Porsche Mission X: The quickest road-legal car in the WORLD!

Meet 's all-new all-electric hypercar!

This is the . It's 's very first hypercar given that the 918 Spyder, and it's got some quite lofty aspirations! is hoping the Objective X will set the record as the fastest road-legal vehicle to complete a lap on the Nürburgring!

So let's take a more detailed take a look at this unbelievable . Starting with the appearances, this is easily one of the most subtle hypercars we've ever seen. Porsche wishes to show that hypercars do not simply need to look aggressive, and can still strike extraordinary speeds without being plastered in huge aero. In advance, the most notable design feature is the vertical bars that'll comprise the headlights and indications. Along the side, it's simple to see how the Objective X has actually been motivated by the 963 racing , as it's extremely low and long. Take an action around the back and the rear end is controlled by an absolutely big diffuser, which will assist the Objective X develop more downforce than the new GT3 RS!

If anything, the interior of the Objective X is wilder than the exterior! The bucket seats look futuristic and correctly figure-hugging, while the guiding wheel makes Tesla's yoke appearance prehistoric, coming plastered with a number of buttons and dials. We're not so sure about the white manages though – they just yell dirt magnets to us! Thankfully though Porsche has stayed up to date with some traditions – you'll still find an analogue stop-watch up on the dash!

When it pertains to efficiency stats … Well, Porsche hasn't exposed them yet. But something we do understand is it'll have a power-to-weight ratio of 1,000 hp per tonne. So all we know is, it's likely to overflow to around 1,300 hp+! But then again, it'll require to if it's going to beat the Nürburgring lap record currently held by the AMG ONE!

So what do you believe – would you pick this over the AMG ONE? And could it beat the Nürburgring lap record? Stick with Mat and take a closer try to find yourself!

Driving the Mercedes-AMG ONE:


66 responses to “Porsche Mission X: The quickest road-legal car in the WORLD!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Porsche Mission X vs Mercedes-AMG ONE: Which is better?

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Mercedes-AMG ONE!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Porsche Mission X!

    3. Xbox360Controller Avatar

      ​@carwowPorsche Mission X

    4. Lungelo Sigwane Avatar
      Lungelo Sigwane


    5. Sid Thiru Avatar
      Sid Thiru

      Ideally this isn’t even close. Mission x all day

  2. Mr BJH Avatar
    Mr BJH

    I mean, I thought the 918 was enough. This is literally going to be like Saturn 5 space rocket for the road… all I can say is this is gonna be a SICK CAR!!!

  3. Sbongsen Manala Avatar
    Sbongsen Manala

    Porsche never disappoints 🔥

    1. Balthazar Bratt Avatar
      Balthazar Bratt


    2. FreestylerAlbert Avatar

      except when the GT director (Andreas P.) of Porsche say: “Our cars made for driving and we monitor who speculate with our cars for profit”
      And you see OFFICIAL Porsche Centrums flipping the cars….

    3. W47k3r5 J01N Avatar
      W47k3r5 J01N

      I love their shark blue 911 gt3 ‘21 and Mission R

    4. Andrew Broadfort Avatar
      Andrew Broadfort

      This Porsche disappoints.

    5. MR PERFECT Avatar


  4. M3PH Avatar

    5:45 for those not in the know, everyone who drove that car that day, broke it. It had a fault and for top gear they pulled out a spare car and that broke too. Those AMG One’s are fragile AF.

    1. Rias Gremory Avatar
      Rias Gremory

      It’s a *1.6L* F1 engine. Of course it’s gonna be harder to make it reliable. The lifetime of an F1 engine is *NOT* the same as a road car, this is well know. Maintenance as well. Stop hating

    2. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      @Rias Gremory That’s pure copium BS.

    3. ALL- CAPS Avatar
      ALL- CAPS

      @Deividas Navickasthey’re the only who’ve tried it so ur acting like other companies could’ve done it better. Also considering it’s not fully in production yet they’ve still got an opportunity to improve it via rnd

    4. M3PH Avatar

      @Rias Gremory since when has stating a fact been hating?

