Tesla Model X Plaid review: I find out the REAL 0-60mph!

We scheduled this Tesla on Turo. You can schedule this and thousands more vehicles here. Thanks to Turo for helping us arrange this one!

Mat's flown over to the American West Coast, and he's spending the day in a ! He's already attempted one out over the 1/4-mile in a drag race, however let's see what he makes of it for daily living.

Beginning with the design, it's pretty much similar to the original . The outside is extremely simple, with a minimalist take a look around the front, back and sides. As Tesla has just ever produced electrical automobiles, there's (the good news is!) no fake grille at the front. However, one style feature we're not a fan of are the body panels, which sometimes don't match up and are noticeable throughout the vehicle.

Step within, and the minimalist style continues! Apart from a few buttons steering wheel, seats, and on the doors, whatever in this vehicle is managed through the big infotainment screen on the dash. The good news is the screen is extremely easy to utilize and really quick, however we would choose a few more physical buttons to make things simpler to manage when driving. As for the construct quality, it's ok in the majority of locations, however some areas leave a little to be desired.

As Mat remains in the Plaid, it features 6 seats – the only alternative available for this version of the Model X. If you select a dual-motor, regular Model X, there's the option to have it with 5, 6 or 7 seats.

When it comes to efficiency, the regular dual-motor Model X can produce 676hp, while this Plaid comes with 3 motors and can produce an amazing 1,020 hp! Both cars come with the very same 95kWh battery pack, and while the double motor benefits approximately 348 miles of variety, the Plaid's range drops somewhat, to 337 miles.

The regular Design X expenses from around ₤ 102,000, while the Plaid comes in at around ₤ 127,000. The question is – is it worth it ?! Or should you choose one of the other expensive, high-performance electric SUVs out there? You'll require to stick to Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Style
01:54 Interior
05:25 Rear seats
07:50 Boot
08:30 5 Annoying Things
10:37 5 Cool Things
12:19 Motors & Batteries
12:48 Town Driving
15:44 Motorway Driving
17:49 Country Road Driving
19:28 0-60mph
21:04 Verdict

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70 responses to “Tesla Model X Plaid review: I find out the REAL 0-60mph!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which Tesla is best?

    1. Brownz Avatar

      Model X😊

    2. Neil Toby Avatar
      Neil Toby

      The Model X Ludicrous Plus Performance

    3. Dr Kumar Abhisar Avatar
      Dr Kumar Abhisar

      Model S Plaid

    4. Bathykolpian Avatar

      Model S Plaid, probs one of the nicest looking EV’s out there

    5. m4g1cKiDD Avatar

      X plaid

  2. Anodiwa Levite Chimhepo Avatar
    Anodiwa Levite Chimhepo

    The speed of this car is crazy regarding the size of it

    1. Jimmy H Avatar
      Jimmy H

      And completely pointless in the real world

    2. supaahflyy Avatar

      ​@Jimmy Hsure, then better tell Ferrari, lambo, Koenigsegg, Bugatti to stop making cars too

    3. Anodiwa Levite Chimhepo Avatar
      Anodiwa Levite Chimhepo

      @supaahflyy exactly

    4. Bathykolpian Avatar

      @Jimmy Hlmao you’re only saying it’s pointless because it’s a Tesla

    5. AJzilla Pro Avatar
      AJzilla Pro

      @Bathykolpianexactly.I don’t like Elon Musk but I admire what he’s done with Tesla

  3. Luminated67 Avatar

    Looking forward to a drag race with this and the Lotus Eletre R. 😊

    1. Atari Jones Avatar
      Atari Jones

      Stop bro a bmw with with an engine can beat that tesla 😅

    2. Golden Croc Avatar
      Golden Croc

      Model X wins easily… I should think.

    3. savage x Avatar
      savage x

      @Atari Jones a bmw with an engine he said

    4. Luminated67 Avatar

      @Atari Jonesthere are some who have moved on from fossil fuel.😉

    5. protagonist Avatar

      Eletra is so modern, so unique and more high tech, 800V, new architecture

  4. Aleksander Hoff Avatar
    Aleksander Hoff

    Used to own a Model X – absolutely loved every bit of that car. It had its issues, being a bit experimental you could say, with some fits and finishes being a bit wonky… but it was absolutely amazing as well. The doors were so practical, and the boot was huge, even with a 6-seater. Have a Model Y Performance now – also really great, but it’s a bit boring when you have owned a Model X. Even almost a year after we sold it.. I still try to hit the break when I get in, to close the door. Got too used to that… so convenient.

