The problem with owning a Lucid Air…






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  1. Dale Steel Avatar
    Dale Steel

    Dont have a clue whats going on

    1. Lucky 8s Avatar
      Lucky 8s

      He took one of the wheel covers

    2. Chuck Norris Avatar
      Chuck Norris

      Rims have covers to improve efficiency and range. He stole one of them

    3. Jonathan Smith Avatar
      Jonathan Smith

      Stole the hubcap with no effort, making the car look silly

    4. Asarni Thomas Avatar
      Asarni Thomas

      ​@Jonathan Smith the car looked even better to me.
      Wheel has more depth to it

  2. Ali Elnashar Avatar
    Ali Elnashar

    so true mat

  3. Ali Elnashar Avatar
    Ali Elnashar

    That’s why I don’t like to buy a lot of expensive cars

    1. Anil Inal Avatar
      Anil Inal

      No, im 99% sure its because you don’t have enough money

    2. GerogesStHenry Avatar

      ​@Anil Inal I don’t own a house just so nobody could ever break into my place 😎

    3. Anil Inal Avatar
      Anil Inal

      @GerogesStHenry And I don’t use my legs because I could break them

  4. James Chadwick Avatar
    James Chadwick

    Great, now the range is down 30 miles.

  5. scoobywoo Avatar

    He just covered himself from buying one.

  6. Sebastian Tschatordai Avatar
    Sebastian Tschatordai

    $169,000 nice

  7. Gypsy Emperor Avatar
    Gypsy Emperor

    Bankrupt soon

  8. Kinocchio Avatar

    can’t have nice things in uk

    1. Don H Avatar
      Don H

      It has a Dutch numberplate.. But you’re right.. you also can’t have anything nice here in the Netherlands. 😢

  9. Jonathan dalton Avatar
    Jonathan dalton

    the trouble with owning a lucid , is nobody thinks its real. been labeled as vaporware for so many years, nobody seen one on the road or in a dealer

    1. Paul Brown Avatar
      Paul Brown

      I’ve seen at least two different lucid air here in Louisville KY gray and deep blue navy kinda color

    2. Dan Dan Avatar
      Dan Dan

      I just saw one (first for me) yesterday on the freeway. It’s almost like seeing a Karma… barely any.

    3. neil7.5gti Avatar

      I see a lucid pretty much every time I drive now

    4. LLTK22 Avatar

      We got a lucid dealership store lookin thing in tyson corner mall va

    5. Hunter0000 Avatar

      I’ve seen them in dealers and I saw some in my home town as far back as two years ago

  10. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat thank you so much for this insane video!

  11. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Anyway the Lucid Air is one of the best car ever!

    1. bhavya ameta Avatar
      bhavya ameta

      No its not

    2. Foutsop Clinton Avatar
      Foutsop Clinton

      Not close

    3. Jean V Avatar
      Jean V

      You don’t seem very…lucid, do you?

  12. The Jake Avatar
    The Jake

    Is there a way to slow down the video, I missed what happened?

    1. david Avatar

      the man took a cover out of the rear wheel. you can see at the end of the video one of the wheel covers is gone

  13. Lucien Werner Avatar
    Lucien Werner

    Thank for the tip

  14. Maahir Avatar

    Just need 19 more to make my car efficient

  15. Haluk Yılmaz Avatar
    Haluk Yılmaz

    Jantları Arteon’a benziyor ama o alüminyum alaşım bunun gibi sökülebilir değil 😂😂

  16. Sapphire Junction Avatar
    Sapphire Junction

    Don’t get it, what did he do exactly???

  17. SNM Avatar

    wait it only cost 169K

  18. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 204

  19. FatCupcakes Avatar

    No one anywhere ever has done this…. until now! Thanks a lot Mat!! We’re gonna see this everywhere now.

  20. Monkey Magic Avatar
    Monkey Magic

    and after watching it 8 times still have absolutely no idea what he did other than maybe pretend to slash the tyres?

    1. Gabon Avatar

      He took one of the aerodynamic plastic pieces off of the wheel.

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