The top 10 cars to AVOID!

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Here it is – the top 10 most used automobiles you can buy in 2024!

We've partnered with the team at Warrantywise to learn which 10 cars they rank as the least and trucks you can buy in 2024. To compile this list, there are a couple of things to consider concerning this data.

For one, all designs included in this list are less than ten years old, so they're all relatively new, and the manufacturer warranty has expired for all cars and trucks consisted of. The list also omits vans – we're just taking a look at cars here!

The concern is, which cars and truck will come out on top? There's a stereotype that Italian cars and trucks are infamously – will we see a load of Alfas and Fiats appear in the top 10? And on the flip side, will we see any ever-reliable German brands appear in the countdown?

There's just one way to learn – stick to Mat to see on your own!


104 responses to “The top 10 cars to AVOID!”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @jacobrev6567 Avatar


    2. @God_emperor_Doom Avatar

      Audi rs6💀😰

    3. @peoplesambassadordm8279 Avatar

      Watson my vehicles are not in the so called UK. But give an opinion. It’s got hundred thousand kilometers not miles. It’s auto. It’s got electrical faulty parts which need replacement plus some suspension parts to be replaced small cosmetic damage which may need shop repainting ultimately … safelight needs to replace the windshield meaning the windshield is cracked. New tires. New brakes. And some servicing. Sourceable parts are 3000us or about plus 2000 quid then factor in sourced labor cost to replace parts and service we talking some pricey repairs. So what do u think it’s worth factoring all repairs. It’s a lexus is300 sport cross…

    4. @KITT5 Avatar

      What engine in A7 is garbage 🗑️?

    5. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@God_emperor_Doomthe SQ5 Audi and VW AMAROK Truck and BMW 7 SERIES also.

  2. @John_Leaver Avatar

    As a land rover owner, I thought this was going to be the review for the next Evoque

    1. @TOMLINBISH Avatar

      More like Chavoque! 😂

    2. @newchannel1220 Avatar

      As a l hyundai owner. i am offended a Hyundai car wasn’t on the list .

    3. @user-bi4py2hg6g Avatar

      I own a 2016 disco 4 and it is soo reliable 😊

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@user-bi4py2hg6g2016 Hyundai Disco 4?

    5. @alpe6228 Avatar

      @@newchannel1220 Older hyundai were reliable and durable cars,their newer products..omg especially their turbo engines.

  3. @BrunskitANM Avatar

    Nah no way Land Rover scored that high

    1. @calabar92 Avatar


    2. @wpjohn91 Avatar

      It is if it had a warranty with these guys. If they didnt, then not included

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Land Rover cars should’ve been rated as low as i8.

    4. @livinagoodlife Avatar

      Because it’s a meme more than reality

    5. @Bmfrafa Avatar

      It should be 2/100

  4. @genjicatgaming2165 Avatar

    kinda forgot about the i8, first time i heard anyone mention it in years

    1. @Rentta Avatar

      Still a good looking thing though

    2. @Luckyjo21 Avatar

      @@Rentta nothing else is good other than looks

    3. @provigilandchill Avatar

      ​@@Luckyjo21 said by someone who has never even sat in one

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@Renttathats the only good part of i8. It also has 500bhp but has worse engine reliability than even 2010 VW Golf Mk. VI R.

    5. @Lessgo00 Avatar

      ​@@provigilandchillI did and it sucks

  5. @AnasWasay7977 Avatar

    We need one more episode of “most reliable cars”❤❤

    1. @GodMoodAz49 Avatar

      It will fill with Toyota & Lexus 😂❤

    2. @elisabettajdj335 Avatar

      Toyota, Lexus, Honda, maybe Mazda (after they got rid of Ford)

    3. @AnasWasay7977 Avatar

      @elisabettajdj335 you are cute 🥰 what’s your IG?

    4. @deathmark1940 Avatar

      Bmw m340i on the top

    5. @SampleTracks2224 Avatar


  6. @robinhilfenhaus519 Avatar

    Can you please put make an episode on the most reliable cars in UK please . With normal day to day cars, not M3 or RS models

    1. @MagalaxeurDETER Avatar

      Lexus toyota & honda

    2. @Twin.motors Avatar

      I’m sorry only Lamborghini Aventadors and $2mil Ferraris exist in the carwow world…

    3. @zz23240 Avatar

      Def the japanese brand would be top off the list

    4. @arnoldmbuthia2687 Avatar

      Mazda, Lexus, Honda. The obvious

    5. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@MagalaxeurDETERand also Saleen.