    1. Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them Avatar
      Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them

      SO SAD !!!! having a Electric car is basically saying you have given up on life !!!!! and hate driving ,,,

    2. Aaron Polite Avatar
      Aaron Polite

      Eats tires

    3. Davout Avatar

      @Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them That’s very weird perception of reality.

    4. Scott Gibson Avatar
      Scott Gibson

      Trying too hard​@Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them

  5. abu princewill Avatar
    abu princewill

    Give us an update from your Mom on her tesla?! What’s her experience, bring her on the show please.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. T Ö Avatar
      T Ö

      Guess her car is ashes by now. Like most EV:s….burn lika crazy

  6. Ghostlolaha Avatar

    I love Carwow review, right to the point and concise. I am not going to buy a new car anytime soon, but these vids are still great to watch. Keep up the incredible work.

    1. Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them Avatar
      Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them

      Is he really your Brother !!!!

    2. Ghostlolaha Avatar

      @Mark Thoughts with Ukraine massive respect for them no? Why would you say that

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Imagine if Carwow reviewed the 1000bhp Honda Beat 1991.

  7. John Brandstötter Avatar
    John Brandstötter

    How can a car with such a good electric concept and Infotainment system have everything else feel and look so cheap and rushed. Its beyond me.

    1. Dhanu _45 Avatar
      Dhanu _45

      Because it’s a death trap

    2. Charlie Day Avatar
      Charlie Day

      CEO Tryna go to mars

    3. Will Avatar

      Exactly that, they focused on the important stuff. Panel gaps aren’t as important as a best-in-class charging system.

    4. protagonist Avatar

      American cars have been poor quality since Clarkson 80s damning reviews of them

  8. Dopey Avatar

    Wow ! Those panel gaps are horrendous, although the same cannot be said about the 3 & the Y. Mass production overtime makes perfection, I guess.

    1. Google Pap Avatar
      Google Pap

      to be fair, many legacy high end ones also have pretty bad panels gaps… mass produced as you say have better panel gaps and that’s a fact in most auto makers.

    2. The IPC-TWIzZT Avatar
      The IPC-TWIzZT

      @Google Pap Nah, its that Fremont Factory. Idk what their quality control looks like there, but it is much worse than in Austin, Berlin or Shanghai

    3. protagonist Avatar

      American quality control have had issues since like forever

    4. paliewallie Avatar

      @The IPC-TWIzZT We just took delivery of our model Y ~1,5 weeks ago. Almost no panel gaps. Nothing comparable to the ones on this Model X. I would’ve never accepted it on delivery.

    5. Long Johnson ꪜ Avatar
      Long Johnson ꪜ

      My Mercedes A 200 has worse panel gaps fr 🫡

  9. Danni Efraim Avatar
    Danni Efraim

    I have one of these and yeah, it’s a fair review. Mine doesn’t have those problems with panel gaps and has a nice fit and finish, but the paint was 200% orange peel (luckily I just wrapped it in a nice satin orange colour instead). As you own one, the indicators get easier pretty quickly and you pick up some tricks like the fact that you can trigger an extra aggressive version of the horn by just mashing your hand on all the buttons on the right hand side of the wheel/yoke.

    All in all, I love mine. It’s comfortable, a great place to be, wonderful for long trips, the sound system is awesome. And the things that happen when you floor it are still just bonkers, even after having had the car for over half a year. I love it.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @DanniEfraim, seems like the BMW M3 GTR is qualified to do drag races against this Tesla.

    2. Danni Efraim Avatar
      Danni Efraim

      @Purwanti Allan Absolutely not. It wouldn’t stand a chance.

    3. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      @Purwanti Allan what has that got to do with the original comment?!

    4. Layers Avatar

      I don’t know how people find out about horn stuff, I must have used my car’s horn 5 times in the last year.

    5. Daniel N Glynn Avatar
      Daniel N Glynn

      I just noticed on mine the other day that the suspension will automatically go into very low if I go over 110mph. I have had it for 7 months and didn’t realize it did this 😂

  10. Steven D Avatar
    Steven D

    At this point I can’t believe Build quality isn’t any better on Tesla’s. They’ve been around for a while now. For a $100K car that is absolutely atrocious.