    5. Deividas Navickas Avatar
      Deividas Navickas

      @ALL- CAPS …. The Carrera GT has the engine that was originally design and develop for F1 and Endurance racing. So yeah…

  5. Kevin Natangwe Avatar
    Kevin Natangwe

    Think of how super quick the new 911s are then think of that 🤯

  6. Doug Hawkes Avatar
    Doug Hawkes

    I love Porsche. They are first and foremost an engineering company. Hope this smashes the records altho put a proper wheel in it please

  7. midknight Avatar

    Imagine a garage with the 959, the 911 GT1, Carrera GT, 918 and the Mission X

    1. Koot Bear Avatar
      Koot Bear

      and 962 Dauer LM (street version)

    2. Joy Avatar

      Good taste. None of the suvs 😂

    3. SomeGuy's Garage Avatar
      SomeGuy’s Garage

      that right there is life goals

    4. Lucas Avatar

      Arab sheiks, russian oligarchs and some other tycoons’ garages with like 200 cars lol

    5. Eoin Madden Avatar
      Eoin Madden

      yeah that garage would have to be something special!! I’m imagining a contemporary design with clean lines, loads of natural light, electric garage doors and plenty of storage so no clutter… Imagine the house that would have a garage as nice as this?! What kind of heating do you imagine? Do you imagine a pool? Indoors, outdoors, or both?!!! This channel really needs more architecture content. Great contribution @midknight

  8. Andreas Sonne Avatar
    Andreas Sonne

    The 918 Spyder has a naturally aspirated 4.6 L V8 engine, not a twin-turbo V8 👍🏻

    1. Luckycorn 85 Avatar
      Luckycorn 85

      Says who, it is twin turboed

    2. Adodoes Avatar

      ​@Luckycorn 85 it is not

    3. CG Tactical Avatar
      CG Tactical

      @Luckycorn 85 Says Porsche lol it is naturally aspirated

    4. Luckycorn 85 Avatar
      Luckycorn 85

      Mahn this some Mandela effect bs I swear to all gods that the 918 was twin turboed but I looked it up, I was wrong

  9. Brulaap Gaapmeester Avatar
    Brulaap Gaapmeester

    It’s official then, the Carrera GT will be the best Porsche ever made forever.

    1. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes

      Definitely the best sounding. No other Porsche will ever match the sound of that car’s V10.

    2. pro gamer_69 Avatar
      pro gamer_69

      ​@Snake Eyesnope the new gt2rs will be the best one

    3. Cyborg_Auto Avatar


    4. Eric Wadge Avatar
      Eric Wadge

      I think it will be the Mission X

    5. Faheem Abbas Avatar
      Faheem Abbas

      And I guess we’re gonna see the incredibly subtle decline of ICE Porsche starting now… if they already hit their peak with the Carrera GT

  10. Chris Dixon Avatar
    Chris Dixon

    Very exciting 😁. Can’t wait to see it in action, and I wish I could afford one 😅

  11. Dazzlernator Avatar

    Sorry to be that guy but the 918’s V8 is naturally-aspirated (6:43) and the AMG ONE’s V6 (5:17) is modified from the actual engine used in the F1 car to satisfy emissions regulations when running idle and to prolong its usable life.

    1. Harvey Sawyer Avatar
      Harvey Sawyer

      Was looking for this comment haha, and yes, the 918 is most certainly N/A

    2. Quarkhammer Avatar

      of course it is. also the fuel is totally different and an actual f1 engine wouldnd last very long

  12. furycsgo Avatar

    is funny how i watch every video of matt knowing i’m never gonna afford a car like this

    1. Kronos Avatar

      And that’s why you won’t

    2. Koffee Kiri Avatar
      Koffee Kiri

      never say never

    3. JTKirk Avatar

      “I am that I am” = We are what we believe we are

    4. Muhamed d Avatar
      Muhamed d

      كنت راح اشتريها بس ما قدرت اوقع على العقد لأنني نسيت القلم بالبيت

  13. Flo Avatar

    imagine the car with a newly developed and totally unexpected combustion engine. Something like a flat 8 hybrid system. Or even a flat 12 as a homage to the legendary 917.
    I really don´t know if the purely electric powertrain is the best decision but on the other hand they are Porsche – they usually know what to do.

