Tesla Model 3 v BYD Seal: DRAG RACE

Who's ready for an EV drag race?!

We have actually got our hands on the Tesla Design 3 Long Variety, and it's taking on against one of the latest little electric cars and trucks around – the Seal!

So let's see whether this all-new Chinese EV can take down the Tesla. Under the skin, you'll discover 2 electrical motors that offer 530hp and 670Nm of torque. Power is sent to all 4 wheels, and it suggestions the scales at 2,055 kg. If you were looking to choose one up, it 'd set you back around ₤ 48,000.

Then we concern the Tesla. It also features dual electric motors, and these need to offer you with 490hp and 490Nm of torque. This power is sent to all four wheels, and it's a reasonable bit lighter than the , weighing in at 1,840 kg. It's a little more pricey, though, costing around ₤ 50,000.

So can the new kid in town nab it? Or will the Tesla reign supreme? There's just one way to discover … LET'S RACE!


71 responses to “Tesla Model 3 v BYD Seal: DRAG RACE”

  1. @mkdmgaming6034 Avatar

    Please drag race the old model 3 and the refreshed model 3

    1. @rogerstarkey5390 Avatar

      The new “Long Range” is tuned for …… (Can you guess?)…. “Longer Range”.
      The clue is in the second graphic on the Website which tells you…
      “Built for distance”.

    2. @EwanM11 Avatar

      They have the same motor and battery. There won’t be any difference

    3. @mattaut88 Avatar

      ​@@EwanM11 If old means Panasonic then no.

    4. @kleefton Avatar

      @@EwanM11I don’t think so. The old model 3 long range only has 320ish miles of range.

    5. @EwanM11 Avatar

      @@kleefton Tesla themselves have said the motors and battery are unchanged. Any range improvements are due to airflow and rolling resistance improvements, which won’t impact acceleration where your calling on 300-400hp. Just rolling along draws about 20-30hp so small difference in resistance can add a lot of range.

  2. @lokeshmate6278 Avatar

    Thing about EV drag races is, you don’t feel guilty for speeding the video up. You don’t loose any exhaust noise.

    1. @Hansen999 Avatar

      You really only watch the video for their interaction. The car part is just soulless…

    2. @GTI.OWNERSCLUB Avatar

      Its a very BORING no sounds no soul , only boring 😪 Zzz

    3. @sebastiantschatordai Avatar

      @@GTI.OWNERSCLUB “No soul”? What does that even mean?

    4. @Mew-ip3iy Avatar

      ​@@sebastiantschatordai they think deaf people are soulless humans

    5. @dandylion1987 Avatar

      ​@@sebastiantschatordaiit means EVs are homogenous, sterile appliances that are boring to watch

  3. @lennyhawk1776 Avatar

    Sam leaning forward to gain that inch for victory 😅

    1. @ikotsus2448 Avatar

      According to physics, he should lean backward.

  4. @vasil7410 Avatar

    The Seal dual motor has a weight of about 2,200kg, not 2,055kg. The lower weight is the single motor.

    1. @kevintieman3616 Avatar

      Holy crap that’s 400kg weight difference, that explains why the Tesla was able to keep up despite having less power available.

    2. @iCozzh Avatar

      The tesla also doesnt have 490hp it has 440.

    3. @janezhang123 Avatar

      ​@@kevintieman3616tesla wasn’t able to keep up in acceleration, it was only close in the end because the Seal has a lower limited speed.

    4. @Sadjina Avatar

      I have no idea what the other manufacturers are doing to end up with such heavy cars. Same for the Germans… (I also don’t really understand why no one cares in terms of safety. Those 400kg extra will go somewhere when you hit something…)

    5. @vasil7410 Avatar

      @@Sadjina The Seal in the flesh is a much more luxurious class of car and quieter on the road. The extra weight seems to be in the construction of the car plus sound deadening materials.

  5. @lloydi4395 Avatar

    There’s a big A button on the BYD centre console, Auto Hold which stops the car moving forward

    1. @festo8885 Avatar

      It’s sad you even know that

    2. @liamzulficari8729 Avatar


    3. @lachywocky Avatar

      ​@@festo8885it is never sad when someone knows something you don’t! should be applauded

    4. @BeBarnee Avatar

      @@festo8885 it’s sad you think that way.

    5. @EmmanuelAU03 Avatar

      @@festo8885 literally no reason to be negative

  6. @thamsanqashaba6576 Avatar

    Can we have another test for “Driving EVs Across UK until They Die” challenge, but this time with Sam, Matt and Yianni. The banter is just marvellous between these fellas.

    1. @VinDieselS70 Avatar

      Yeah, drive from London to Scotland.

    2. @rogerstarkey5390 Avatar

      You mean a “Let’s kill the batteries just for the hell of it” challenge?
      You have to be a complete idiot to ignore the 5th warning the car gives you.
      Totally pointless.
      The only test that’s relevant is “Random point to random point, charge as required”.
      That rates the car and infrastructure.

