Tesla Model Y: 1 Minute Review!






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  1. Oliver Avatar

    Am I the only who can’t watch it

    1. Oliver Avatar


  2. Pascal Avatar

    No BROOM BROOM = No Car

    1. Joe Avatar

      No car society? Perfect!

  3. R/D Avatar

    Nah, leave 1 minute reviews for forrestautoreviews or collab with him. He has the smoothest reviews under 60 seconds

    1. Eric Heick Avatar
      Eric Heick

      I like his reviews, but he often covers things that are really irrelevant. He is much smoother tho

    2. PurNothing Avatar

      Ye but the cars will be mostly British unlike nice cars

    3. FestusPunky Avatar

      Forrest rules

    4. Matthew P Avatar
      Matthew P

      Is YouTube not a big enough platform for more than one 60 second car review source? Mat’s video covered a lot more features than Forrest even though his videos are great.

  4. John Schønberg Avatar
    John Schønberg

    Really LOVE these quick reviews 👍💪

  5. Persian Fox Avatar
    Persian Fox

    I wonder Y is called that

    1. Milan Vrijs Avatar
      Milan Vrijs

      Just because Elon wanted to be funny again and spell out “S 3 X Y” on the website. If you add the roadster it still spells “S 3 X Y R”. I just dont know how the Cybertruck will fit in…. 🤔. (And yes, i know this comment was ment as a joke)

  6. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    German competitors look better, better build quality, quieter and not a giant saloon ya 🇩🇪

    1. D L Avatar
      D L

      Cost double

    2. Resad Recebli Avatar
      Resad Recebli

      ​@D Lexpensive ≠ overpriced

    3. D L Avatar
      D L

      @Resad Recebli if people couldn’t afford the gas versions, they definitely can’t afford the electric cars. The increase cost of cars is more than increase in pay which will result in people buying Tesla over the competitors if they even switch to an electric car.

    4. King Christophis Avatar
      King Christophis

      I wouldnt get a german one. I cast doubt on that particularly for their EVs that are meant to compete with the Y.

  7. LarsCar Fanatic Avatar
    LarsCar Fanatic

    Its bad, thats my review 😂

  8. ImaEatChicken Avatar

    The model Y makes things that dont need to be electric, electric

    Why tf

  9. I Love  Barcelona Avatar
    I Love Barcelona

    Bring BYD Seal

  10. Jorge Chavez Avatar
    Jorge Chavez

    Lol Trashla Y would you think I’d be dense enough to want that dumpster full of laptop batteries?

  11. Ernis Morina Avatar
    Ernis Morina

    You need to make more of these videos 😊

  12. andrey davydov Avatar
    andrey davydov

    Matt, where’s your Dolphin review?

  13. Resad Recebli Avatar
    Resad Recebli

    Bro thinks he can match Forrest 😂

  14. cricketgold Avatar

    I thought the title ment a review 1 months ago after he bought the car 😂

  15. Murry Nathan Avatar
    Murry Nathan

    Hey, Matt is doing Forest now!

  16. Risya Avatar

    Please more of these Mat, thank you for making these, its just handy for the viewers because not only they are quick but informative too.

  17. FestusPunky Avatar

    0-60 in 3.5 sec, 1/4 mile in 12 sec flat, 300 mi range w/access to Supercharger network, 8 year battery warranty.

    1. Viraaj Gamer🇮🇳 Avatar
      Viraaj Gamer🇮🇳

      Convinced to buy one when I’m 18+ years old😂

      + my parents own a Tesla Model Y Performance and is crasy responsive and easy do drive!

      Overall 9/10

  18. Lee C Avatar
    Lee C

    Electric 😂😂 good luck getting them insured in the future

    1. Tom Fuller Avatar
      Tom Fuller


    2. Lee C Avatar
      Lee C

      @Tom Fuller unsafe another fad that will eventually die out…..but I can see by the comment you must have one

  19. Mokset Harous Avatar
    Mokset Harous

    Beautiful just im gonna say
    اللهم أرزقنا ياالله ☝️

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