New VW ID7 review: It’s not boring!

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Mat's got his hands on the new !

In the future, this all-electric saloon is set to change the Passat. The question is, is it a deserving replacement?

Well, let's take a more detailed look. Starting with the design, it looks fairly smart on the exterior. There's a sloped tailgate around the back with some cool taillights and a full-length light bar. Along the side, you'll see the contrasting roofing system and flush door deals with, while around the front there's another full-length light bar running between a set of matrix LED headlights. So it's clever, but not precisely the most exciting!

It's a similar theme on the within. There's a large infotainment screen on the dash, although irritatingly most of the climate control functions are handled with it. There's a small digital motorist display that holds just enough details for the driver, and the cabin is usually made from soft touch and great quality products. Do not lean too far down, though, or you'll find some cheap-feeling plastics!

The entry-level ID7 includes a 77kWh battery pack which is good for a range of approximately 384 miles. It also comes with a single electric motor which can deliver 286hp. In the future, there'll be an 86kWh battery readily available which will be good for a variety of as much as 435 miles, and a dual-motor edition will likewise be released.

When it comes to the cost, the entry-level ID7 starts from around ₤ 51,500, and the vehicle we have here for this video comes in at over ₤ 58,000! So is it worth it? Or would a Tesla Design 3 be a smarter option? You'll require to stick to Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Intro
00:59 Design
02:12 Cost
02:33 Interior
05:32 Rear seats
09:00 Boot
11:06 Batteries & Range
12:04 5 Annoying Things
15:06 5 Advantages
17:42 Town Driving
20:12 Freeway Driving
22:23 Back Road Driving
23:52 0-60mph
26:01 Verdict


74 responses to “New VW ID7 review: It’s not boring!”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @harudos Avatar

      Matt why do you spend 30 seconds complaining about cheapened out buttons having only two buttons from the four windows yet when reviewing Teslas you say nothing about the lack of buttons. Also, you mention it as a negative that the vents are controlled by the screen, which is the same as in the Tesla, and you don’t say they copied the worst of Tesla. I guess my question is why bash other cars while praise Tesla for the same things?

    2. @liviusebastianmahu9340 Avatar

      Because these channels are no longer about the cars, they are about the money received from the car brands.

    3. @eleonik76 Avatar

      It’s Volkswagen,it’s born to be boring. Full stop right here.

    4. @alexc30r Avatar

      Where’s the new Duster??

    5. @jihooncha-vs4om Avatar

      What happened to Toyota manipulating quality control and deceiving consumers for 34 years?

  2. @zno3177 Avatar

    Keep the reviews coming Mat. Was getting quite tired of the drag races.

    1. @Dashtea Avatar

      😅💀 how about 60/40?

    2. @sepplschpeedruns281 Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more

    3. @ilyasclarkson2556 Avatar

      It’s only you who is tired

    4. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      tired of German brand positive reviews

    5. @zbatchDOC Avatar

      @@hassyg4083you too

  3. @ElecPi Avatar

    Finally, a review after all the drag races! Keep up the amazing work Mat and Carwow team!

  4. @devonjoshuaweitz74 Avatar

    More reviews! We eating good today!😄

  5. @q3z-player607 Avatar

    Finally there’s a new review, after he did all of those drag races, which I don’t have anything against. But it’s finally time for another review. Can’t wait

  6. @periklispanagiotidis Avatar

    That’s it, continue posting car reviews Matt

  7. @TheAlbaniaGaming Avatar

    The Passat gone?? I mean, I like this car, but it is a weird shape, not really sedan like the Passat was. It looks more like a crossover had a baby with a swdan.

    1. @ciybersal3499 Avatar

      Problem is legacy were good at engines n their own personalities.With that USP gone this is just a expensive legacy brand which has nothing on newer entrants which give you quicker, better value car stuff better software n more modern tech. As Matt states here brake pedal fell is average, it’s only good from point a to point B, average turning circle, average multimedia controls, Wind noise. Very very average VW for £58K

    2. @davesmith9104 Avatar

      Theres also a new Passat that’s been announced!

    3. @Luckyjo21 Avatar

      thank fuk@@davesmith9104

  8. @BX-sd8ff Avatar

    The ID.7 isn’t the replacement for the Passat – the Passat got a new version just a few weeks ago…

    1. @timoflo369 Avatar

      Atm it is probably the electric equivalent but in the future the passat will not exist cause of the engine. Then the id7 is the replacement i guess

    2. @jimj2683 Avatar

      At some point in the future (probably the next generation) the passat will go electric and the id7 will go away.

