Range Rover – The Ultimate Luxury SUV but Theft and Insurance issues need sorting ASAP ! | 4K

I am a huge fan of the . For me it is the ultimate luxury however there are some significant problems that require arranging ASAP if people are to continue buying them. They also make an attractive used automobile buy. In this video I take a used for the day and discuss theft, insurance and reliability before putting it through it's speeds.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Intro
00:40 – The 6th Gen is better than ever!
03:04 – How to steal a Variety Rover
06:42 – How to guarantee a
08:47 – It's huge and so are the wheels!
10:44 – Huge Boot!
12:47 – Rear seats
13:35 – Driver comfort
16:58 – Preliminary driving impressions
19:07 – Off-Road (ish!).
20:35 – Driving Characteristics.
22:40 – Last ideas.

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22 responses to “Range Rover – The Ultimate Luxury SUV but Theft and Insurance issues need sorting ASAP ! | 4K”

  1. @carlhughes7003 Avatar

    The issue is as soon as the thieves know which areas are hotspots (as in where these updates are being concentrated on) they will just move to the next area.
    Land Rover/RR are also refusing insurance to owners. The situation is serious and hope it gets on too of. The other issue is for the OCG is selling the cars on and the lack of police action. We all know how much the police forces have been cut. Also sentencing is so lenient that it makes it worth it for the thieves.

  2. @robertmackenzie5850 Avatar

    I do think the reliability issues have got worse since Tata took control of the brand

  3. @paulg2923 Avatar

    Volvo keyless entry and polestar deactivate the keys once they are laid flat for a short period of time. The keys aren’t transmitting a signal when on a shelf in your house. (Though I still keep mine in Faraday pouches anyway. Belt and braces)

    1. @eastwood978 Avatar

      The later JLR keys do the same. They tend to burgle the property and steal the keys so it doesn’t help.

  4. @rolandbrooks467 Avatar

    I’ve been a Range Rover owner driver for some 40 odd years and love them. Current ‘ride’ is my old 2012 model with 137,000 miles on the clock.
    Serviced regularly and looked after is been less trouble than some of my family’s ‘normal’ cars,, Fords or Vauxhall’s.
    I wouldn’t change mine for anything else. Still runs like a dream 👍👍

  5. @watchcommander2012 Avatar

    They are absolutely fabulous cars and been lucky enough to drive several over the years. If your lifestyle suits it then it’s the perfect match of luxury, off road capability and practicality for towing etc. The problem around the area is idiots deciding all 4x4s are climate killers and they slash their tyres write slogans on them etc. They forget some people have them for the job they do and it’s not funny if your a vet on an emergency call out to find all four tyres slashed. As a friend of ours found in the cold wet early hours one morning.

  6. @reinmansmith Avatar

    The RangeRover has always been the top of the tree when it comes to a luxury car that can do it all, whether arriving in style at the Ritz or driving across your country estate, if you can afford one there’s nothing better to drive in consummate luxury and style and, although I haven’t owned one for some years now, I still have fond memories of the pleasure of driving it. However,…. if JLR can’t sort out the insurance/theft issue then they will be losing customers in massive numbers. If you’re about to purchase or order one and then hear of owners being either refused cover or being quoted ridiculously high premiums, you are going to start looking elsewhere. Reliability is another matter but, in fairness any large complex car by any manufacturer is going to be expensive to run and have potential for issues. What is important is to provide excellent customer service if that happens and prompt rectification of any faults. Unfortunately the general opinion seems to be that currently JLR are failing in this as well which is surely a failure of senior management?

  7. @alibro7512 Avatar

    I converted an 04 Freelander to EV and struggled to get it insured. One company was happy to insure converted cars but point blank refused to insure any Landrover! 😕

  8. @15bit62 Avatar

    It does amaze me that we got this theft issue sorted in the late 90’s / early 2000’s with keys that have a chip embedded. And then for very little extra convenience we regressed straight back to the 1980’s when a kid with a teaspoon could steal your car in 45 seconds.

