The Spartan – Hypercar Performance – 460hp and just 700kg 😮 #shorts #spartan #supercar #hypercar






8 responses to “The Spartan – Hypercar Performance – 460hp and just 700kg 😮 #shorts #spartan #supercar #hypercar”

  1. Bud Bud Avatar
    Bud Bud

    Tasty , I really love exposed carbon bodywork like that. , top work !

  2. Poldão Avatar

    This looks so damn fun to drive!😆🚗

  3. Cameron MMJ Avatar
    Cameron MMJ

    Looking forward to the review, assuming youre also back for that Shelby Daytona? 😏

  4. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Very nice

  5. Sean Austen Avatar
    Sean Austen

    Looking forward to the review of this. The exposed carbon fibre looks amazing. The centre join is similar to the Blue McLaren you drove a while ago.

  6. Jeffrey Long Avatar
    Jeffrey Long


  7. Nick H Avatar
    Nick H


  8. Stevie C Avatar
    Stevie C

    Looks a fun car, can’t wait for your drive and review of the wee beastie 😊

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