    3. @grang-jc2ee Avatar

      I think it’s meant to the eventual Successor, once VW discontinues their petrol lineup.

    4. @christophe9602 Avatar

      @@grang-jc2ee VW EV’s don’t even account for 8% of their 2023 vehicle deliveries, and they’ve admitted they saw demand dropping even further.
      I don’t think they’re discontinuing their petrol vehicles anytime soon, as long as regulation allows. And once they do, I don’t think you’re gonna see Passat EV’s (or any VW EV) around for much longer.

    5. @schaerfentiefe1967 Avatar

      @@jimj2683That doesn’t make sense.
      The Passat will go away, the ID models are here to stay (and to be developed further).
      For an efficent EV you need a special platform: And that’s the MEB+ platform that is used by the ID7.

  9. @anemeth9281 Avatar

    We still have the Passat Estate (at least in Europe)

    1. @issachunt3418 Avatar

      Ah I didn’t realise the UK wasn’t in Europe..thanks

    2. @anemeth9281 Avatar

      It IS Europe! But this is how Matt says all the time.
      The new Passat Estate is still available in MAINLAND Europe, OK?

    3. @davesmith9104 Avatar

      Theres a new Generation of Passat coming to the UK too

  10. @mattknowles2140 Avatar

    and WV expect the replacement for the passat to start at £50k+ worlds gone mad

    1. @MariusPetrus Avatar

      You can see that Matt is somehow lenient with this car. ID7 is a flop, nobody orders it. It’s bland and without personality, doesn’t say anything. I would never buy something like this. And in fact IT IS, extremely BORING.

    2. @lorandmatyas Avatar

      And it’s electric .. so it’s a scam

    3. @arminos1172 Avatar

      the car is out since 2 months and it doesnt replace the passat

    4. @kmack5799 Avatar

      It’s just ridiculous. VW are already struggling to this EV junk and this will be no different. As you said, you would have to be insane to consider one at even half that price.

    5. @drunkenhobo8020 Avatar

      @@lorandmatyas That doesn’t even make sense.

  11. @achap3494 Avatar

    Looks like I’m not the only one who prefers the car reviews over the drag races

    1. @C6Fever Avatar

      No you’re not. Ther is on more guy so you are 2

    2. @Daniel-dj7fh Avatar

      The drag races are super pointless, it’s like people who think speeding on the highway is fast. Literally just pressing the gas and holding the steering wheel straight.@@C6Fever

    3. @MacXpert74 Avatar

      I think the drag races are a lot of fun, but Carwow / Mat does do a good job on actually reviewing cars with honest opinions and good information on their strengths and weaknesses. This together makes this one of the best car related channels out there in my opinion.

    4. @sudhakar7889 Avatar

      Me too

  12. @coreyk288 Avatar

    Sustainability cars sure have unsustainable prices. 😅

    1. @perspectiveflip Avatar

      That’s the point. They want nobody to drive cars anymore. Can’t afford an EV? Be happy and own nothing, peasant!

    2. @rteezy5683 Avatar

      „you will own nothing and be happy“ – klaus schwab

    3. @albertdesalvo7273 Avatar

      Nothing sustainable about EV’s, and they’re the very antithesis of enviromentally friendly.

    4. @OmarZ77 Avatar

      And terrible resale value and repair costs.

    5. @MacXpert74 Avatar

      And they will basically be a ‘total loss’ after 8-10 years when the battery is done. Not very ‘sustainable’ at all!

  13. @Naeromusic Avatar

    I am curious what Skoda will be allowed to do with this

    1. @ciybersal3499 Avatar

      Hopefully much better, this is pretty boring, wind nose, bad turning circle he says, average software and v expensive

    2. @Rockport1911 Avatar

      Skoda wont get an electric SuperB, they forgot the cost cutting with the new ICE SuperB and added alot of dials and buttons. So many physical buttons that VAG will never recover 🙂
      My current Passat B8 lease is ending and iam seriously considering getting the SuperB this time because its the better car against the new B9 Passat…

    3. @Olterior Avatar

      @@ciybersal3499 Eniaq kinda fills this space for them. Based on the strategy so far, it looks like SEAT and Skoda got 1 Electric Car Each(Small form factor for Born and SUV for Eniaq) and kept the other form factors to VW themselves. I am waiting for Skoda Octavia Electric to upgrade from my Scala, but to be honest, VW EVs are lackluster to say the least. MG4 looks like much better value, and Atto 3 matches it in quality for 10k less. Obv the risk with chinese EVs is resale value and longetivity, but even outside of the Chinese bargain EVs, Hyundai EVs are far more interesting, with better drivetrains, Kia EV6 is an absolute beauty, Tesla 3 has the name recognition and is still a leading EV in many areas. There is simply no reason to go VAG for your EV. And I say that as a long time VAG Driver(Had everything from Polo to Passat, the Scala I have now is my first non VW VAG I owned).

