Tesla Model X PLAID v Ferrari SF90 v Lambo SVJ: DRAG RACE

Thanks to the owners for providing us these cars and trucks:
Design X: @RSEV & @TundEmagazin
Lambo SVJ: @MarkMcCann64

Welcome to the most extraordinary fuel v hybrid v electrical drag race you've ever seen!

We have actually got Mat in the all-electric Tesla Design X PLAID, and he's taking on the and SVJ!

So let's see how these three powerhouses compare. Beginning with the Tesla Design X, it comes with 3 electric motors which combine to make an eye-watering 1,020 hp and 1,020 Nm of torque! However naturally, this is a family-friendly SUV, so it's not light, tipping the scales at 2,539 kg!

The SF90 is much lighter, weighing in at simply 1,570 kg! In regards to power, it's loading a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 combined with 3 electric motors to produce an almighty 1000hp and 800Nm!

Finally, we have the SVJ, which astonishingly is the least powerful automobile in this line-up, with its 6.5-litre V12 able to put down 770hp and 720Nm of torque. However, it's the lightest vehicle in this line-up, coming in at 1,525 kg.

This one is just too close to call! Can an SUV in fact beat these supercars ?! There's only one way to discover … LET'S RACE!

Mat's efficiency car deal:

v Aventador SV:

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61 responses to “Tesla Model X PLAID v Ferrari SF90 v Lambo SVJ: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which wins the drag – the Ferrai SF90 or the Model X PLAID? VOTE below!

    1. Steveking 20 Avatar
      Steveking 20


    2. Stephen F. Selden Avatar
      Stephen F. Selden


    3. Richard 77 Avatar
      Richard 77

      ​@carwoware you all blind?

    4. Ali Zein Kazmi Avatar
      Ali Zein Kazmi


    5. vishnu bharadwaj Avatar
      vishnu bharadwaj

      Ferrari for the win.

  2. Larry Wheels Avatar
    Larry Wheels

    can’t wait for the new hybrid aventador!

    1. Raptile07 Avatar

      ​@Doar Eu But know it has over 1000 hp, a new gearbox and all wheel drive 😉

    2. Raptile07 Avatar

      ​@Sagnik Maity The new one has a new gearbox 😉

    3. Raptile07 Avatar

      ​@Lucid Air Sapphire If the Plaid get a update like the old Teslas then it will smash the Sapphire.

    4. Raptile07 Avatar

      ​@Dehren The next Ferrari is the SF90 VS and 2024/2025 the successor of the LaFerrari will be released. But the SVJ version of the upcoming successor of the Aventador will destroy all of them.

    5. Amit Khadka Avatar
      Amit Khadka

      Ooh larry do love cars

  3. Atif Hassan Avatar
    Atif Hassan

    nicks impression of mark was spot on 😂

    1. 777 Avatar

      @Purwanti Allanthe SVJ lost every single test what are you talking about lol

    2. Nino Loso Avatar
      Nino Loso

      Voiceover I think

    3. john wheatley Avatar
      john wheatley


    4. Mlunghisi Mathevula Avatar
      Mlunghisi Mathevula

      Was Nick there?

  4. KK Avatar

    That drone shot following the cars was sick. Should be in every drag race video forward.

    1. Hmamdia Ahid Avatar
      Hmamdia Ahid

      if they had fpv drones it would be sicker

    2. Joshua Thomas Avatar
      Joshua Thomas


    3. Aluand Jalal Avatar
      Aluand Jalal

      Should take it to the hospital if it was sick

    4. KK Avatar

      @Aluand Jalal ER

    5. Brian Kigen Avatar
      Brian Kigen

      I felt the same way, I felt like I’ve been missing something

  5. Yiannimize Avatar

    Now this car is fast 💨

    1. Si Raff Avatar
      Si Raff

      Fast but listen to that rot box sing. I would still take the Lambo because that sound, the low, wide stance and its whole attitude is just more of an experience.
      A slower experience but more exciting.
      The Tesla isn’t even in it. Its just a blob with an overpowered indesit motor in it. Nothing to enjoy apart from telling everyone how fast it is. Its the one you would get if you love the smell of your own f4rts.

    2. Umar Awais Avatar
      Umar Awais

      You should buy an SF90 Stradale Asseto Fiorano

    3. Lucas Avatar

      @InegoMinblan nick was the driver pretending to be mark

    4. jr Avatar

      @Anthony Rivera no, Mat does.

