Tesla Cybertruck: One minute review!


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  1. @Brianuuuu Avatar

    So Matt is the Linus Sebastian of the car world

    1. @lowerding Avatar


    2. @brianbb0208 Avatar

      😂Linus is on another level though

    3. @poundlandspeedwagonrequiem9668 Avatar

      A lying, charlatan shill? Doesn’t sound like Matt

  2. @adiohead Avatar

    Matt should let the owner jump on his new Porsche.

    1. @gavcom4060 Avatar

      This is a Tesla prototype provided by Tesla themselves im pretty sure they encouraged journalists to be rough with it

  3. @SeattleEUC Avatar

    where’s the stick?

  4. @leeku7768 Avatar

    Lol homeless guy casually approving

    1. @MrWhiterunGuard Avatar

      It wouldn’t be America if there wasn’t homeless people everywhere.

    2. @jakubb6020 Avatar

      @@MrWhiterunGuard mostly in Democrat states but yes

    3. @phantom0590 Avatar


    4. @Clickumentary Avatar

      Lol not sure he approved but let’s go with it 😅

    5. @littlsuprstr Avatar

      @@jakubb6020 Housing is in greater demand in Democratic states. Greater demand means higher housing costs means more homelessness. People would rather be homeless in a blue state than live in a shack in a red state.

  5. @NathanaelSinge Avatar

    Leave it to Forrest

  6. @markthegamedriver Avatar

    Teslas designer has the easiest job and the highest pay in his niche

    1. @tarakhossain9320 Avatar

      I know It’s a joke, yet i’m going to add this note! 😑
      Designing does not equal to drawing.
      So designing a truck from hard steel and make it work is probably many times harder than a conventional truck!

  7. @placegenericnamehere Avatar

    This is the most unhinged yet calmest video of Mat I have ever seen.

  8. @bugsydabestcat6190 Avatar

    that looks like a poorly peeled potato 💀

    1. @SaifUddin-vf5xi Avatar

      Thats actually a very good comparison 😅

    2. @Solotocius Avatar

      Poorly peeled potato supremacy

    3. @ProXcaliber Avatar

      It looks like the Lora Croft truck.

    4. @TomFlord Avatar

      It looks like an F-22 had a baby and that baby grew up to be a truck what r u on about💀

    5. @lorenzo9895_ Avatar

      @@TomFlordit looks horrible bro stop deluding urself

  9. @PoonHandler Avatar

    The HOBO shout out earned a like

  10. @MrEduardomonge Avatar

    I like how Marques browlee just stood on the roofbed and matt just doest care and jumped like a mad man 😂

    1. @ompomromdom Avatar

      Marques ain’t no hooligan.

    2. @travismartinez6803 Avatar

      Because Marques wants people to ponder and argue over “it’s a weak cover” or “yeah I bet it’d break if someone jumped on it” since he didn’t show it’s truly strong enough to hold the weight of a person and gave the impression it’s not trustable to even try to break it, meanwhile Mat wants to give credit where credit is due and show off the nice retractable cover that can withstand an average sized man jumping all his weight onto it.

    3. @PoneyBirds Avatar

      That‘s because Matt owns this and Marques had a pre-release car lent to him. Can‘t blame him for not going all in.

    4. @koivvisto Avatar

      @@PoneyBirdsLmao this is not his. Filmed in Austin, one of the few press units

  11. @Dusty... Avatar

    I especially like the part at the end where the door close thudded-ed-ed in true Tesla form

  12. @SlimothyJimothy621 Avatar

    Give it to WhistlinDiesel

    1. @r3x_delta30 Avatar

      I’m sure he already has one ordered 😂

    2. @DakotaS616 Avatar

      I need to see that!!!

  13. @korien8976 Avatar

    “I really need to pee!” “Shut up, you can pee when that short is filmed!”

  14. @xinl1977 Avatar

    Matt is the car review god.

  15. @marcgetsenergizedbythis2196 Avatar

    We need a night-time review!!

  16. @michaelrasmussen6953 Avatar

    Pedestrian safety is top notch 👍

    1. @TheEryk03 Avatar

      same as drivers

    2. @khanhdo7151 Avatar

      Yup very pedestrian safe. No matter how hard u hit ‘em. Ur car will be fine

  17. @gdok6088 Avatar

    Matt’s finally got an automated “fruit”

  18. @mtmbuilds Avatar

    From throwing load covers to this 😂😂😂

  19. @YTVerseChannel Avatar

    I never seen stainless steel breaking, ever. 😂

  20. @soyabean09 Avatar

    Can’t wait Whistlin Diesel version

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