REVEALED: The most powerful BMW EVER!

Thoughts on the design?.


30 responses to “REVEALED: The most powerful BMW EVER!”

  1. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
    Ajay Singh Grewal

    i hope this is a limited edition version and bmw keeps it for themselves, just keep it, in fact i’ll pay you to not sell it, i’m sure many others will too


    1. Dhashvin Deva Avatar
      Dhashvin Deva

      you can’t even afford 1/100th of it.

    2. Andrew N Avatar
      Andrew N

      @Dhashvin Deva who would pay for a car that looks like that? spend that money on a Porsche instead

    3. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
      Ajay Singh Grewal

      @Dhashvin Deva bought an s8 in 2021, keep telling yourself that lame fanboy

    4. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      @Ajay Singh Grewal Don’t pay attention to these fangirlies, ignore them and enjoy your car.

  2. George Oliver Avatar
    George Oliver

    It looks absolutely horrid tho

    1. Scotty Rob Avatar
      Scotty Rob

      Show some respect to the ugly stick. It worked really hard to make this.

  3. Im26c4u Avatar

    Why didnt they just call it the M-XM

    1. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes

      Label Red sounds cooler IMO.

    2. amarjit singh Avatar
      amarjit singh

      Why not XM Competition?

  4. Kostas Christos Avatar
    Kostas Christos

    Fastest tank ever

  5. Raprada Avatar

    Lol literal lipstick on a pig 😂

    1. MIC //EATER Avatar
      MIC //EATER


  6. Shakrom Avatar

    I know another downside: Its looks.

  7. Zxzssgc Zaers Avatar
    Zxzssgc Zaers

    The BMW car designer team for the past few years needs to be fired! BMWs look hideous nowadays.

  8. M.X. Refrig Xolani Avatar
    M.X. Refrig Xolani

    So you’re paying more just for red 💄 lipstic?
    Ohhh bmw, how great you used to be.😢

  9. ctk4949 Avatar


  10. V. S. Avatar
    V. S.

    Crap. They should have made an actual sports car!

  11. Paweł Ciepliński Avatar
    Paweł Ciepliński

    *Johnny Walker* likes it❗
    Ow, no, wait…

  12. Liquid_Oxygen Avatar

    Most powerful and heaviest, 2710kg, I’m not having a tank as a sports car, plus, hybrids are soulless, imo, I’d rather see those hp and torque figures in a straight 6 without any hybrid rubbish.

    1. V. S. Avatar
      V. S.

      True. And when driving fast, the Hybrid crap will reduce it power allmost completely, because it can’t keep the battery charged.
      So it becomes dead weight.

    2. Liquid_Oxygen Avatar

      Exactly, as said by Mat, PHEVs are incapable of going far on electric power alone, once you’ve run out of charge, you have to rely entirely on the internal combustion engine which has to work harder just to move the car with the added weight of the empty battery onboard and so you will be getting far worse than the claimed mpg, it’s just misleading, for instance, the Range Rover Sport PHEV:

      Claimed MPG: 328mpg
      As tested by Mat: 27.9mpg

      Engines are getting smaller, yet the cars are getting heavier, a smaller engine just won’t last in a heavier car.

      Because these “official” mpg claims are misleading, I’d still go for diesel as a daily driver and pure petrol power for sports cars.

      The V8 powered Mercedes C63 AMG weighed just over 1700kg, the new one has a 2.0 4 cylinder engine, and weighs over 2100kg thanks to the hybrid system, more than a base model S Class.

      TL;DR, cars are getting too heavy.

  13. Bobs_sa Avatar

    Because illuminating the massive grill didn’t make it stand out enough apparently🤣

  14. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    BMW Red Label is lipstick for BMW cars!

  15. Rodrigo Valle Teixeira Avatar
    Rodrigo Valle Teixeira

    I thought the normal XM was the ugliest possible. I was wrong.

  16. Speed & Torque 101 Avatar
    Speed & Torque 101

    God bmw has lost its way

  17. G M Avatar
    G M

    My retinas hurt…

  18. Nightcore All Night Avatar
    Nightcore All Night

    pretty cool but what is that grille💀

  19. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 191

  20. mikeh2006 Avatar

    I wouldn’t want to be seen getting out of that. Even as a passenger.

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