    5. Sam Audio Avatar
      Sam Audio

      Until Tesla Model S Plaid arrives
      This was x Plaid and hanging with SF90

  6. Geetikantha Das Avatar
    Geetikantha Das

    We all know Ferrari but that Plaid is really a rocket man. Being that heavy it didn’t let the Ferrari take everything away. Incredible 😎🔥👍🏻

    1. Geetikantha Das Avatar
      Geetikantha Das

      @Tounsi Anis talking about Tesla not you sir. Regards 🙏🏻😀

  7. xplmr1 Avatar

    0:23 All Plaid models have THREE motors! One motor for each rear wheel and one shared by the front wheels. That goes for the Model X Plaid as well as the Model S Plaid.

  8. Maker J Avatar
    Maker J

    We really have to appreciate how good yannie and the Ferrari is

  9. Toby Street Avatar
    Toby Street

    Yanni’s got that fast and the furious look when he’s being serious 😂

    1. Alan Jeffers Avatar
      Alan Jeffers

      Ferrari won. Launch worked but poor human start to that launch. Then traction problem n it still won by a few inches

    2. Toby Street Avatar
      Toby Street

      @P. T. 😂😂😂 thats so it!

  10. Anandam Roy Avatar
    Anandam Roy

    Man – the Lambo driver switch was so smooth! Nick played well as Mark.

  11. Chris Avatar

    I loved how surprised yianni was when the Ferrari finally launched 😂😂😂

  12. Bill M Avatar
    Bill M

    The camera angle in the second drag race from high up was epic

  13. Shuaib Gazali Avatar
    Shuaib Gazali

    That SVJ does sound and look awesome 🔥and nick did a fantastic job being mark😂

  14. Alex Bienemann Avatar
    Alex Bienemann

    The way that sf90 reeled that lambo in despite being so far behind on the first one was insane


      @uhavenoclue boom! imagine we stopped imagining 😳

    2. AT Avatar

      Imagine one can buy 20 Tesla Modex X Plaid (cost 109k USD ) for price of 1 Rimac 😂

    3. Aditya Avatar

      Imagine imagining 😳

    4. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      @uhavenoclue boom! Why do you feel the need to imagine what happened in an older video? Stay with the present one.

  15. TT Versus Avatar
    TT Versus

    That SF90 is a piece of art!! 👀

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Its a toy…

    2. Shane Fowler Avatar
      Shane Fowler

      ​@Luka Bošnjak how isn’t this art? It was drawn first and then brought to life

    3. Vasco P Avatar
      Vasco P

      ​@Shane Fowler He doesn’t reserve attention

    4. Kalyan PM Avatar
      Kalyan PM

      Like Clarkson said, when Ferrari make great road cars, they make crap F1 cars. And vice versa

  16. X Avatar

    The fact that the Model X is on winter tires and still gets such good traction is insane

    1. youngspen Avatar

      ​@crxtodd16there’s no advantage on a dry cold surface, if it was icy then yes it would . Think about it, due to the tread there’s less surface area for the winter tyre to contact the road compared to a summer tyre

    2. youngspen Avatar

      ​@nicholas skridlayou forgot one thing, winter tyres have less surface area in contact with the road compared to a summer tyre due to the tread pattern and depth, therefore less traction.

    3. NextGHaHaHa Avatar

      @nicholas skridla do some research pls because what you say may sound logical, but its still not the reality, if its dry and the asphalt is above freezing summer tyres perform better in every single way maginable, also the winter tyres may possibly be narrower than the summers that would have been used on that car

    4. inflatable2 Avatar

      It’s much higher weight is actually a plus when it comes to traction..

    5. youngspen Avatar

      @inflatable2 traction would be even better then if the model X had the same tyres on.

  17. DoubleUU Avatar

    the friendship between matt and yianni is lit man, how all friends should be with each other

  18. Bassmasta911 Avatar

    The sound of the Ferrari’s humming V8 mixed with the electric motor is so nice.

  19. Brian Nedry Avatar
    Brian Nedry

    Nice content as always Mark, that Ferrari is a beautiful machine and that Model X Plaid is like having cheat codes, crazy fast for the size and weight. Recently rewatched your Mcmurtry speirling video and was wondering if anyone took up the offer to race it? A drag race/hot lap format for that video would be amazing.😉

  20. Samuel Avalos Avatar
    Samuel Avalos

    It would be good if you added the trap speed at the 1/4 mile. For the brake test it would help if you guys put it in cruise control, got to speed, and hovered your foot over the brake to eliminate reaction time.

    1. Józef Józefczyk Avatar
      Józef Józefczyk

      Sf90 stradale 147
      X plaid 144
      Svj 134

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