    3. @damien2670 Avatar

      Yanni can’t, he is suffering from back issues…

    4. @peteroz7332 Avatar

      ​@@damien2670has he gotten that from relaxing on a lounger by a swimming pool in bali? where he’s spending his dough from adverts.. 🤔

    5. @bid84 Avatar

      Yanni is an absolute melt

  7. @muhammedziica5449 Avatar

    It’s very shameful for two English Car enthusiasts to forget the Jaguar 🐆😂

    1. @oa9606 Avatar

      Ya, but the other guy is actually Irish 😂

    2. @pugsys592 Avatar

      Was looking for this 🤣

    3. @ipados8655 Avatar

      i was screaming jaguar in my head

    4. @larryc1616 Avatar

      They don’t know Indian cars

    5. @Y2Kvids Avatar

      Jaguar is the brand

  8. @IronMan-xm3lg Avatar

    Matt and Sam you guys had me cracking up the entire video, thanks a lot I love your work.

  9. @CraigLedden Avatar

    I’d be very interested to see if the Tesla really can achieve 420 miles of range, carwow need to do one of them drive it till it dies test

    1. @aussie2uGA Avatar

      Isn’t the model 3 the most efficient EV of anything you can buy?

    2. @airheart1 Avatar

      You can make it do 420.. you can make it do more.. but the reality is, if you drive like you have a heartbeat, you won’t get all that range.. the tests for range are done like some little old grandma is driving. Anything more spirited than that, is gonna lead to a reduction in actual range

    3. @GamingTrivia1113 Avatar

      @@aussie2uGA no

    4. @Maarten_vd Avatar

      @GamingTrivia1113  Yes. It’s the most efficient. Please do find one that does more KM’s per kW/h or shut up man.

    5. @Maarten_vd Avatar

      Remember boys, this figure is not “made up” by Tesla. Its the figure Tesla received from the government agency that determines the WLTP / EPA score after putting the car to their standardized ‘test’.

      So if this figure does not reflect the range you can achieve, blame the test procedure, not Tesla.

      Tesla is obligated to use that figure. Just like all other car manufacturers.

  10. @user-ez1ph1vi9t Avatar

    Matt wanted to do everything in this race except racing 😂😂

  11. @fauzanriez9472 Avatar

    This feels like watching a submarine race. So calm and quiet

    1. @u9Nails Avatar

      “3, 2, 1” …soft whisper sounds from the library section.

      That was quite a race folks!

      Me: Was it? I was watching the guy lining up his putt on the green. There was a race happening?

    2. @Matriarchy_Feminism Avatar

      This isn’t fart race

    3. @oceancity5776 Avatar


    4. @elemar5 Avatar

      Calm, quiet and boring.

    5. @intothemultiverse1033 Avatar

      I love watching submarine racing from a cliff top overlooking the sea

  12. @joshhousman8451 Avatar

    I have to say, Sam is such a fantastic addition to the shows. Love the timing for his comedy.

  13. @voltspc9394 Avatar

    490hp sounds high for the Tesla, I know pre refresh they were close to 400, 450 with the acceleration boost add on

    1. @monsterous289 Avatar

      exactly, and using the same numbers

  14. @LearningFast Avatar

    That Model 3 LR did not have the $2,000 boost upgrade. It doesn’t have 490 HP. Probably more like 425 HP or less. The Performance Model 3 makes right at 535 HP at the wheels but only if you preheat the battery to over 120 degrees F and have over 90% State of Charge. The LR isn’t affected by battery temperature like the Performance Model is.

    1. @lokro2207xd Avatar

      The Highland doesnt have the boost option.

    2. @Andreassoegaard Avatar


    3. @Redix9 Avatar

      Sounds like half of that could be true.

    4. @davidsongood2627 Avatar

      Are we sure the new one doesn’t have acceleration boost?

    5. @RemoteSpeed007 Avatar

      How would you preheat the M3P, by selecting a charging point?

  15. @madmike3881 Avatar

    Matt and Sam are just hilarious😂

  16. @marsplay4271 Avatar

    7:28 Mostly, the delay is there to not stress the engine mounts that much. Older Model 3 had a crazy punch when accelerating, but that sometimes resulted in bad engine mounts or the drive unit being damaged because of the sudden torque. After that, they added a bit of a “delay,” but it’s not as noticeable as on other EVs.

    1. @itsalexanderbotha1504 Avatar

      Ev’s don’t have an engine

    2. @marsplay4271 Avatar

      @@itsalexanderbotha1504 you know what I mean :))

    3. @jls.mp4 Avatar

      classic tesla built quality. i bet a bunch of teenagers could make a car more reliable.

    4. @marsplay4271 Avatar

      @@jls.mp4 Not just Tesla had this problem, early BMW i3 also had these problems and they sorted it with the 2017 version out.

  17. @nickob Avatar

    I love all the attempts to make the races exciting.

  18. @VelislavBalthazarAngelov Avatar

    I’ll be honest … there’s something comforting in Sam that makes me feel … safe. He has this dad-vibe and if I could meet a single person from the carwow team – 10/10 would love to meet him. Seems like such a chill and nice guy to have a beer with and just talk about life.

  19. @WestCoastSupercarsandClassics Avatar

    That was a fun comparison. The BYD looks pretty good, I must say! It would be nice to have these in North America

  20. @DJB369 Avatar

    Looks like the byd has not only a delay when you throttle but also goes without brakes, so you just have to release brake to move slow, like parking or in narrow places.

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