    1. Rudi Larno Avatar
      Rudi Larno

      That is just the thing, combustion engines have been developed for a century, there seems to be little space for innovation, its all been tried or done. While electric drive train are but a decade, really. Much more chances to play around and get the edge over the competition.

    2. Bunsenn Avatar

      Or, hear me out, an H12. Yeah. None of you remembered those ones, did ya.

    3. yuropean_eunion Avatar

      ​@Rudi Larno yeah, it took around 100 years for combustion engines to be tried just about every way. As for EVs, it lost its innovativeness the second the first ev rolled out. Mission x or Nissan e leaf, it’s just basically an ev battery inside.

    4. Flo Avatar

      @yuropean_eunion for evs isn´t really that much room for innovation. At least not in the way combustion engines can be innovated, refined and experimented with. But my main Problem with EVs ist the lack of emotions while u want just to have fun driving and the secound thing ist that i have – to this day – not seen a single beautiful electric car. I mean if they try to sell these EVs to us they could at least not make them this ugly.

  14. Balaji Bharatwaj Avatar
    Balaji Bharatwaj

    Just a correction, the Porsche 918 Spyder doesn’t have a twin turbo V8, it has a naturally aspirated race car derived V8

  15. Dan Hall Avatar
    Dan Hall

    918 has to be one of the most beautiful timeless cars ever built

    1. Steffen R. Avatar
      Steffen R.


      I find it much more aesthetic than the Mission X which misses the streamlined beautiful line-flow Porsches are known for. Although I can see Porsche DNA in the concept, I don’t find the sharp angles and sudden “breaks” of curves/lines as appealing as the design of the 918 (reminds me of Lamborghini etc…)

      Hope they make the overall design of the Mission X less “sharp” to align it more with the rest of their line-up.

    2. David Todd Avatar
      David Todd

      Agreed, my personal favourite looking supercar of all time.

    3. vadw vea Avatar
      vadw vea

      CGT was better imo

    4. Saurav Chhabra Avatar
      Saurav Chhabra

      Followed up closely by rimac nevera

    5. Gobble Avatar

      @Saurav Chhabra the nevera’s front end is pretty damn ugly in my opinion

  16. Mike f Avatar
    Mike f

    6:42 for the people who dont know; Matt says the 918 has a twin turbo V8, but it has a naturally aspirated V8.

  17. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body Avatar
    Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    The future of this technology will be amazing. I expect that there will be a new technology of lightweight and fast charging batteries that will reflect positively on high-performance electric cars of the new generation such as the Porsche Taycan.

  18. thormaster06 Avatar

    I have a strong feeling Rimac had his fingers in this, at least electric powertrain part… And why Rimac Nevera wasn’t mentioned in this video when clearly Nevera is what Mission X is aiming for? It has almost 800hp/ton, it’s road legal, just set 23 acceleration and braking records. And it has been seen at Nordschleife, so they might be going for that AMG One record time.

    1. Rudi Larno Avatar
      Rudi Larno

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Also as Rimac is now responsible for Bugatti.

    2. Flo Berryboii Avatar
      Flo Berryboii

      ​@Rudi Larnoas is Porsche. Rimac owns 55% and Porsche 45% of Bugatti. And Porsche holds an additional 24% of Rimac

  19. Gilberto Avatar

    Astonishing! I like it a lot! Let’s see whether it will be able to conquer the Nürburgring. Thanks for the video Mat.

  20. brent wells Avatar
    brent wells

    Making the aero covers clear is a genius design element! I didn’t even notice them until he mentioned it had them. Amazing design from Porsche as always .

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