Tesla S Plaid v 200mph F1 Drone: DRAG RACE

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How's this for an insane drag race line-up?!

We have actually got Mat in the Tesla , and he will face off against the world's fastest movie ! It's been built by Red Bull so they can stay up to date with F1 automobiles, and we're about to see just how effective it is against a production automobile!

So let's check out the statistics, beginning with the Tesla. It's powered by 3 electric motors, and these integrate to produce 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque! This power is sent out to all four wheels, and it's also pretty heavy, tipping the scales at 2,200 kg.

And after that we concern the . Whereas the Tesla comes in at 2,200 kg, the weighs simply 985 grams! It might just have 8hp, however when it's that light, there's no doubt this drone will absolutely fly down the straight!

But naturally, we understand the Tesla will absolutely shoot off the line, while the drone needs to fly upwards before it can head forward. Will that be its failure? There's only one way to discover – LET'S RACE!

Red Bull Drone vs Max Verstappen around Silverstone:


75 responses to “Tesla S Plaid v 200mph F1 Drone: DRAG RACE”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @Saifshorts369 Avatar

      Can you buy a new car from carwow?

    2. @alternativeperspectiv Avatar

      It’s a no for me, sorry mate. #content

    3. @makunguhlungwani1855 Avatar


    4. @princeking1562 Avatar

      saw the one with the f1 yesterday told em get the Nevera in there

    5. @ZARGAMER21 Avatar

      I watch your older videos just to hear ” CAR WOW” sound ๐Ÿ˜ข

  2. @AlzhinSon Avatar

    That drone looks like it explores caves

    1. @PalpatinesPlumber Avatar

      Those caves are tight!

    2. @FastGuy1 Avatar

      Fearless drone ๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. @pdsnpsnldlqnop3330 Avatar

      They should have used a beverage can as the chassis.

    4. @DaOneJoel Avatar


    5. @martijn11 Avatar


  3. @vkforever713 Avatar

    The exhaust note is so crazy in both of these ๐Ÿ˜Œ

    1. @RyuTsuchiya Avatar

      It has sound…doesnt it?!

    2. @Iambestforreal Avatar


    3. @hardywoodaway9912 Avatar

      repetitive lame joke โ€ฆ

    4. @devMrc Avatar

      @@RyuTsuchiya Yes, drones are sometimes louder than combustion race cars

    5. @Matriarchy_Feminism Avatar

      Crazy ev hater

  4. @recordedanemone6399 Avatar

    Red bull drone: BEAST MODE ACTIVATED

    1. @dzonikg Avatar

      Its kind off scary how fast it is,think in near future you can produce milion drones for price off 10 jets.Add them some AI and all military’s in the world are fucked

    2. @recordedanemone6399 Avatar

      @@dzonikg yeah, shits gonna get real

  5. @juancho_pablo_s3772 Avatar

    I saw the RedBull video yesterday. What a machine the drone is. Hopefully with tech later on we can use those drones in F1 as cameras for tv direction. You can see the real speed of F1 cars in the straights and most importantly in the corners which is really hard for most cameras to capture!

    1. @ATopC. Avatar

      Yeah with current battery tech they would require 50+ drone but it would be really cool

    2. @MightyCalves Avatar

      It’s an absolute deathmachine if anything would happen to it and it shot into the crowd

    3. @JVdN3000 Avatar

      Not going to happen, imagine crashing one down on the circuit, or worse, on a F1 pilot at 300kmh. I would be very surprised if they approved it. Not that I don’t support your enthusiasm though.

    4. @dco1019 Avatar

      @@MightyCalves also true. when they tested the prototype of this vs the f1 car on RB official channel something in fact did go wrong. it seemed to lose steering and veer off course and they pressed a ‘return home’ fail safe and it returned home. but you know, once something like this would be deployed in a race ittl be tested and ‘fail safed’ to the max… It wouldnt be a 100% safety but close enough to make it viable. I mean basically theres absolute deathmachines above the circuits in the form of choppers as well (if anything would happen)

    5. @Styxen_Stones Avatar

      They already have fpv pilots filming at F1 races, not using a top speed drone like this, tho. And they have been filming other styles of races for years, especially drift and rallycross

  6. @ahmadsaibzada2419 Avatar

    Red Bull really does everything except drinks

    1. @deepakdevellore Avatar

      To sell drinks

    2. @Turbo_TechnoLogic Avatar

      @@deepakdevelloreNot really, drinks is not at all their main business

    3. @SamsungGalaxy5G Avatar

      At first all these crazy sports were just marketing for the drinks, but now it has become their primary way of income supporting and creating new crazy sports as well as managing sports teams

    4. @Nordlicht05 Avatar

      It’s more sponsoring and organising events than anything other

    5. @robc8593 Avatar

      or faithful marriage…

  7. @pdkrs Avatar

    Drag races in 50 years : Flying car vs UFO

    1. @yanniblumstein1 Avatar

      Nah, that was the same thing people said 50 years ago. There we are driving oldtimers

    2. @DamianC_23 Avatar

      It won’t be called a drag race, it’ll be called a fly race

    3. @z-ra Avatar

      “Hi, I’m Mat Watson II, and you’re watching airwow”

