Should these 11 car trends DIE?

One thing you can guarantee in 2024 is that there will be loads of and truck releases!

However, while we love to get our hands on a brand-new vehicle, we can't help however feel that are including an entire load of trends – and they're not constantly great trends!

With this in mind, we have actually put together a list of 11 present cars and truck trends which need to be stopped!

For instance, take electric cars and trucks. We know they all require to charging, however why do the charging port covers need to be so BIG! With a few of these cars the covers look like they're a wing that's been connected to the side!

Or take the decreasing size of digital dials. Why are makers seeking to put a lot info into the infotainment screen instead of having a huge, simple to check out dial screen? Or in the worst cases (we're looking at you, Tesla …) why are they getting rid of the dial screen completely?!

So what do you think – do you concur with our list? Or have we missed something? Let us understand in the comments!


65 responses to “Should these 11 car trends DIE?”

  1. Kyle Gilday Avatar
    Kyle Gilday

    Just bring back buttons. Thx.

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      And, proper gear selectors, not the dials or tiny switches (cough, cough, VW Group). 🙏

    2. Miro Kinnunen Avatar
      Miro Kinnunen

      @Preston P.i think jaguar started that gear selector scroll thing

    3. Mark Cain Avatar
      Mark Cain

      And manual gearboxes

    4. Junior Baks Avatar
      Junior Baks

      And manual handbrakes

    5. Klaus Malzbier Avatar
      Klaus Malzbier

      ​@Mark Cainwon’t come back because electric cars and because of autonomous driving in the future.

  2. Jacob Rev Avatar
    Jacob Rev

    I hope in the future they remove The soft limiter in any supercar brand

    1. TschingisTube Avatar

      For sure they will, electric motors do not need a soft limiter 🙂

  3. hemanth kumar Avatar
    hemanth kumar

    All i want is to control AC and radio through the buttons.

    1. Jake S Avatar
      Jake S

      perhaps even worse is the 50/50 physical/digital controls. Like controlling the temperature with a knob but controlling the fan speed through the screen… or controlling the volume with a knob and controlling the tuning through the screen. That makes me so mad, like you were nearly there and obviously arent opposed to physical buttons, why ruin it?

    2. Matic Avatar

      So glad my 2018 A class doesn’t have a radio with buttons. The touch controls are way more convenient

    3. Diego Montenegro Corral Avatar
      Diego Montenegro Corral

      I use them with voice commands (and my car has physical buttons for them)

    4. Chris3 Avatar

      atleast have ac be a physical knob and have a little screen in the middle of it that would be ideal

  4. Uzair Knight Avatar
    Uzair Knight

    Lack of physical buttons is the worst trend right now and it seems to be getting worse. Cost saving aka penny pinching disguised as “cutting edge”!😅

    I consider it a safety issue to have to faff around touchscreen menus for important functions that are frequently used. Easy to use buttons and knobs please! And if a manufacturer wants to differentiate they should use premium engineering and materials for the controls instead of getting rid of them altogether.

    1. Thabi Hot Boy Avatar
      Thabi Hot Boy

      True that

    2. TheMpamMpam Avatar

      And I have never seen anyone praise them which means that companies need them badly just to cut costs in the back of safety which is supposed to be their first priority. I do not even want to know what happens in places and materials that we usually dont have access to…

    3. NOMSI4 Avatar

      I think nearly everything should be buttons, while stuff you barely use be in the info. Heating, drive modes, etc. Thats is why I like what the Ineos suv did. It’s practical but still cool. Makes you feel like your driving an airplane.

    4. Leon Pruy Avatar
      Leon Pruy

      So true, i drive a Cupra Leon, which has no physical buttons and without autopilot or on a busy autobahn its really dangerous to for example try to change the AC or anything else. At least the infotainment is somewhat fast.

  5. Barbarian75 Avatar

    I remember when EU banned Rolls-Royce having an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy. Just 3 years ago. All in the name of the light pollution prevention. Seems they have no issue with local and Chinese brands doing crazy stuff now.

    1. dug huff Avatar
      dug huff

      Yeah, I’m amazed they can get away with all that crap on the sides of the Chinese cars; I’m sure the UK even outlawed the use of illuminated signs on the front of trucks? (May well be wrong with that though!)