    4. @benwu7980 Avatar

      @@ciybersal3499 I just don’t understand how so many makers have the software stuff so poorly implemented. Aside from the fact that pretty much every reviewer and person I know prefers knobs or buttons or whatever call the vent direction controls to be physical, so many makers are putting them in sub-sub-menus, which can’t really be a cost saving.
      With this id7 in particular, having to go into menu to turn off assists every time start the car, is simply ridiculous.

    5. @Naeromusic Avatar

      @@Rockport1911 The successor of the Superb will probably not be called Superb. It will probably follow some similar naming scheme to the Enyaq. Which I do find sad, the Superb is a very nice car and I like the name

  14. @colinwatson5685 Avatar

    Where do manufacturers think we all work??? £58k for a Passat !!!!

    1. @whitedog4392 Avatar

      All CEO’s

    2. @ciybersal3499 Avatar

      Problem is legacy were good at engines n their own personalities.With that USP gone this is just a expensive legacy brand which has nothing on newer entrants which give you quicker, better value car stuff better software n more modern tech. As Matt states here brake pedal fell is average, it’s only good from point a to point B, average turning circle, average multimedia controls, Wind noise. Very very average VW for £58K

    3. @binflydushy Avatar

      It’s not a Passat its more like a Phaeton with its length of almost 5 metres

    4. @jamesm90 Avatar

      Love my Subaru Legacy

    5. @strangestuff1213 Avatar

      @@binflydushy it’s a Passat

  15. @nodefour Avatar

    The reason the safety systems turn back on (after you’ve turned them off) when you start the car again is because they’re tied to the Euro NCAP safety rating. If they could be switched off and saved then the safety rating number would reduce, and presumably the insurance companies would know about it and premiums would be higher still. Its as simple as that.

  16. @cbcdesign001 Avatar

    We need affordable family Evs with a decent 300 mile range, this isn’t it. And the window switches and air vent flow direction adjustment is ridiculous. How can they charge over 50 grand when they cheap out so much?

    1. @aarong9378 Avatar

      My i-MiEV was similar with cost-cutting options along with some niceties. Example: No rear speakers, but a lighted vanity mirror. Tupperware interior, but speed-sensitive wipers. Ridiculously small instrument cluster, but heated seats and steering wheel.

    2. @emanuelleitao3620 Avatar

      We need to do like de agriculteurs to car prices we need to do long drives and the eletrics are too expensive

    3. @benwu7980 Avatar

      I’d always take manufacturers range claims with a bit of cynicism, VW even moreso.
      At least when it was just a mpg figure, we sort of all understood it to be based on some ideal driving, conditions etc
      I assume EV’s have a few similar caveats regarding range, like flooring it after light turns green gonna hurt range a bit.. but it really should be something reviewers test a bit more than what was shown here, or some independent source.

  17. @TheGravyMonster Avatar

    £50k+ for a dull VW family saloon? Absolute madness.

    1. @oliverstemp9132 Avatar

      It’s as big as a 7 Series or S Class though

    2. @benwu7980 Avatar

      @@oliverstemp9132 On the outside, yeah close enough, but doesn’t seem to translate to the room inside.

    3. @Shevabestfan Avatar

      ​@oliverstemp9132 mate, it’s like 5 inches shorter than the current 5 series.

    4. @oliverstemp9132 Avatar

      @@benwu7980 how much more space do you need? What’s more impressive is it’s an EV that doesn’t push your knees up round your ears. For me, that puts it ahead of the Ioniq 6 and Model 3.

    5. @oliverstemp9132 Avatar

      @@Shevabestfan the new 5 is a very big car. The point being the ID7 is bigger than all its competitors.

  18. @CletusJoseph Avatar

    Am I the only one that still has the old car wow intro playing in there head at the strat of the video. 😢 I miss it

  19. @thescavwithnothingtolose1224 Avatar

    the road noise is interesting. In Autogeful’s review, it was basically silent. All you heard was the rain on the windscreen.

    1. @amzing_shorts Avatar

      Autogefuhl doesn’t hear noises German cars make.

  20. @DPCcars Avatar

    Seeing everyone’s shock over the £58k Passat and the call for more reviews really puts things into perspective. 😲 It’s wild how car prices have soared, making what used to be family staples into luxury buys. 🚗💸

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