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  1. Mia Avatar

    Fesselnder und emotionaler Inhalt!🌺

  2. Lorraine Fletcher Avatar
    Lorraine Fletcher

    I love this format. it can never end
    🐻 :

  3. Anna Mckinney Avatar
    Anna Mckinney

    Du bist echt mein Idol bitte mach weiter diesen geilen Content
    ❤️ “

  4. Diana Burke Avatar
    Diana Burke

    Respekt das du sowas für uns macht’s danke
    🌹🌹 &

  5. Certified Techneeshan Avatar
    Certified Techneeshan

    I don’t have cup holders so…
    A 0/10😅

    1. Balls HD Avatar
      Balls HD

      What do u drive?

    2. Certified Techneeshan Avatar
      Certified Techneeshan

      @Balls HD a car🤫

  6. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
    Shakeel Zaman


    I know how I’d design the perfect cupholders

    1. RabbitHole88 Avatar


    2. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      @RabbitHole88 it’s hard to describe a full design in words. I can just imagine it in my mind.

  7. Ric Ky Avatar
    Ric Ky

    9 / 10 for being retractable.
    Give us a full vid just on cup holder variety, Matt.

  8. BKB Avatar

    Imagine a Kia having such a nice retractable cup holder whiles a Lamborghini Hurrican comes with an $8000 option. 😂

  9. apekatt2007 Avatar

    Looks super flimsy/breakable

    1. Grisu1805 Avatar

      Looks can be deceiving. I have very similar ones in my 2006 VW Passat, and they still work perfectly fine and are unbroken.

    2. Nils Avatar

      @Grisu1805 same here. I immediately saw the simalarities to my 2008 passat and I like them a lot they work pretty decently to this day

    3. Cosmic Twilight Avatar
      Cosmic Twilight

      it’s spring loaded. It should last forever. You’d have to pull on it with heavy force to break it, and if you do that’s on you because then you’re just doing it on purpose

  10. Will4May Avatar

    They are good that you can retract them, but having a button to bring them out should have the same to retract, because they’re fiddly to put back in and wouldn’t recommend doing so while driving.

    The Kia Picanto I hired for a few days had these, and those are worse becuse they’re put way down near the floor under the stereo.

    1. Grisu1805 Avatar

      Would be quite difficult to make the button also retract the cupholders, as this mechanism is entirely spring operated and the button only unlocks a latch.

  11. Craig Ledden Avatar
    Craig Ledden

    Same as my 2012 Kia

  12. Smitesh Suresh Avatar
    Smitesh Suresh

    This looks super neat, but would it still function the same after getting some spills

    1. BGS Blazer Avatar
      BGS Blazer

      Volkswagen did the same thing on the gti and after a year and a half of ownership they definitely will be getting stuck after their first spill just like mine did😂

  13. ale84 Avatar

    Absolutely no problem with that! F is your problem?😂

  14. Delta V Avatar
    Delta V

    Its like living in 2333 😂

  15. Kazakhball Avatar

    My mom has a golf 7 with almost same cupholders and they are really practical

  16. Mr Potz Avatar
    Mr Potz

    went from a 1 to a 9 real quick

  17. Emd=mc^2 Avatar


    It’s highly functional and allows for other storage, but it’s unnecessarily complicated and likely easy to break.

    1. M U Avatar
      M U

      yeah, pressing one button is really complicated

    2. Cosmic Twilight Avatar
      Cosmic Twilight

      It’s just a spring loaded mechanism lmao it’s really simple

    3. Emd=mc^2 Avatar

      @M U I didn’t say using it was complicated.

      Apparently reading is too complicated for you.

    4. Emd=mc^2 Avatar

      @Cosmic Twilight And it’s likely to break or get stuck with dirt and spills.

  18. RS6_C7.5 Avatar

    thats what u get in a pre facelift e niro

  19. Bernard K Cough II Avatar
    Bernard K Cough II

    How am I supposed to rate without seeing the retraction-action? Based on what I see, too much to break. -5

  20. Ashvin Ujhoodha Avatar
    Ashvin Ujhoodha

    8 because to get a 10 you need adjustable height like you have in Honda

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