    2. Matic Avatar

      Actually you are talking bs. The Smart #1 for example had toditch its illuminated side logo and illuminated grill for the eu mrket

  6. Stephen Kelly Avatar
    Stephen Kelly

    Touch screens to control heater etc should be banned as not safe to adjust when driving

    1. Highway  Star Avatar
      Highway Star

      Can u imagine? But holding a cell phone to ur ear is fucking illegal 😂

  7. Mark Cain Avatar
    Mark Cain

    I like all the crap they put in modern cars, stops me wanting one and saves me money! 😀

    1. Digi tal Avatar
      Digi tal

      Totally agree. Years ago, I wanted every other new car that came out. Drove me crazy, not to mention the expense.
      These days, I have no desire or interest for these modern crap cars. Now I can live my life more peacefully.

      So, thank you car industry for ruining the cars!

    2. Eren Avatar

      I really like how some other people think like this too

    3. LS_scape Avatar

      Well, that only works if you don’t need a car for your job. Or don’t need to enter cities. Because in 2030, that’s a no-go in a lot of countries in Europe. So my current second hand gas car will probably be the last non-EV. I’m not looking forward to it. At least I bought the top end engine, to enjoy it while it last.

  8. TheGreatHuman Avatar

    It’s already been said in the comments but the lack of buttons and display dials needs to stop, it’s honestly dangerous to have a person constantly checking over to the infotainment system for feedback on speed, battery consumption, temperature etc. I’d go so far as to make it a legal requirement on safety grounds. Also, new Model 3 Tesla removing paddles for indicator, wipers etc. is just another level of madness. It completely rules them out as an option for me.

    1. Jim J Avatar
      Jim J

      Then stop buying cars without buttons. The unpopular fact is that most consumers are too dumb to make good decisions. They will see a car with no stalks and buttons, just screens, and think it looks clean and futuristic. Design sells much more than buttons.

    2. bikeman123 Avatar

      But using a mobile is way more dangerous 😂😂

    3. bikeman123 Avatar

      ​@Jim Jbut will they buy the same car again?

    4. hord Avatar

      How do you indicate and use the wipers??

    5. Sylvain D. Avatar
      Sylvain D.

      Touch sensitive buttons or navigating on a screen is cheaper than physical buttons, that’s the only reason

  9. Γιάννης Κ. Avatar
    Γιάννης Κ.

    Dear Matt you are spot on with this video. I couldn’t agree more. I really miss the interiors with a million buttons. I just knew where everything was and what did it do. I also agree with the outrageous horsepower of the electric cars that comes with a lot of energy consumption, battery wear and of course the much higher risk of accident.

    1. Gabriel Doru Avatar
      Gabriel Doru

      Don’t forget about EVs, they have so many lights (in amd out), so many electric doors ( tailgate, charging port), pop out handles, all but waste of battery

  10. Craig Nelson Avatar
    Craig Nelson

    the ability to permanently turn off all of the stuff you don’t need would be great

    1. Matic Avatar

      As in?

    2. ash2730 Avatar

      @Maticlane assist

    3. bikeman123 Avatar

      Infotainment screens should be automatically disabled when driving.

    4. RathØX Avatar

      @Matic indicators

    5. Septercius Avatar

      Don’t tell BMW, they’ll introduce a subscription charge for that. “Don’t want automatic wipers, sir/madam? That’ll be $10 a month, please!”.

  11. Jake S Avatar
    Jake S

    Screens instead of physical buttons is by far the worst offender

  12. KR 92 Avatar
    KR 92

    I disagree with the wheel size trend though. Smaller rim = higher tire profile = better ride comfort. 20inch wheels on an X1!? I know it looks better and all but it wont be too great on bad roads. I’m glad the smaller rims are at least and option for those would want that.

    1. Patrick Yeh Avatar
      Patrick Yeh

      Agree with you. I think Mat is highlighting the fact that manufacturers are up charging the better looking rims even tho manufactur cost for different size rims are basically the same.

    2. Glenn Chinyangarara Avatar
      Glenn Chinyangarara

      GLA and Q3 get optional 20 inch wheels, so it’s not the only one

    3. Antonio Hagopian Avatar
      Antonio Hagopian

      He’s a buffon that’s why

    4. S I Avatar
      S I

      The point Mat was making is that the manufacturers deliberately design the cars to look bad with small wheels.