    1. @eastwood978 Avatar

      Not a kid with a spoon it takes electronic equipment to scan for the key code although the newer cars the signal is switched off so they have reverted to burgling the property to get the keys.

  9. @dickiemcvitie1752 Avatar

    About 3 years ago I had virtually new Velar R Dynamic as a hire car in Florida. It had the 2 litre petrol engine and it was brilliant!! We still talk about that car today. I must admit, I felt like Lord Muck driving around in it and the family loved it too.

    Faraday pouches are a very good idea and they do work. I did a little experiment where I walked upto and around the cars with the key in a pouch and could not open the car, so they are definatley worth a few quid to get one. Maybe after market security systems like ghost immobilisers and tracking chips are the answer, but for the price of the cars, JLR need to improve their security systems.

  10. @Binda42 Avatar

    Just upgraded my bmw 335d for a 2019 sport SVR ,
    Runs like a dream , one of the best cars I’ve owned , insurance went up by £25 a month . Live in a town not far from a city , had software upgrade on purchase from main dealer .
    No complaints from me .

  11. @henryhol8538 Avatar

    Our family have owned Series Landrovers as well as a County 110 (now called Defender) in the past when we lived abroad, so I have always loved them. I would like to get a four door Classic Rangerover at some point, and by changing the bushes, A frame, fuel pump ect, create a good driver. For the current model they should create an option without keyless entry if that would satisfy the insurance industry.

  12. @nigeldone996 Avatar

    The faraday bags consist of a fine mesh in side the covering, and can easily get damaged making them unable to block the signal.
    Which is what happened to me , I thought I’d test it so I tried to start the car while still in the bag and to my surprise it started 🤔 the bag was about two months old then. I’d check every week or so to see if it’s still working , I keep my keys in a old toffee box now just as good 😊

  13. @seanmorgan4099 Avatar

    I have a RR Sport – originally on 22 inch wheels. I change the wheels to a 20 inch rim and got higher profile tyres to suit. The ride improved so much and now wafts really nicely. It’s a keeper for me – economical, tows well and such a lovely car to drive around Australia

  14. @lewishunter Avatar

    I love the JLR products, I work for an independent specialist so we get to benefit from the poor reliability they have!😂 but on a serious note they are great motors and do have there own issues, the main thing we see is the people who can just about afford to buy the vehicle when there 5 years or older but scrimp on servicing and general maintenance, they can be expensive beasts to run

  15. @andysteavenson2983 Avatar

    Wind noise from the rear view mirrors is a noticeable issue based on my experience of both the D350 and also the Hybrid, also, the suspension has poor damping over ruts and potholes and can spoil, what is a superb ride, apart from those niggles, they are sublime in all areas..

  16. @adriangartland2533 Avatar

    I’ve owned two Vogues and when they started they were great. Problem was start/non-start ratio grew to circa 50%. But that’s not why I moved away from Landrover. The reason was the customer service was the worst I had ever encountered by a mile. 🙁

  17. @philipparkes5682 Avatar

    Hi Ped
    Fair and balanced overview. Range Rover should be a Top Brand. The product in so many ways is excellent, and world class, But let down by reliability and quality issues that should have been sorted years ago. Also management should have seen the insurance issue which has been creeping up on the brand for a considerable time, and whilst major sums have now been spent, the financial hit to their reputation and sales I bet has been even greater. Also greater attention to the dealer network would be a worthwhile move.

  18. @robholland1937 Avatar

    They have a lot to do in order to pull back from this issue. I’ve driven Range Rovers for years but Porsche for me next. I’ll keep my 2011 4.4 TDV8 Range Rover and 1974 Series 3 Lightweight Land Rover though 😊Happy to chat anytime. I’m over the hill in Petersfield 👍😎

  19. @Mrtallguy76 Avatar

    A really insightful video, thanks Ped 👌🏼 I’ve just taken ownership of a Disco 2 V8 which is my first JLR product, but I’m already eyeing up channels featuring the P38…

  20. @alansharp1528 Avatar

    My daughter is lucky enough to own a new RR , and took me on her Land Rover Experience day. The whole event was brilliant, and highlighted just what a capable truck they are.

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