Peugeot is absolutely cooking! 🔥


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  1. @ihaveeyebrow_ Avatar

    These fucking bots

  2. @ardonjr Avatar

    wow, I’ve never seen so many bots in the comments 😮. Youtube really has a problem.

  3. @rasdan172 Avatar

    I think modern Peugeots actually look quite good. I would be happy to drive one these days. The only Peugeot i would have considered before 2018 would probably have been the RCZ.

    1. @thadynakat Avatar


    2. @sylvaind.6786 Avatar

      RCZ is an underpowered FWD crap

    3. @kubakapuscinski2278 Avatar

      ​@@sylvaind.6786with crappy engine…

    4. @rasdan172 Avatar

      @sylvaind.6786  well I didn’t say its my dream car, but I like the way it looks. And it’s somewhere around 170 ponies which is comparable with the Audi TT.

    5. @thadynakat Avatar

      @@rasdan172 then there’s the RCZ R…


    French people are really good at designing the best looking cars. Building the cars is something else.

    1. @roibinvandersteene6310 Avatar

      Really depends what model. My parents have always driven with a renault trafic and never had any problems

    2. @sylvaind.6786 Avatar

      ​@roibinvandersteene6310 what a reference…

    3. @sharonec5419 Avatar

      Peugeot were making great dashs before this in the last 3008 etc but I think this one is worse looking. It’s not bad just not as nice as the last ones. It’s a step back. Nothing great about it.

    4. @maxleyter8968 Avatar

      ​@@roibinvandersteene6310 you just get the building or the design 😂

  5. @malyous Avatar

    who needs to look at the road anyway. let’s block the driver’s view with a massive screen.

    1. @keenky Avatar

      literally what i thought, how can you see the road????

    2. @matts2496 Avatar

      I agree. It’s genuinly a concern of mine that these great big screens will cause more distraction and accidents. People are idiotic enough with their phones. They were idiotic enough pre 2010 with their radios. Moan over.

  6. @carlosalvaro5534 Avatar

    Until last 308, yes! But this? Gear selector on top, next to the start button. Infotainment screen not lined up with the shortcuts “I-toggles”. Hum, getting weird!! And I’m a Peugeot fan.

  7. @lungulet Avatar

    Thumb down for the stupid song!

  8. @andras.89 Avatar

    Imagine this with dedicated buttons and knobs…

    1. @ld9387 Avatar

      It wouldn’t look as cool as this.

  9. @Ren_Jenkinss Avatar

    Yeah, typical French car where screen block 15% of front view

    1. @sylvaind.6786 Avatar

      You don’t care when steering wheel blocks 75% of the screen 😂

  10. @chemjam92 Avatar

    Give me physical buttons or I walk. So long….

    1. @matts2496 Avatar

      I personally prefer wind down windows… but being 2024 I conceded and upgraded to electric 😂

  11. @justinchiaravalle6154 Avatar

    I bet the steering wheel still blocks a good chunck of your view if the digital display

  12. @micahdavidmorningstar4176 Avatar

    Too bad they don’t sell in the US especially Tennessee

    1. @andystoe9984 Avatar

      They only do little engines like 1.2l … Not for usa you have lawnmowers that are more powerful 😂

    2. @GP-hf3qi Avatar

      You are better off buddy!

  13. @Don-pk2uy Avatar

    Way more interesting than any of the Germans

  14. @dresden5060 Avatar

    And just how do you see the road over that 40″ screen above your steering wheel 😂

  15. @Mapa356 Avatar

    I moved to France (from uk) 3 years ago, it’s only since being here and seeing so many Peugeots Iv realised how much they’ve really upped their game! Also there’s a bit too much stigma attached to french car build quality, they’re not as bad as made out ! That said I drive an Alfa 👀🤣

    1. @JonathanDuddy-oq6nv Avatar

      Errrm. They are trash. Along with Citroën, fiat, alpha, Renault, vahuxhall, BMW, …… probably some other makes too….. and anything American

    2. @Mapa356 Avatar

      @@JonathanDuddy-oq6nv well that doesn’t leave much other than Hitlas trail of generic shite. I certainly wouldn’t call the Giulia QV trash. I guarantee you wouldn’t think so after 5 minute’s behind the wheel. Anything American I’d agree

  16. @tudorbuliga9754 Avatar

    Still a peugeot, wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

  17. @Mapa356 Avatar

    To quote Mr clarkson, yes Mat, You are my favourite YouTuber….. In the world 😂❤

  18. @ItsCuddle Avatar

    I currently have a Peugeot 308, the new 2022 model which is one of the best looking cars in my opinion.

  19. @najitsabes73 Avatar

    We use to go to disco every weekend. Nowadays you have your own disco in a car😂😂😂

  20. @Manchler Avatar

    Youve seen how 10 yr old luxury car become after 10 years, imagen how this would look and perform after 10 years

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