REVEALED: The best button in any car!

It's a fact …






32 responses to “REVEALED: The best button in any car!”

  1. Congobajer Avatar

    I do this everytime! Stop n go is the most useless function.

    1. Professor Scientist Avatar
      Professor Scientist

      Saving fuel is useless ?

    2. rulleh Avatar

      ​@Professor Scientist Of course not but the current implemtation of start/stop is useless for a lot of drivers and less economical for some, ignoring the annoyance of it.
      It’s good for quoting MPG figures if you make cars though.

    3. MEMORI Avatar

      ​@Professor Scientistdoesnt even save that much fuel… cranking and starting a car also takes a lot of fuel

  2. Michael Hill Music Avatar
    Michael Hill Music

    People listening to the asmr sign here

  3. Gourab Das Avatar
    Gourab Das

    Fire the shorts department head I swear

    1. Yannis Avatar

      Yeeees !

    2. M Avatar

      Bro you’re edgy 😐😐😐😐

    3. jukeboxjunkie1000 Avatar

      Aye these shorts are terrible content.

  4. anjoLas Avatar

    The best button is on the #Smart to get rid of nasty smells

  5. seabeef Avatar

    Easy to bypass with a simple button memory module for $7 of aliexpress

  6. meky michael Avatar
    meky michael

    I agree “Start/Stop off” is one the most stupid things that cars companies ever invented.

    1. Ayushya Srivastava Avatar
      Ayushya Srivastava

      It’s good for manual drivers. It just stops the engine when put in neutral at a stop. Manually switching off and on the car actually turns off the infotainment system and it takes some time to start replaying the music.

    2. Mike Avatar

      And mess up your turbo👍🏼

    3. Dranzell Avatar

      It’s not invented by car companies, but instead is mandated by the European Union for emissions purposes.

    4. OTG 374 Gaming Avatar
      OTG 374 Gaming

      It is better for the environment tho

  7. Openminded Guy Avatar
    Openminded Guy

    I wouldn’t bother if I had FREE FUEL ⛽️

  8. Al13n1nV8D3R Avatar

    The Best button is the button you should not have to press everytime you enter the car.

  9. ALMX5DP Avatar

    None of my cars have that button. Does that mean I am lucky or ?

  10. Z kulgan Avatar
    Z kulgan

    I do the same
    On my vw tiguan allspace auto

    You pull up to light you just come to a stop and the light go to green

    Even before you completely stop the engine switches off.

    Then you have to tap the accelerator
    Then again on the gas

    So annoying.

    So just switch it off.

  11. Jonathan Mansikka Avatar
    Jonathan Mansikka

    My dads nissan also had this

  12. Rodisflawless Avatar

    Absolutely love the start/stop feature on cars. Sitting quietly in traffic without exhaust fumes is great.

    1. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      Sitting in traffic also overheats your engine on hot days and doesn’t allow the turbo to cool because coolant and oil circulation is shut off…also shortens the life of your battery and starter motor.

    2. StuuL Avatar

      @Cameron Lotter you should not be turning on and off ur car so fast if you have a turbo…….

  13. Locutus Avatar

    Lol I think everyone can relate

  14. Drew L Avatar
    Drew L

    😂 always turning mine off every time does my head in, it’s never ready when I’m ready to pull out.

    1. Pianoplaya Avatar


  15. Steen Holm Avatar
    Steen Holm

    -AND my black piano interior and twin fake exhaust on my GOLF…!

  16. Matt B Avatar
    Matt B

    I considered making a time delay circuit that automatically shuts off that stupid system, but if there were some sort of fault that prevents the engine from starting, or ultimately be pointed at as the root cause of an accident- I just leave it alone.

  17. Madest_Max Avatar

    Good thing when ya car doesn’t even have Automatic-Start-Stop

  18. Josefin Kjellsson Avatar
    Josefin Kjellsson

    Start/stop is the first thing you decode, then you never ever have to press that button again. BMW❤ MHD❤

  19. Yiannis Hayabusa Avatar
    Yiannis Hayabusa

    awesome ! ! ! !

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