Porsche 911 GT3 RS v BMW M3 CS: DRAG RACE

vs let's gooo!

We've got our hands on the almighty, brand new RS, and it's going up against one of the most hardcore BMWs money can purchase – the brand new ! The concern is, does this track-focused Porsche have what it takes to reduce the ?

Well, let's take a more detailed take a look at the statistics. Beginning with the Porsche, it's powered by a 4-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six that can produce 525hp and 465Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 7-speed automated gearbox, and being a track-focused automobile, it's incredibly light, weighing in at simply 1,450 kg!

However all this power & performance does not come cheap, with the GT3 RS beginning with ₤ 190,000! What's more, the one we have here has the Weissach Load fitted, so it costs around ₤ 235,000!

Then we have the . It has the exact same 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six as in the routine M3, but power has actually been increased to 550hp and 650Nm. This power is sent out to all 4 wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission, and the vehicle is a reasonable bit heavier than the GT3, at 1,765 kg. It's a reasonable bit less expensive, though, costing around ₤ 116,000.

So the BMW has more power, but will the weight show decisive? There's only one way to find out … LET'S RACE!

Mat's BMW deal:

Porsche GT3 RS v GT4 RS v GT3 v GT4:

Mat specs his GT3 RS:

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57 responses to “Porsche 911 GT3 RS v BMW M3 CS: DRAG RACE”

  1. Stiven Leka Avatar
    Stiven Leka

    carwow has been killing it theese days

    1. Muu Avatar

      Killing it with a BS drag race?
      The BMW driver messed up the start EVERY TIME. The dude who makes the signs started to walk away when the BMW just started.
      100% the BMW won the drag race so the result ist just wrong.
      So yes… they are Killing it 😀

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Carwow nailed them this month. Lets see if they keep killing it in September.

    3. Ok Avatar

      @MuuAre you mad that an M3CS is slower than a track focused car? Also bmw has got shitty launch control never really works.

    4. Guille _962 Avatar
      Guille _962

      @Ok obviusly the bmw is faster than a track focused car in a drag 👶

    5. Andre' Van Der Westhuizen Avatar
      Andre’ Van Der Westhuizen

      Oh yes they have. Matt is a legend, and I mean that!

  2. PROPacs Avatar

    The drag race that no body requested and Mat being mat he got us a Bangerrr

    1. Courtney Avatar


    2. nobody Avatar

      Yep, that’s right! I requested this!

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      i asked for lap circuit race they ignore me

    4. Maci Avatar

      ​@nobodynobody cares

  3. Joe Achilles Avatar
    Joe Achilles

    And people complain about the M3 CS costing £116k 🤣

    1. JCviggen1 Avatar

      Well it didn’t do anything the base M3 with a remap wouldn’t do 😀

    2. supaahflyy Avatar

      ​@ASRmannwell you’d hope so. One is less than half the price

    3. Maurice Toussaint Avatar
      Maurice Toussaint

      Over £100k for a crap looking BMW, well, yeah.

    4. Maurice Toussaint Avatar
      Maurice Toussaint

      @ASRmann Blimey, I bet no one knew that.

    5. Iohann Centurión Avatar
      Iohann Centurión

      ​@Maurice Toussaint a bmw hater wow, nothing new here 😂😂

  4. carwow Avatar

    It’s the last day of August! Rate the quality of our uploads this month out of 10… 😘😛

    1. Hamza Waleed Avatar
      Hamza Waleed


    2. Victor Lopes Avatar
      Victor Lopes


    3. Bill Youlis Avatar
      Bill Youlis


    4. Ashley Boyer Avatar
      Ashley Boyer

      10 ain’t high enough Matt you’ve been absolutely smashing it recently, 1000/1000 from me. Best car channel on YouTube

    5. Joe jumi Avatar
      Joe jumi


  5. gabcip Avatar

    Imagine if the CS actually was light like a CS should be. Incredible car

    1. ALV1N Avatar

      it can’t because that would mean it should be RWD only no Xdrive but at that point, it would murder the M4 CSL on track and that’s not what BMW wants, so they handicapped it with Xdrive to make it not as fast and light as it could be

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@ALV1Nis Opel Astra Touring Car suitable for Drag Race also?