    4. @pdkrs Avatar

      @@z-ra ๐Ÿ˜‚

    5. @IIISPQRIII. Avatar

      People in 2024: there will be flying car in 2050

      People in 2050: skibidrizz revenge 2 the movie

  8. @vkforever713 Avatar

    He Really was playing with Mat all along…the speed on the drone is crazy

    1. @48Boxer Avatar

      It looked like he passed him multiple times the first few runs so I knew he was holding back

    2. @Styxen_Stones Avatar

      You can also tell by the sound, its electric with immediate torque and doesn’t have to fight for traction. The pitch of the scream it makes should be consistent when at full throttle. Hear the difference between 3:43 and 6:26

    3. @randombanter7553 Avatar

      Matt mentioned that it has over 5000hp per tonne and then immediately forgot when the drag races started. It was over before it even started. Secondly top fuel dragststers with similar(very loosely used) much HP per tonne can do mid 4s and if you minus the 2 seconds it takes to lift off and tilt you’re about 1/2 a second off

    4. @40uldierb0Y Avatar

      I noticed it quickly since redbull already published a video of the drone following max, and liam

    5. @caleidoo Avatar

      @@randombanter7553 Yeah I get he wants to make “a nice video”, but this was quite ridiculous. The drone was very obviously holding back and just at the very end jumping to the win. Even with acting and pretending “it’s close, who’s gonna be….” … it was just too obvious to not be cringe.

  9. @yiannisgaming03 Avatar

    Even vs a drone Mat jumps the start

    1. @plndkid Avatar


    2. @someonesomewhere8658 Avatar

      More like the drone pilot giving him a head start

  10. @creativeworld3291 Avatar

    This proves that ‘Redbull gives you wings!’. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿšฉ๐Ÿ

    1. @AMG2100 Avatar


    2. @Elbombisima Avatar

      “Red Bull gives you wings”
      Make drone with no wings ๐Ÿซ 

    3. @SniperSnake50BMG Avatar

      Gives you props

    4. @MadZMax Avatar

      how exactly does it prove that?

  11. @therightchoice15 Avatar

    I saw F1 testing this like 2 days ago and I knew it that Carwow would race it with a car ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. @Barthoization Avatar

      Didn’t they hit 300 km/h on the straight ? I feel the drone was holding back here

    2. @Henry_Jr_Watsson Avatar

      @ization The drone hit ~330km/h in this video with carwow with headhind. Maybe it’s the headwind?

    3. @Styxen_Stones Avatar

      They claim it has a 350km/h top speed. Crazy considering its carrying all the hd camera equipment, thats a lot of weight for something that light

    4. @SirCrashaLot Avatar

      @@Styxen_Stones Not really, on F1 vid you can see HD was deceased and mounted directly. Bas and Thomas know they stuff, years of experience in design, build, both used to race drones, followed by cinematic with DDG.

    5. @Styxen_Stones Avatar

      @SirCrashaLotย  yes but that still is added weight, maybe only like 50g since its been decased, but you gotta consider the space it takes up as well making the frame bigger. Just saying that this is impressive, but it isn’t designed with ONLY speed in mind

  12. @SongwriterPlayer Avatar

    Matt at 8:19 you said: “Alternatively ‘Giggle’ Help Me Car Wow” Hilarious!!!

    1. @SampleTracks2224 Avatar

      Brits often say “Geegle” rather than “Google”, or “yee” rather than “you”

    2. @briantitchener4829 Avatar

      @@SampleTracks2224 No they don’t.

  13. @jeffers453 Avatar

    The way he waved at Mat before he set the drone down lmaooo

  14. @Joelb485 Avatar

    That drone deserves a review ngl

  15. @florianj6490 Avatar

    I already have seen the race between this drone and Max Verstappen on the Red Bull channel yesterday. So for me the outcome wasn’t a surprise

  16. @MrGlennB Avatar

    Red Bull doing all sorts of side quests whilst dominating F1

    1. @ytsux9259 Avatar

      Now that it’s partnered up with Honda to use the Honda F1 engines.

    2. @brakenium436 Avatar

      *Red Bull doing all sorts of side quests whilst making energy drinks

  17. @normang3668 Avatar

    Nevermind the speed, can we talk about just how incredible camera technology has gotten? The picture quality on that little drone is outstanding.

    1. @Eren-da-Jaeger Avatar

      plus it can transfer data at that speed

    2. @bigtont6 Avatar

      Yet we can’t good footage of UFOs it’s always grainy af

  18. @Styxen_Stones Avatar

    Ok thank god, as a pro drone racer myself I knew from the sound that he wasn’t giving it everything, was worried he was instructed to keep it close for whatever reason. Glad he got to show off the actual speed

    1. @RSRS-ws3px Avatar

      I knew something wasnโ€™t right those first few races also. I have a drone that goes 160mph and the Redbull one is way faster, so I knew he was messing with him.

  19. @vl3005 Avatar

    9:38 that sound – awesome! Like a freaking fighter jet.

  20. @Mili_sweet_girl.1995 Avatar

    Love the Drone trail they added so we could see the darn thing. Such a fun video

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