Škoda Kodiaq vRS – Horrendous weather put it to the ULTIMATE test ! | 4K

The Škoda was put to the ultimate test by the horrendous weather throughout the week I had the vehicle. The vRS is the stylish trim level from Škoda an the 7 seat Kodiaq boasts 245PS and four wheel drive. Perfect for the weather I had to handle!


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22 responses to “Škoda Kodiaq vRS – Horrendous weather put it to the ULTIMATE test ! | 4K”

  1. k3nw00d_FJR1300 Avatar

    I looked at the Kodiaq VRS when it first came out, nice enough to drive, but hated the artificial sound, I preferred the lesser models of the Kodiaq over the VRS, I ended up getting the Superb 4×4 280 instead and glad I did, an amazing car, but after 4 years with it have switched to a different VRS… the Enyaq Coupe VRS, would love to hear a review on that if you’ve not already done one 😊

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Interesting 👍

      Here you go…

    2. k3nw00d_FJR1300 Avatar

      @Petrol Ped just watched it! Yeah it’s a good car… mine is the Green 💚😎

  2. Robert Harding Avatar
    Robert Harding

    Love my 2019 Kodiaq Scout 2.0 TSI 190. Had it from new, and has been brilliant in the 38k miles over 4 years (which is quite a lot considering its a 2nd car and we had Covid in that time.) vRS is a lovely motor, but I do like my SUVs to look a little more rugged.

  3. K Mitch Avatar
    K Mitch

    I can remember when front windscreen wipers were an optional extra, “well they never started in the rain anyway 🤷‍♂️”
    They’ve come along way down the road since then 😁👍🏻

  4. Alan Cobbin Avatar
    Alan Cobbin

    The DSG in my opinion is one of the best duel clutch gearboxes on the planet👍😉💪

  5. Michael Kember Avatar
    Michael Kember

    I find if I plug phone in with a cable, best to do it with the car switched off. Won’t lose CarPlay at all then, but if you plug in after the engine is running it sometimes losses connection.
    Love the seats in my Kodiaq very comfy, even after 770miles in 11.45hrs. It’s a great car

  6. Tom Ashley Avatar
    Tom Ashley

    Great video as always Pete!
    It is a great all round package, and it sounds good as well, even if some of that is artificial. The 2.0 litre from the Golf GTI is very capable indeed.
    I’d try and grab a second hand one in 2 to 3 years’ time. In grey no doubt.
    Cheers, Tom

  7. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Skoda’s are just amazing cars. Totally practical, and perform well. The VRS is definitely the option to select. The name Skoda still has a bit of a stigma attached to it, but only by those who have never driven one. Always good to see a friend of the A272, Winchester to Petersfield, one of my regular commutes. Cheers Pedro

  8. Tom Ashley Avatar
    Tom Ashley

    By the way Pete, I believe you can remove the plastic covers on the wheels to reveal the nice-looking allows beneath. I may be wrong… Cheers, Tom

  9. FlatSixer70 Avatar

    ….absolutely phenomenal this car 👌👍…I ❤ it since we got it 4 years ago 😎

  10. B Road Kamikaze Avatar
    B Road Kamikaze

    I really like this Skoda SUV, and in the red/black colour scheme, it really stands out from the crowd. If it had the VAG V6 diesel in it, it would be a serious consideration to replace the family VW Tiguan R Line. I wasn’t keen on an SUV, but they are so practical with that bit exra ground clearance and change your driving style they can still be quite rapid down a b road 😉 Exellent review 👍

  11. bob baird Avatar
    bob baird

    Always thought it was dodgy to use cruise control in heavy rain in case you aqua plane.. also for a 50k supposedly top of the range car.. surely electric seats should be standard… glad you enjoyed it tho…. Really missing my Skoda Superb…..

  12. Philip Michael Hughes Avatar
    Philip Michael Hughes

    Looking forward to the new version when you test it. This version showing its age a wee bit tech wise. Saw a new Skoda the other day and it looked like a few steps on. Thanks Ped.

  13. Stuart West Avatar
    Stuart West

    I have a 61 plate Octavia vrs diesel,best car I have ever had,6 years I’ve had it 6 MOTs and not 1 advisory,love it.

  14. Stefan Edmeades Avatar
    Stefan Edmeades

    I had the same issue with my Octavia Vrs, CarPlay would just drop out and I’d struggle to reconnect. Apart from that I loved the Octavia. Skoda build quality and design has come on along way.

  15. Paul cross Avatar
    Paul cross

    It’s on my short list. That and the Kia sorento. Be interesting to know your opinion of which you would spend your money on given them side by side. I would be looking at the sorento diesel and kodiaq vrs. I know not a direct comparison but what would be your advice on this one? Looking forward to the reply. Another good vid by the way

  16. Jon Gandy Avatar
    Jon Gandy

    Loved my 2018 Octavia vRS. It’s my second best car I’ve owned (behind the 2014 M135i). Skoda make great cars, which are ridiculously practical. If you don’t need 7 seats then an Octavia vRS estate is the only family car you need. £54k though is utterly bonkers. Car prices are insane.

  17. Terry Curry Avatar
    Terry Curry

    I have owned a Kodiaq Sportline for 2 years and can honestly say its a great car to drive. I had Land Rovers for over 20 years and build quality is far superior and the drive is great. Also the four wheel drive system is adequate and has got me out of some very sticky situations.

  18. Ian Bowie Avatar
    Ian Bowie

    Great video and lovely car.
    I currently have a Kodiaq Sportine 4×4 Diesel and gives almost same as the vrs.
    This is my 7th or 8thSkoda and include Superb Estste 4×4 and a couple of vrs octavias….

    Your views and comments are good reflection of what you get with Skoda

  19. Trev Avatar

    Skodas now are amazing cars, tested a Scala Monte Carlo recently and was very impressed with the build/fit/finish. Still not convinced an SUV should have a VRS badge, though, Pete.

  20. Alasdair Wilson Avatar
    Alasdair Wilson

    😢Great review again.Nice car but the touchscreen niggles would annoy after a while.I get cut out on my cars system and often have to reconnect several times to get the thing to work and it is frustrating.

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