NISMO Factory has the best toilets in the world ! #Shorts #petrolped #nismo #nismofactory






9 responses to “NISMO Factory has the best toilets in the world ! #Shorts #petrolped #nismo #nismofactory”

  1. @Greta_Schultz25 Avatar

    your vids are really fantastic, i am truly proud of you‍❄️

  2. @OliviaBabbitt Avatar

    Your videos are like opening a chest of treasures. Every frame is a true gem!🍊🍊🍊 % 🏞’

  3. @EmilyOchario Avatar

    Each video is like a breath of fresh air. You bring joy and inspiration!✌️✌️ № 🌹.

  4. @vincente-pn7qw Avatar

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the exchange of ideas and perspectives in this thread. It’s intellectually stimulating.🍭

  5. @lanakila-fp1sq Avatar

    It’s refreshing to be part of a community where differences are celebrated rather than vilified. It’s a breath of fresh air.💚

  6. @salibaba Avatar

    Must. resist. the urge to put in some toilet humour . . .

  7. @celliott16 Avatar

    Long shafts for the men and smooth trumpet openings for the ladies……. You didn’t notice did you 😂

    1. @chrissteel5304 Avatar

      First thing I noticed, says more about us perhaps 🙂

  8. @johnbrown3951 Avatar

    I was defending you when someone said your channel was going down the pan!!!! Then you put out this short. Only joking you know I am a paddler through & through.

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