    1. GreenEarth Avatar

      They just dont give a sh!t. Dont ever buy a tesla from Freemont. Quality is horrible. I have a 2021 shanghai build model 3 which have comparable quality as the OEMs but my friends 2019 model 3 is crap

    2. Senoow Avatar

      ​@GreenEarth no wonder everyone doesn’t wanna build things in America lol, worse quality for more money

  11. Northen lights Avatar
    Northen lights

    Apart from all the downsides, It’s the Falcon doors which I love most. It reminds me of those in SLS ❤
    (Although, I’ll not buy model X)

    1. bartwaggoner2000 Avatar

      But they really are Elon’s Folly – no in-door storage, no roof racks, slow open/close: Van sliding doors might have been better.

  12. FormulaE don’t exist Avatar
    FormulaE don’t exist

    I love the creativeness of the intro of Mat somehow comparing a legendary bomber plane to an electric suv

  13. Eddie Moy Avatar
    Eddie Moy

    regarding the horn, you can use your whole palm to cover the horn. for access to the their row, you also don’t have to hold the button. it is just single press. you are also standing in the way of the door, that is why it doesn’t swing open. otherwise it would hit you. the trick is to press and move over.

  14. Oliver Müller Avatar
    Oliver Müller

    You wouldn’t accept the build quality of this if you were picking it up. Also, the no left hand drive is a deal breaker, removing the indicator stalks totally unecessary as well. Beside that, what a machine

    1. 𝗺𝗮𝘀𝘀 𝗱𝗲𝗯𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿♧ Avatar
      𝗺𝗮𝘀𝘀 𝗱𝗲𝗯𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿♧

      The glazing is remarkable

    2. stretch90 Avatar

      Interesting how many bots there are

    3. Kasi Avatar

      @The Man wut- 💀
      30k honda’s seriously?

    4. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      @stretch90 i’m not a bot, i’m a living breathing human (ish), Tesla cars set the standard in many ways. but in other ways they are absolute wank. I like physical buttons. I draw the line on having to use the touchscreen for the gears. it’s awful.

  15. Nifty Avatar

    awesome to see you try it out, really good video with what at least felt like a very neutral stand point. Just appalling the neglect they have for panels and final finish in their low volume cars (although common for general low volume cars, even supercars)

  16. GlitterGuru Avatar

    I was thinking about getting a Model X, and rode in a friend’s 2022 model the other day. It was nice enough inside, but the dash, door panels and B pillars (between front and rear seats) were already fading and peeling. The parts that weren’t fading were extra shiny and looked cheap – reminded me of an old Chrysler I use to drive. I currently drive a 2018 Golf with faux leather that still looks and feels brand new; would be a shame to trade in a $20k VW while taking a step down in quality 🫠

  17. m40dotcom Avatar

    The drivers door opens automatically all the way as well, you must not have the setting in place for that tho, but it’s great as an owner to have to fully open as you approach, and close when pedal is pressed.

  18. Florian Haffner Avatar
    Florian Haffner

    Considering how expensive this thing is the build quality is outrageous

    1. Senoow Avatar

      even worse than Dacia ive read… elon doesn’t give af it seems

    2. killkiss_son Avatar

      Tesla that are not built in the USA are 100× better. All American cars are bad quality

    3. killkiss_son Avatar

      ​@Senoowthe quality isn’t as good as some other 150k cars but saying it’s worse than Dacia… Just means you never got into a Tesla or a Dacia.

    4. JackOfAllTrades Avatar

      The bodywork is aluminium for weight reduction. Aluminium is more difficult to get right.

    5. David Naylor Avatar
      David Naylor

      It was understandable the first few years, but now it’s just sloppy.

  19. Cycling Geologist Avatar
    Cycling Geologist

    The panel gaps and other issues are just unacceptable at that price, removing the stalks is just flat out ridiculous, but my biggest annoyance would just be how slow the damn doors are.

    I don’t want to wait for my door to open.

  20. Ryan Johnson Avatar
    Ryan Johnson

    The fact that they even sell this to the public is insane. So much power for regular drivers.

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