Skoda, putting other manufacturers to shame!


24 responses to “Skoda, putting other manufacturers to shame!”

  1. @ChloeCallahan1 Avatar

    Your content is my daily dose of inspiration. Thanks for the wonderful moments!💯 5 💟

  2. @MonicaSmall2 Avatar

    Dieses Video ist wie Magie – es überwältigt jedes Mal mit neuen Eindrücken. Euer Talent ist beeindruckend!💕💕💕 & 🎗

  3. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    It’s a Rolls Royce lol 😂

  4. @G-Bob4 Avatar

    Still a Skoda 😂😂

  5. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    Just a Skoda lol

  6. @itisallaboutspeed Avatar

    as a car content creator i approve this video

  7. @splask252 Avatar

    Skoda: We have a rolls royce in a pocket for everyone😮😊

  8. @Eldur0 Avatar

    These need to be standard on everything now

    1. @falcongamer5867 Avatar

      And raise the price of cars?

    2. @m.a4491 Avatar

      ​@@falcongamer5867all the features shown in this video wouldn’t even cost more than £50

  9. @Leopolda_Singler Avatar

    Deine Videos sind wirklich fantastisch, das hat mir irgendwie den Tag versüßt💋

  10. @brandonUwanawich954 Avatar

    Wow tablet holder and ice scraper? There putting Mercedes to shame man

  11. @mr.choi04 Avatar

    Czech VW brand is now better than its mother company.

    1. @peanutbutterjelly1368 Avatar

      Now?! Always has been.

    2. @MaticTheProto Avatar


  12. @therealsnooz Avatar

    skoda absolutley demolished the competition

  13. @implodingbaby Avatar

    Those headrests are fantastic

  14. @Persian_Fox Avatar

    This is the best looking Skoda this year

  15. @lucaswhite12 Avatar

    I’ve bought a Skoda, and it has become my favorite brand.

  16. @peter8084 Avatar

    Skoda make good cars, no longer a joke marque !

  17. @torreto_daddy Avatar

    Well luxury doesn’t have to be ridiculously priced, as we see here. Kudos to Skoda 👍👍

  18. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

    We need a Hyundai Getz day 366

  19. @simonbach3618 Avatar

    Like the head rest for roadtrips❤

  20. @impinas Avatar

    But most of all, skoda cars are still welcoming friendly! Most brands now design some completely unhospitable cars😢

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