Porsche 718 Spyder – How to Drop the Roof 🎥 #shorts #petrolped #porsche #porsche718spyder






7 responses to “Porsche 718 Spyder – How to Drop the Roof 🎥 #shorts #petrolped #porsche #porsche718spyder”

  1. Lewis Avatar

    I’d be so scared of it creasing every time I put it away! Jeez.

  2. Michael Frithjof Müller Avatar
    Michael Frithjof Müller

    OK. God Video.

  3. M4rky Avatar

    …and the prices are plummeting too. Reasons to be cheerful (as long as you don’t own one).

  4. ride epic drive epic Avatar
    ride epic drive epic

    So you pay $100K+ and then you manually fiddle around with the roof 🤡

  5. curtis clarke Avatar
    curtis clarke

    Did you have to click 2 buttons and close the lid. . .

  6. Andrew Palethorpe Avatar
    Andrew Palethorpe

    If you change your mindset ever so sightly, it will change your experience massively. Think of it as a pre-flight check, foreplay before the enjoyment of the drive that awaits you.

  7. Andy Hunt Avatar
    Andy Hunt

    Bit of a phaf but still want one 😊

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