  13. Tamir Orbach Avatar
    Tamir Orbach

    definitely agree with all of your points. Re: designs, I loved the Ioniq 5 when it came out, but it already feels dated. I’m ok with buttons that have haptic feedback vs. just a touch on a screen, but would prefer real buttons. Everything being on a large central screen is just a dangerous, cost saving gimmick that Tesla started and now others think is a great idea.

  14. Tony Brenton Avatar
    Tony Brenton

    I remember commenting that the Merc V class had the right idea when it came to power. 12s 0-62, which is more than most use, especially in what is basically a van with seats. By having the smaller motor, they get better range, which is something EVs are still having issues with.
    Most drivers are asleep at the lights and junctions anyway, and rarely come close to using full acceleration. So as Matt said, chill out manufacturers. We know EVs can outdo ICE on acceleration, so focus on fixing their weakness, range.

    1. Oskar Avatar

      What you’re seeing with electric vehicles is pretty simple; they’re a one trick pony. There are essentially zero reasons to buy one, outside of “hur dur, look at my 0-60!”. If they made a “sane” electric vehicle, even with longer distance, the price would still be astronomical compared to a normal ICE powered vehicle. So they’re all jumping on the “power” bandwagon, trying to make electric vehicles relevant.

  15. tarun chowdary Avatar
    tarun chowdary

    1) Bring back physical buttons
    2) Bring back small alloys which can improve ride quality.
    3) Bring back analogue speedo & tachometers
    I think car manufacturers should focus on prioritising function over aesthetics

    1. Raptor 3698 Avatar
      Raptor 3698

      Nah analogue gauges are boring.

    2. Matic Avatar

      @Raptor 3698 and less practical. Love the digital drivers display in my 2018 a class

    3. BobJan Avatar

      agree with you 100% … love my small alloys so I can go quicker over potholes… love physical buttons, hate touchscreen …. love old analogue speedo and tachs too

    4. Jonathan Edwards Avatar
      Jonathan Edwards

      Analog needles, but with digital screens behind.

  16. DriveXYZ Avatar

    high profile tires are pretty good for tackling potholes. With those low profile wheels you need to watch out for bumps and drive extremely cautiously in order not to get them wrecked. Not to mention the driving comfort over the low profile tires.

    1. tt Avatar

      It looks so utilitarian and I like small wheels

    2. Bruce Harkness Avatar
      Bruce Harkness

      And the cost, who wants to spend $1200+ for SUV tires?

    3. Gravemind Avatar

      They also reduce weight and increase traction in a straight line. Only thing low profile tyres do is decrease body roll and improve steering response and feedback

  17. GodLynt Avatar

    I think the wheel sizes are ok, Its not all about looks, some people want a more comfortable ride. I think its ok with smaller size wheels, but they can probably make them look better.

    1. Oskar Avatar

      But his point still stands – you can make attractive simple normal sized wheels…and a lot of companies don’t. It does look like they go out of their way to make awful looking “standard” wheels. He’s not criticizing having smaller wheels (most normal/sane people understand that’s a better choice 90% of the time), just the designs they use.

  18. Zac Avatar

    Great points. But while big wheels look nice, they are a headache in practice. My previous Cayenne had 21″ wheels and I constantly had to worry about damaging them trying to negotiate a big car out of tight underground parking garages. When I sold the car the first thing the dealer did was check for wheel damage. “Luckily” only one was damaged. For my new Cayenne opted for 20″ wheels.

    1. Oskar Avatar

      Nothing like watching a person’s jaw drop when you explain how expensive the tires are for their 20″ wheel…that they just wore out in 10,000 miles….

  19. Canton - Avatar
    Canton –

    Bring back physical buttons for ANYTHING you need to feasibly use while driving. A/C, volume, cruise control.
    If a touch screen makes you take your eyes off the road its a safety hazard IMO

    Also, headlights are way too bright. Im sick of having my retinas burned in by the latest 10000000 Lumens LED. Bright enough=/=as bright as you can produce

  20. Janet: My profile is fun Avatar
    Janet: My profile is fun

    Fantastic Matt ! You have brought up the exact points , which were burning me down over the last few years ….what has gone wrong with the designers ? Why can’t they design simple elegant looking ” Dream machines” we aspired right from our childhood ! Give us back our “dreams” , ” aspirations” ……today we are loosing them over design, technology and choice of fuel.

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