The ultimate pick-up truck?!


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  1. @JohnDoe-lg8zt Avatar

    Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger? Which one would you choose?

    1. @Vikivikk1 Avatar

      Toyota Hilux any day any time 💯
      Or the wildtrak for a massive compromise

    2. @ChristianFrench1 Avatar

      An Isuzu

    3. @tparcsami636 Avatar

      Hilux 80.000km with oilchanges. Ford with many ekectrical and other problems.

    4. @OggyGTA Avatar

      The Hilux would still be working next week!

    5. @henryrovampera Avatar

      On my second one already. Hilux always

  2. @Camade14 Avatar

    Very cool but can it be deployed in the middle east with a .50 cal strapped on its back?

    1. @stevehook7012 Avatar

      Not with the steering wheel on that side

    2. @smoketinytom Avatar

      This is more a drone carrier or VLS type of Technical.

    3. @MrEduardomonge Avatar

      This man is asking the right questions

    4. @ImGaTor Avatar

      Why do you need to know that? Hmm

    5. @Kross0125 Avatar

      And your tryna be racist

  3. @aloniabasmerom8868 Avatar

    Gentlemen this is the first Toyota Hilux to come with ambient lighting as standard

  4. @123theeverything Avatar

    I’ve always loved the Hilux but this one is NEXT LEVEL 😮

  5. @jimmy24pgc Avatar

    Raptor looks way better

    1. @Drytfc Avatar

      Crafter looks better

  6. @user-ec9iy3kf3d Avatar

    Not when there’s Tacoma

    1. @ac3x377 Avatar

      Hilux is way better than Tacoma

    2. @user-ec9iy3kf3d Avatar

      @@ac3x377 I can understand that a Hilux is better looking and better luxury and stuff, but you can tell me that a Fortuner’s(Hilux) engine is more capable than that of a 4runner’s(Tacoma)

    3. @theodoredeverell3894 Avatar

      @@user-ec9iy3kf3dTacoma is a lifestyle vehicle. Hilux is a work vehicle. The Hilux has better capabilities for function while the Tacoma is for taking your kids mountain biking.

    4. @user-ec9iy3kf3d Avatar

      @@theodoredeverell3894 You know that Tacoma has different specs, so does Hilux

    5. @user-ec9iy3kf3d Avatar

      @@theodoredeverell3894 but you know Toyota is simply just amazing you just think of what you want and they’ve got it,so if you think Hilux is best,👍🏾

  7. @CasparSikhakhane Avatar

    Probably over priced as per usual 😢

  8. @youngwang97 Avatar

    Can’t wait to use this to carry my one bag of groceries

    1. @conor7154 Avatar

      Especially in England…

  9. @S9RUT Avatar

    So they lifted it and put bigger tyres on it?
    That’s just every ute in Australia 😆

  10. @Traction_Controll Avatar

    Definitely a high-lux(ury) truck that😮
    Pun intended

    1. @Cous1nJack Avatar

      The pun was intended. First stylised as hi-lux meaning exactly that.

    2. @Traction_Controll Avatar


  11. @gypsyemperor7535 Avatar

    Failed the moose test, rusty death trap

    1. @henryrovampera Avatar

      Not since 2021. Upgraded model

  12. @latebloomer2 Avatar

    Basically this is the perfect car for “28 Years Later”😅

  13. @VintageVigilante Avatar

    The ultimate Hilux was built in about 1995

  14. @Idesdst1914-qm8bu Avatar

    Toyota still has Handbrake 👌
    Better than anything else.

  15. @laistab1916 Avatar

    Best part about this entire car is the climate controls are still separate !

  16. @vincentrey7055 Avatar

    Let’s take a step back. In the real world, ultimate for what exactly?

  17. @user-gf6pn2lx2t Avatar

    Increased power will turn it into a beast

  18. @bashirwada Avatar

    can’t wait for all those lights to blind me at night coming the other way

  19. @LM-je1tj Avatar

    It may have AT35 badges on the sides like the Isuzu but what a machine

  20. @theglitch99 Avatar

    Remember when tents where 50$…😂

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