Skoda Launch 6 new cars in 1 night BUT will they bring back the Yeti ? | 4K

I was invited to the Czech Republic to experience all. things . From a factory trip to a reveal of 6 brand-new all electrical vehicles in 1 night. I get to speak with the head of technical development for and ask some essential questions like … will they revive the Yeti ?!


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22 responses to “Skoda Launch 6 new cars in 1 night BUT will they bring back the Yeti ? | 4K”

  1. Jim Cabezola Avatar
    Jim Cabezola

    I recall these Škoda cars when I lived in the UK and Germany. They were…cars… I never paid attention to them until YouTube came about. I like the old Citigo EV where one could DECIDE to use one’s phone for the infotainment display or just drive without it. That’s the BEST thing about that car. To drive a modern car WITHOUT having to pay attention to a nagging display and controls that have to be looked at sounds like paradise. If “they” dictate that my bicycles have to have infotainment displays…then I’m going to have to walk everywhere. Lol! This Škoda looks nice and goes well. People will like it.

  2. John Ball Avatar
    John Ball

    A friend of mine recently bought a Yeti, as he wanted a small car, not an SUV but capable of carrying a big load in the back with rear seats taken out. I drove the car and was quite surprised at how good it is with its 1.2 engine and 6 speed gearbox. Slightly higher driving position than a Polo but underneath basically the same car. There is no other car like it, so hope Skoda bring out a new version.

    1. filip000 Avatar

      We bought a Yeti this year – 2012, 1.8T 4×4 model with DSG. The transmission is a bit annoying, because it constantly tries to shift “economically”, though you can shift it manually to avoid that. As for the car goes – it’s just AMAZING. Lots of space, lots of super smart solutions, looks good, drives very solid, is super stable and most of all – reliable. Super happy with it.

  3. steven bennett Avatar
    steven bennett

    I like the use of the name on the front rather than a badge. Ambitious design language with the renderings as well..

  4. Mark Green Avatar
    Mark Green

    Another great video-game pal, like you I remember all the jokes. I’ve come from an M140i to the latest Mk4 octavia vrs and I love it, handles decently, great on fuel plenty of modification potential and room for the kitchen sink

  5. Brian Griffiths Avatar
    Brian Griffiths

    During the 1980s, we had the original rear-engine 105L and 120L Skoda saloons in our family. They were actually quite good all-round, cheap, transport with 40+ mpg economy and enough power to keep up with the flow of traffic.
    The badge snobbery never bothered me and reliability was as good as any other car at that time.

  6. Lee Avison Avatar
    Lee Avison

    I have always Loved the Skoda Brand Pete and there Cars are no exception. I am so glad you have one on your channel now and I am sure this video will enhance your relationship with Skoda even more going forward !! 🙏🙏💯💯

    1. soulmod63 Avatar

      *their* cars

  7. Jason Shaw Avatar
    Jason Shaw

    As always, great video content Pete. I still think the Superb is an understated great value for money car with excellent space and limousine leg-room in the rear. Although trying to convince my wife is a different matter. The Enyak coupe looks fantastic although the VRS grill (the one that is permanently lit) will divide opinion.

  8. Garry Matthews Avatar
    Garry Matthews

    Great one Pete, have to say that car looks and sound impresive, I have driven the ICE version and was impressed

  9. Gordon Clark Avatar
    Gordon Clark

    On my 9th Skoda and its my 2nd Kodiaq but must say we did love our Yeti also!!! Wife did run a Karoq for a few years and was very happy but always said it wasn’t a Yeti, Yeti was a big package in a small body, you where right about quality and standard equipment at a price point, but feel over the years the price has risen to what can only be described as close to some premium brands and am now finding it harder to justify the cost of like for like replacement!!!
    Am with you bring back the YETI!!!

