and commented how terrible the braking performance is. In fact they were genuinely scared. Any way you look at it, it’s an absolute fail by Trashla.

  5. Brian Anderson Avatar
    Brian Anderson

    Just imagine that the slowest time here was 12.2 which a few years ago would’ve been unbelievable for a luxury SUV.

    1. a single white female Avatar
      a single white female

      @Marcelo Hendrix The customer often doesn’t know what is best

    2. Marcelo Hendrix Avatar
      Marcelo Hendrix

      @a single white female as a business your job is to make products that consumers want. if you constantly make products that customers don’t want you’re a terrible business

    3. Boblevieux Avatar

      That’s less than 1 second slower than a 911 GT3.

    4. Alex Basha Avatar
      Alex Basha

      @Saul Enrique Bro.. like 10 years ago that was hyper car numbers…

    5. a single white female Avatar
      a single white female

      @topgunm “Sitting higher” means more drag, more weight, and a worse ride. It means worse performance and longer stopping distance. It also means if you get into a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian you are far more likely to kill them. SUVs are stupid and people who buy them are selfish, uneducated, and destroying the planet. An estate offers all the practicality and interior space as an SUV with none of the things that make SUVs terrible.

  6. red ryder Avatar
    red ryder

    Would love to have seen the 700+ horsepower Durango hellcat so it’s kind of an incomplete race calling it the worlds fastest SUVs!!

  7. Brandon Martin Avatar
    Brandon Martin

    Porsche always delivers, that Cayenne Turbo GT is an absolute beast, already knew it would come second in pretty much every race because of the X Plaid otherwise it would have came first in all races. Would have been interesting to see the Aston Martin DBX 707 into the mix

    1. Money Maker Avatar
      Money Maker

      Aston DBX 707 is slower than the GT …

    2. Gary UK Avatar
      Gary UK

      Turbo gt is the ultimate 👌

  8. SamR Avatar

    Amazing Video, can’t wait till you guys test the model S Plaid!

  9. Kev-Bot Avatar

    I don’t like EVs but the performance on the Teslas is undeniable outrageous!

  10. Raymond Kyruana Avatar
    Raymond Kyruana

    I like that everyone got the chance to give the stats as opposed to Matt just doing it! It’s like a fun guessing game as to whether or not they can get them right haha

    1. 𝐓𝐞𝐥-𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦_𝐦𝐞 👉 Mat_watsoncars Avatar
      𝐓𝐞𝐥-𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦_𝐦𝐞 👉 Mat_watsoncars

      ᴛʜᴀɴᴋꜱ ꜰᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ👍❤️ ʟᴇᴛ’ꜱ ᴛᴀʟᴋ (ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ʜᴜɢᴇ ꜰᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ) ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴀ!🤞🤞☝️☝️⤴️ ⤴️

  11. TheNinjaRider Avatar

    I love how the plaid is just having a race on its own in the distance every time 😂

    1. SignatureAJ Avatar

      @Enzo Mendoza They weren’t hating, and I’m pretty sure if they had a way longer runway all of them SUV’s would’ve caught up to that model x as it only tops out around 160 MPH.. Sure electric vehicles are the future but they’ll be no better than a gasoline engine.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. Jabari Phillips Avatar
      Jabari Phillips

      @SignatureAJ you’re forgetting EVs don’t utilize transmissions. If they did, if they ever will (besides the Taycan/Audi), then gasoline engines will have no chance.

    3. SignatureAJ Avatar

      @Jabari Phillips You’re right as well, but what I was saying that all of those SUV’s are fastest than the model x, DEFINITELY not quicker but fast in top speed that’s why I said what I said lol. But you are right

    4. Jabari Phillips Avatar
      Jabari Phillips

      @SignatureAJ how are any of these faster or quicker when they get gapped in roll races and launches. Just because a car can hit 180 doesn’t mean it’s easy to do so. My old Infiniti Q50 could hit 150, but it wasn’t easy on the engine. On top of that, the speed limiter in Teslas is from software and not hardware limitations. Therefore an update can come out from Tesla that would increase top speed. Look at the Model S Plaid. Originally the top speed was software limited to 163 then it was updated to 175 with an OTA update. It’s really easy for Tesla to further improve the X Plaid. We’re just seeing the beginning of these high performance EVs so I hate to say it but again, those other SUVs have no chance.

  12. TechBaffle Avatar

    I love how the Tesla’s power and torque are both 1,020 😁

  13. Steven Palmer Avatar
    Steven Palmer

    Great racing. I like the thorough testing done here – always satisfying to watch. That Tesla whistle over the line each time was hilarious. If you remember, Spaceball One also overshot the stop when they went Plaid.

  14. Nikola Mirchev Avatar
    Nikola Mirchev

    Now these are the cars you should dyno Matt!
    Huge props to the people who got these amazing cars

  15. Adam Jędrasiak Avatar
    Adam Jędrasiak

    11:00 and 16:34 more shots like this please 🙂 props to the editors!

  16. Hassan Ger Avatar
    Hassan Ger

    I would choose that X5 M.
    It is the cheapest and the best overall.

  17. Carl Pray Avatar
    Carl Pray

    Amazing, just simply amazing. Would’ve preferred the Aston Martin 707 instead of the Tesla, but still an amazing matchup

  18. Tejdeep Singh Avatar
    Tejdeep Singh

    Its sooo hilarious to see Yianni first cheering for Porsche’s winning and then crying for Lambo’s losing😂😂😂

    1. 👉OfficialMatwatson01 👈 Avatar
      👉OfficialMatwatson01 👈

      Hello #Tejdeep
      You won a surprise package quickly message me now on telegram to claim🎁

  19. ChaosZombie999 Avatar

    All of these cars are absolute BEASTS.. I also love how concerned Yanni was about the Lambo losing lol

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