  7. @gamerdoctorpak9646 Avatar

    Such a shame Land Rover failed to resolve the reliability issues,they have been making Ranger Rovers for decades now.
    Its such an amazing looking SUV from outside to inside and offers unmatched luxury and offroad capability, if it were reliable,it would be the best vehicle all around

    1. @deenyc1049 Avatar

      They used to be.

    2. @Ghajahha Avatar

      Buisness, they know who’s buying the cars and ways to milk money after the initial payment

    3. @crm11450 Avatar

      Perhaps they’ll get better when they launch the EV version – far less to go wrong. However , I wouldn’t put any money on it.

    4. @antoniohagopian213 Avatar

      That’s the whole point, it’s supposed to work 2 years at most. You buy a new car instead of fixing it, becaus everything starts to tear apart, by design.

    5. @v12-s65 Avatar

      mate they have massively improved since Ford left.
      Idk what your problem is but todays cars are on a fairly good level

  8. @yohansharp3040 Avatar

    As a Jag owner, I though this video was about british cars only

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      As an Saleen owner, i also thought that it was USA cars only.

    2. @Mikebumpful Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089As a kr*[£]&} owner, I thought this video was about Ganymede cars only

    3. @aynse_ Avatar

      Another jag owner here, shocked they didnt make it even tho LR/RR seems to be competing with Audi on this list

    4. @ThomasEgerton Avatar

      As an old MG owner, I concur

    5. @OldskoolCatflap Avatar

      @@aynse_ Jags are nowhere near as popular as LR vehicles, which might have something to do with it. Jaguar sells 1 car to every 5 LR/RR’s sold! 😮

  9. @SivaMani-pw4td Avatar

    No Mercedes-Benz in the list🎉

    1. @pajtim9079 Avatar

      It improved alongside Porsche.

    2. @akj2387 Avatar

      Weird, I know people who have issues with their W205 C class’
      Also saw people have issues with their W206s online.

    3. @charlesredstreake3382 Avatar

      What kind of issues with the w205?

    4. @1laimmiss Avatar

      Smart is powered by Mercedes

    5. @deathmark1940 Avatar

      Not reliability video still Mercedes is th worst reliable in the big 3 German

  10. @brahimioo Avatar

    The least reliable cars listed include:

    Range Rover Sport (Previous Generation) – Score: 34.6/100, common suspension issues, costly engine faults.
    SEAT Leon Cupra and Audi A7 (Joint Ninth) – Score: 33.4/100, issues with emission control and cooling systems respectively.
    Audi RS3 (Previous Generation) – Score: 32.1/100, gearbox faults.
    Audi RS6 (C7 and Early C8 Models) – Score: 30.3/100, electrical problems, expensive brake repairs.
    Tesla Model S – Score: 25.9/100, electrical issues, costly battery problems.
    Maserati Levante – Score: 25.3/100, various expensive issues without a single common problem.
    Tesla Model X – Score: 24.6/100, mainly suspension issues.
    BMW M3 (F80 Model) – Score: 24/100, problems with twin turbos and gearbox.
    Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover – Score: 22.1/100, electrical faults, costly engine repairs.
    BMW i8 – Score: 16.5/100, issues mostly with hybrid electrical system and some with the fuel system.

    1. @urlocalcaraddict Avatar


    2. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      they use BMW parts thats why

  11. @zbatchDOC Avatar

    This is important context showing- “hey, drag racing is fun…. But there are more important things” lol

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      There are actually so many more important and beautiful things in fact.

  12. @MagalaxeurDETER Avatar

    Conclusion: if you want a “premium” german car, you will have to lease it and give it back in the end.

    1. @LafemmebearMusic Avatar

      Not bmws

    2. @user-zj2gm7de4q Avatar

      @@LafemmebearMusic did you watch the video?most were audis and bmws

    3. @dm6368 Avatar


    4. @Ymcdaj Avatar

      I mean no, but I’d say you’d def need some sort of warranty 4 sure

    5. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      if you want a car to last buy Japanese

  13. @CaitlenZnd Avatar

    So, avoid DSG auto gearboxes and the DCT ones.

    1. @Billy.Butcher Avatar

      Isn’t it the same thing? One is in German, the other is in English

    2. @volvo850enjoyer8 Avatar

      doesnt make sense to me. Both have proven to be really reliable. Its all about not thrashing it like an complete idiot in a cold state.

    3. @jabberwockytdi8901 Avatar

      Good luck with that these days, actually they are way more reliable than the RS3 story would suggest, that’s a very high performance car that’s driven really effin hard , most normal cars with DSG’s that get correct maintenance are pretty reliable.