  10. Charles Holder Avatar
    Charles Holder

    About 40 years ago, I picked up an old Octavia for my wife (we had no money, and it was cheap). Apart from my wife being offered help while loading the boot with shopping. (The boot was in the front engine in the back). It was a great car. The Superb is in another world and would be on my list if I could afford one. (I still have no money😁)

  11. Dominic R Avatar
    Dominic R

    I owned a first gen Fabia from launch followed by a second fabia they were great cars. If you get the chance for a drive a Fabia VRS from the mid 2000’s take it! Drove one on a courtesy and it was amazing. At the moment I’m a little put off by the technical problems with infotainment and updates that seem to be blighting VAG as a whole.

  12. Carl Hughes Avatar
    Carl Hughes

    Great video and it’s certainly a good brand. The newer cars are fab and very functional

  13. winnie24isis Avatar

    Great to see you reviewing cars that us mere mortals can afford. I have had my Enyaq for a year and I love it. I tried a few different EVs and it gave great value against similar cars by other manufactures such as the ID4. Even if money was no object, it still would have been the car I bought. My only moan with any EV is no spare wheel. There must be a way a spare wheel can be included. Don’t give me any of that foamy stuff that isn’t worth my boot space! I’d love to meet you, often watch your videos. I’m a lady who loves driving so I like a car that I can actually be driven as well as looking beautiful and have all the right things in a the right places, which in the Enyaq, the cup holders should be moved around to the central portion rather than in front of my buttons for my climate and driving modes. Keep up the great work.

  14. Lovecars Avatar

    Lovely stuff Ped – was a pleasure to explore Skoda with you.

  15. Jeff McArthur Avatar
    Jeff McArthur

    Great video Pete.
    Remember almost 20 years ago picking up a top spec Octavia L&K powered by the same engine as the VW Golf GTi, absolutely loved it and to this day is still one of the nicest cars I have driven. I like the look of the latest Fabia and would even go as far as to say “Who needs a Golf” ??

  16. Peter Dew Avatar
    Peter Dew

    I drive an Octavia Estate for work. 1 litre 3 cylinder turbo petrol that easily gives me 50mpg around town. 68 plate from new now with 175k on the clock. With full servicing as recommended and tyres, the only thing I needed to replace was the alternator (at 170k miles). Brilliant cars and I’ll definitely be getting an Enyaq 80 next 👍

  17. Charlie Button Avatar
    Charlie Button

    Great video Pete.
    I had a modified mk1 Fabia vRS for 8 years before transplanting the engine and bits into an estate. It was great fun but sadly started to rot

  18. Rod Matheson Avatar
    Rod Matheson

    Good evening Ped and Peddlerz… Another week past! Great Skoda video and exciting times for the company! The new designs are very futuristic and years away from that old brand. However, names stick unfortunately and I remember the old ‘banger’ Skodas chugging around, horrible things. I can move on from that though as from the VAG Skodas, especially the VRS etc, they are proper machines and to be honest, with out the badge, you could badge them as VW or Audis! Unfortunately, not so for my better half… Skoda will always be Skoda and even means ‘shame’ in Polish… I suppose we all can not be converted, I might buy one and rebadge it 😂

  19. Michael Kember Avatar
    Michael Kember

    Great video, glad your finally getting some Skodas on the channel, we’ve had a few on No 20 at the mo, currently have Kodiaq, an Enyaq and a Citigo. We love the Enyaq, much better than the Tesla M3P we had. Have been to the factory twice and it’s very interesting. Plus the local beers are great.

  20. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    Hi Ped another great video. We decided to buy a brand new Skoda last year as all motoring write ups on it we’re really good. The car was not the Infotainment system is so buggy to the point of total annoyance, you can’t even get station logos up when loading/adding new ones yet on a VW Infotainment it does. Spurious messages started to come up annoyingly on the driver display screen then disappear, found car also really underpowered for its size and auto box not as good as on a VW. It got so bad we got rid of it replaced with a Kia and what an absolute total difference and joy to have and everything just works. There still needs to be a lot more integration across the VW group something like for example the infotainment system should be standardised across all platforms.

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