Problems with the £560,000 Brabus Rolls-Royce…

This is unforgivable!





47 responses to “Problems with the £560,000 Brabus Rolls-Royce…”

  1. Brad Chervel Avatar
    Brad Chervel

    I can understand why rich people are so grumpy now.

    1. Igor Sol Avatar
      Igor Sol

      Rolls-Royce cannot be ordered for one car with a white panel, even for rich people !!!

    2. Mads Buhrman Avatar
      Mads Buhrman

      ​@Igor Solbut surely a black fim can installed on the dash.

    3. Igor Sol Avatar
      Igor Sol

      @Mads Buhrman I repeat rolls royce never makes white to anyone!!! the rest is custom

    4. Lukas Avatar

      Lol I think poor people are grumpier

  2. mamin2849 Avatar

    What if brabus mod a Ferrari ?

    1. Desert Sandfly Avatar
      Desert Sandfly

      Nothing happens. Novitec, Mansory and now liberty walk have been heavily modifying Ferraris with zero problems.

    2. Marcus Hubrich Avatar
      Marcus Hubrich

      The Ferrari loses value,they downtune

  3. Xoledas Avatar

    Did they even test this car to miss this

    1. Igor Sol Avatar
      Igor Sol

      Rolls-Royce cannot be ordered for one car with a white panel, even for rich people !!!

    2. Scofflow Avatar

      ​@Igor Solwhy😮

    3. Ho Lee Fok Avatar
      Ho Lee Fok

      they’re like zombies testing so many RR, don’t check the little big details

    4. Igor Sol Avatar
      Igor Sol

      @Scofflow because of the glass glare in the sun it is not safe !

    5. Scofflow Avatar

      @Igor Sol how did it pass the homologation?

  4. Mix 3ry Avatar
    Mix 3ry

    Brabus today is more and more about style than performance. Just look at the G-Class… They stick the carbon bonnet on. It doesn’t really do anything and just gives you fake air intakes. No wonder they do this on all their other cars now.

    1. Jeffry Milton Avatar
      Jeffry Milton

      In some ways because it is carbon fiber, they just stick on these non functional bits and it is an excuse to upcharge you. Carbon fiber is much more mass produced today than it was 10 years ago but they charge a premium price, still.

    2. AIRON MENDES Avatar

      ​@Jeffry Milton Now has o kavilar and o grafeno.

    3. Nick1986 Avatar

      brabus monta dei motori amg sviluppati appositamente per lui

  5. Lui Gi Avatar
    Lui Gi

    As they say, even the rich are crying.

    1. Karma Avatar

      yeah but to be fair this is actually terrible

  6. Eedo Amitay Avatar
    Eedo Amitay

    The problem is you let Brabus touch it

    1. RC- Hunters Avatar
      RC- Hunters

      I completely agree. It’s more refined and Sexier in its standard form.

  7. Khutso Matau Avatar
    Khutso Matau

    Guys you won’t believe what business in going into, brabus mods removal services.

  8. Lauren: Your new girlfriend 💘 Avatar
    Lauren: Your new girlfriend 💘

    Congratulations on another stellar video! Your talent and passion are truly inspiring. Keep up the phenomenal work and keep us captivated

    1. Charlie's Computers Avatar
      Charlie’s Computers

      Bots 💀💀🤦‍♂️

    2. Andrew Brudenell Avatar
      Andrew Brudenell

      Bots are the absolute worst. Does it also want us to all take a moment to appreciate how hard Matt works to produce content for us to enjoy?

    3. Charlie's Computers Avatar
      Charlie’s Computers

      @Andrew Brudenell i know. And look at the handle and the profile image!!! 💀

  9. Ertugrul Bae Avatar
    Ertugrul Bae

    There’s a reason why Rolls Royve don’t have the white dash option…

    Brabus clearly doesn’t think

    1. DrKampfpudding Avatar

      Brabus does like the customer wants them to

    2. Ertugrul Bae Avatar
      Ertugrul Bae

      @DrKampfpudding customer can’t want something.. that didn’t exist in thr first place. Nobody offers more customizable options than Rolls Royce

    3. DrKampfpudding Avatar

      @Ertugrul Bae of course . Do you even know what Brabus does ? They often make the whole interior from scratch . And they have a lot more options in engine modification and cosmetics than the manufacturer itself

    4. Ertugrul Bae Avatar
      Ertugrul Bae

      @DrKampfpudding they only slightly edited some of the interior. Nothing too major. Most of the work is internal upgrades with regards to power output. So engine tuning/mods etc

    5. Marcus Hubrich Avatar
      Marcus Hubrich

      Brabus is a downtune

  10. Maverick Avatar

    It seems money can not buy happiness after all 😂😂😂

    1. Nick1986 Avatar

      Neanche la perfezione

  11. Christian Beals Avatar
    Christian Beals

    The non-reflective dash version is probably available for only £1000000…..

    1. bru Avatar

      No Rolls Royce doesn’t offer a white dash as an option. It’s due to Brabus modding the car that it even has a white dash.

  12. Ho Lee Fok Avatar
    Ho Lee Fok

    i have that problem on my 2010 ford explorer

  13. Peaches Avatar

    “Jack, give me the black carpet now or, your fired.”

    1. Chris H Avatar
      Chris H

      Why did I read the “you’re fired” part in trumps voice? 😆

  14. Lasergun Avatar

    Re upload video title: “Mat’s mat” 🤪

  15. Terry Avatar

    Omg that’s awesome! I thought you were going to use a jacket or sweater? If you pay for the subscription to RR maybe you get a dimmer switch?

  16. Arfan Nawaz Avatar
    Arfan Nawaz

    What a great problem to have!!!

  17. Jaakko is watching Avatar
    Jaakko is watching

    Any boot loadcover could have fixed the problem. But you threw them all away.

  18. Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith

    The original Renault Zoe had the same issue and Renault had to replace them all with black ones if I remember correctly

  19. WeaponXI Avatar

    So many cars have this damn issue

  20. Philippe STRICKLER Avatar
    Philippe STRICKLER

    You have already pointed out the issue with a white dashboard . You will have to order a special carpet to BRABUS !!!!!

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