    4. @fattyshtc Avatar

      People think that they’re maintenance free a lot of garages won’t touch them so they are statistically unreliable.

    5. @kubadojakuba Avatar

      And audi and tesla 🤣

  14. @Anonymous-so4nl Avatar

    Absolutely no japanese brand makes it on here. Best engineering from them 👏

    1. @YansenHaryanto4547 Avatar

      And korean brand

    2. @DonLee1980 Avatar

      @@YansenHaryanto4547 yeah and somehow when anyone brings up any korean brand, they say they are super unreliable… but give big thumbs up to the VW products in this video.

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@YansenHaryanto4547Korean car brands?

    4. @Graham-dh6ol Avatar

      Or French car brands 🤷🏻‍♂️

    5. @petewick8627 Avatar

      Fantasy land

  15. @somecallmetim42 Avatar

    How on earth can replacing the clutch on a Smart car cost £5200!!! ??? Methinks the garage has been ripping them off 🤣

    1. @cbotten106 Avatar

      They went for the upgraded, refurbished one with the gold inlays apparently. I hope the danish in the waiting room was tasty.

    2. @GF-mf7ml Avatar

      My Mitsubishi in 3rd world clutch replacement cost 200 USD. Maybe cost double in first world but still cheap.

    3. @KHolzer444 Avatar

      Keep in mind that Smart is owned by Mercedes-Benz, notoriously a pretty premium company

  16. @IreneFitz-qu7wt Avatar

    Alfa being more reliable than these guys in 2024, who would have thought!

    1. @manoloorz Avatar

      ether that or not a single alfa owner got a Warrantywise aftermarket warranty

    2. @ahyaan2552 Avatar

      @@manoloorzthe latter may be more likely

    3. @LMHSim Avatar

      Current Alfa owner here. Used to own a 3 series and can confirm my Giulia is 100% more reliable. Not even close

    4. @vibingwithvinyl Avatar

      This is a sex scam bot that copied a comment from another user. Funnily enough, it has 20 times more likes than the original comment.

    5. @leeyarker Avatar

      I think back in around 2004/2005 they drafted in a new design team, one of which designed rolls Royce. After that the reliability has been on par or even better than a lot of other brands. They still hold the reputation of being unreliable though. Bonus for me as this keeps the prices low and I’m looking for an Alfa for my next car 😂

  17. @DelphiaBryant-nm1ru Avatar

    I have my doubts that this is a representative list. The average Kangoo Owner is not gonna pay for an aftermarket insurance. Still intersting.

    1. @frankgustafson8045 Avatar

      Shut up you bot

    2. @stewartmacdonald601 Avatar

      To be fair, he did say vans were excluded

    3. @renedesouza3061 Avatar

      This is the exact problem with this video- a person who doesn’t think they have unreliable car will never bother with an aftermarket warranty and therefore their data will never feature on this list to begin with. The title of this video should be “Top 10 cars owners were right to get aftermarket warranty for”.

    4. @TheDarkhorse82 Avatar

      ​@renedesouza3061 agreed, people aren’t going to buy an aftermarket warranty for a cheap car or a “reliable japanese car” Toyota all have their issues as well.

    5. @xgamez5698 Avatar

      @@renedesouza3061totally agree

  18. @HortenseCGroce Avatar

    Is the reason the RS3s gearbox is unreliable because of poor manufacturing quality or because of the the yobbo’s that rag them at any given opportunity?

    1. @Answersonapostcard Avatar

      too many variables in cars to give any real conclusions.

    2. @Calverto99 Avatar

      Well my 2018 car has never had any gearbox issues but I am only the 2nd owner and not launched it in my ownership. Look after things and they last

    3. @Leo23XR Avatar


    4. @drmarcosmegda6466 Avatar

      Probably misusage. Like most of the cars

    5. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      yobbo dealers?

  19. @ssaadurr Avatar

    10. Range Rover Sport
    9. Seat Lam Cupra- Audi A7
    8. Audi RS3
    7. Audi RS6
    6. Tesla Model S
    5. Maserati Levante
    4. Tesla Model X
    3. BMW M3
    2. Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover
    1. BMW i8

    1. @cbotten106 Avatar

      That’s a valuable reference. Someone might not have to watch that whole video.

  20. @HortenseCGroce Avatar

    Our Hyundai Santa Fe is still going strong after 15 years of ownership and £600 for front shock absorbers. That’s all.

    1. @gypsyemperor7535 Avatar


    2. @gordonnorris4202 Avatar

      My 2 years old Hyundai Tucson’s cranck shaft broke and the engine block literaly cracked.

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