    3. ALV1N Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan any car is suitable for drag race in its own category, dunno about the connection to my reply but yeah even my Golf is suitable for drag race but not against these monsters

    4. PKS Avatar

      I think it might beat Porsche if it had same tyres and a dual clutch gearbox. GT3RS is a full track focused version, it should not have struggled. I am just thinking what if BMW made a GTR like the one for E46, that would probably break youtube car channels for few days.

  6. Squeekieballs Avatar

    These might be 2 of the most evenly matched cars I’ve seen on carwow.👍

    1. mastodon Avatar

      in a straight line

    2. Squeekieballs Avatar

      @mastodon That’s what I saw, on carwow.

    3. Viralpromotion Avatar

      It’s stil a sedan vs a coupe bmw wins

    4. French Mann Avatar
      French Mann

      ​@ViralpromotionLMAO No. Its an AWD twin turbo car vs a RWD NA Track car with TONS of downforce. Nobody is buying a GT3 for drag racing. Let’s get back to reality for a second.

    5. Squeekieballs Avatar

      @Viralpromotion That’s a good point. I can’t afford either, I just enjoy motorsports. 👍

  7. Mokotedi Mogadime Avatar
    Mokotedi Mogadime

    Hands down best Carwow drag race I’ve seen this year. Nail bitting stuff😂was expecting better than 11.1 from both cars😏

  8. Brian Gery Avatar
    Brian Gery

    Mat continues to have more fun than any one person should be allowed….

  9. KhyoteJinkens Avatar

    Simply amazing.
    I had no idea the GT3 RS was this quick.

  10. Sebastian Avatar

    You are really punching out one TOTL race after the other, these days 🔥 keep the good work up

  11. Tatenda Kutaura Avatar
    Tatenda Kutaura

    Imagine having these 2 in your garage! I would die!

    1. Mike Garuda Avatar
      Mike Garuda

      A dream

    2. In-Box Me On TeIegram👉 Official337Speed👈 Avatar
      In-Box Me On TeIegram👉 Official337Speed👈


    3. Ibrahim Kanaby Avatar
      Ibrahim Kanaby

      you will die because a kidney each

    4. Byron Walter Avatar
      Byron Walter

      Yeah, when your insurance bill arrives.

    5. cyber Avatar

      Ehhh don’t care for bmw

  12. Bilal Chamseddine Avatar
    Bilal Chamseddine

    That BMW is just insane for keeping up and even winning against that Porsche 😍

    1. b Avatar

      not really, porsche is not built for acceleration neither for top speed.

    2. Santiago Mesa Avatar
      Santiago Mesa

      Still the bmw weights a ton more than the Porsche so… yes really

    3. _PH4NT0MZz_ Avatar

      ​@Santiago Mesathe Porsche has more downforce than 6 M3 CS combined. Drag race isn’t exactly its forte….

    4. Dz Avatar

      @byes really, the m3 literally has 4 doors 🤣

    5. L B Avatar
      L B

      Twin turbo 6 vs n/a 6 😂😂

  13. Hanyani Mangwani Avatar
    Hanyani Mangwani

    Let’s just say I’ve been binge watching Carwow drag races like I’ve never done before. Thank you keeping us glued to our screens, it’s a complete 10/10 for the content you’ve indulged us with!! Matt seems to have said DRS a lot more than he said Carwow in this drag race…he’s officially a Porsche Salesman!!

  14. Yong Tim Lim Avatar
    Yong Tim Lim

    The aesthetics of the gt3 rs is on another level. You have to see the car in person. Although it already looks sick enough on video.

  15. Rob Avatar

    This month was a 10-10 carwow, Matt told us every vid that the following vid was a banger, didn’t disappoint

  16. euclides sousa Avatar
    euclides sousa

    The cameras increased and the results are astonishing. Great content, great quality. Congrats CarWOW

  17. Thorin Plays Avatar
    Thorin Plays

    Can we just appreciate how epic that GT3 RS sounds

  18. Jassi Avatar

    As an F1 fan, can’t believe that little DRS actually works so well😄 Makes me happy to witness that on that Porsche

  19. GP835 Avatar

    Matt always starts first, even if you don’t call it a jump start it’s his reaction time that decides the race.

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