The Untold Story of the Caterham Project V revealed by Anthony Jannarelly GOODWOOD FoS SPECIAL | 4K

I was welcomed by to meet the Chief Designer, Anthony Jannarelly, to discuss the style principles behind the new all electrical GT vehicle from the iconic British maker. A 7 is possibly the most pure drivers automobile ever made. How did Anthony develop a totally new design language and simply what was his idea procedure when penning the style for this streamlined 2 +2?


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21 responses to “The Untold Story of the Caterham Project V revealed by Anthony Jannarelly GOODWOOD FoS SPECIAL | 4K”

  1. Damo drives Avatar
    Damo drives

    The front of the project V is very similar to the front of the Jannarelly Design-1 although I am not saying that in a bad way

  2. Mark Schraider Avatar
    Mark Schraider

    I think Project V looks great – it’s almost an evolution of the design study they did with Renault years ago (which essentially became the A110). At £80k ish it could be an interesting proposition.

  3. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    That looks so good what a difference from the old style Caterham but still has the style queues from Caterham.

  4. Footey 7 Avatar
    Footey 7

    It’s just so different, but in a great way 👊🏻🇨🇦!! Caterham won’t regret hiring Anthony, but please convince our country to let them in…… 🍻👍🏻

  5. Bizzie1956 Avatar

    Great interview Pete you have not waisted your day today

  6. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    That’s a beauty! As others here have said…it reminds me of a Renault Alpine with a small dash of British-ness (via Aston Martin) lightly sprinkled in. I very much like those fabric interior door pulls, but I deeply dislike the silly (apparently) motorised exterior handles. I feel these contrasting mechanisms are in conflict in terms of purpose and functionality. Caterham have been about bare-bones functionality for so long; I’d rather see regular metal door handles that boldly…sit there…waiting for a driver to open them. Now that I’m all wound up about something so trivial, I’d like to see the maths and aerodynamic research that claim flush door handles decrease drag SO MUCH that we have to have a fiddly mechanism for movable door handles. Are our cars ALWAYS traveling at 320-400 KPH such that we MUST have flush door handles? LOL!

    1. Trev Scabby Matelot Biker Avatar
      Trev Scabby Matelot Biker

      Totally agree about the door handles. Is it just a gimmick because everyone else is doing it?

  7. Douglas Drew Avatar
    Douglas Drew

    Magnifique! From the moment I first learned of the V, I could only picture my dream garage with both Caterhams side by side, past and future, primative and advanced. Thanks for sharing.

  8. eugenux Avatar

    I love the looks. I’d only wish they would make it a hybrid, keep a manual gearbox and a price around 50k. A full EV at 80k..😬😬.. probabil not special enough, tbh…. for me at least and I am not in the target audience as I cannot afford one anyway.

  9. Tibor Makai Avatar
    Tibor Makai

    Awesome looking car, this will be a huge success for Caterham. I’m building a Locost 7 from scratch here in LA. I hope they will be selling these here in US as well.

  10. Global Nomad Avatar
    Global Nomad

    as a designer, its always good to hear other designers talking about their approach…key strategic thinking for me , was the ability of small teams/companies to make more radical decisions – strategic thinking to reduce lightness through design, not just engineering. allowance for panel gaps and manufacturing, single service only access front end etc….

  11. David White Avatar
    David White

    Nice, something that could also carry a Lotus badge. 2+2 is the way forward for practice daily uses well as weekend fun.

  12. Tech Avatar

    Looks wonderful, let’s hope the battery tech evolves and allows this to happen.

  13. graham west Avatar
    graham west

    Beautiful design a long way from my old 1700 SS I can think of another very nice 3 seater.

  14. Guy Lambrechts Avatar
    Guy Lambrechts

    Can look at this for hours! Will probably be hand build in small Q so super expensive. They should sell at a price below the Emira and mass produce it in a Nissan factory.. Such a beautiful car!!

  15. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    What a cracking looking car. A bit of Heinz 57 but not in a bad way. I can see a bit of Aston Martin, Porsche GT40 and Maserati in there, but I like it, especially the colour. Will you be getting the opportunity to drive it Pedro before 2026? Would like to see that.

  16. Jeffrey Tse Avatar
    Jeffrey Tse

    Amazing after so many years of car designs, designers are still able to come up with ideas that are fresh and exciting. It’s a testament to the power of human creativity. Truly a beautiful design.

  17. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    That certainly brightened up my Saturday evening!
    What a belter of a car and great that you were able to interview this brilliant designer.

  18. B Shah Avatar
    B Shah

    Great insight and interesting interview. I hope I can afford this one day 😊

  19. MdvK Avatar

    That design is pretty much spot on! Really like that dashboard too, such a nice, original and fresh yet still classic enough layout, especially for an EV sports-car. Gorgeous color as well!
    When are you test-driving it? 😀 edit/ 2026, right, have to be patient 😉

  20. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    A nice Saturday surprise.Thank you.That car is absolutely stunning.Great interview,very well done.Can’t wait to see it on the road.

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