New Toyota Land Cruiser ULTIMATE review!

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The time has come for Mat to get his hands on the brand new !

He'll be testing out this brand new 4×4 both on & off-road to see if it has what it takes to take on class leaders like the Suzuki Jimny & Mercedes G-Class! So let's take a more detailed look …

Starting with the design, the looks seriously rugged on the exterior. It rolls up with a boxy-style design, paired with a huge rear bumper and enormous windows along the side and back to help let loads of light in. As you 'd expect with a correct 4×4 it likewise includes roofing system bars in addition to running boards along the side, while up from the grille design returns the traditional design. It looks fantastic!

Step inside and there'll be no mistaking that you remain in a Land Cruiser. The dash style mirrors the chunky looks of the outside, and there's even padding on the centre console so you don't damage your knees when off-roading! There's a reasonable little bit of scratchy plastics throughout the place, however that can be forgiven due to the fact that there are numerous physical buttons! Nearly whatever is managed with a button rather than through the infotainment screen – just like the old days! The infotainment system itself is okay, and there are also digital dials for the driver, too.

There's just one engine offered for the Land Cruiser – it's a 2.8-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel that can produce 204hp and 500Nm of torque. This power is sent out to all four wheels via an 8-speed automated gearbox.

We do not understand the rate of the Land Cruiser yet, however we expect it to cost in the region of ₤ 55,000 – ₤ 60,000. So is it worth it? Stick to Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Design
01:43 Interior
04:50 Back Seats
08:14 Boot
09:32 Annoying Functions
11:41 Cool Functions
13:30 Engine
15:02 Town Driving
18:53 Highlands Driving
21:20 0-60mph
22:11 Dirt-track Driving
32:28 River Crossing
34:15 Forest Driving
36:29 Off-road Driving
38:46 Verdict


76 responses to “New Toyota Land Cruiser ULTIMATE review!”

  1. @hxrsxjxn Avatar

    Why we uploading Carwow videos at midnight lol

    1. @Editionsz Avatar

      It’s 5pm in the states

    2. @danielainger8666 Avatar

      Had me thinking the same thing 😂

    3. @manoz6194 Avatar

      Yeah what gives, I was just about to go to bed!

    4. @jacobbennett104 Avatar

      Could be an embargo, Top gear uploaded the same vehicle at the same time

    5. @seanhershey3390 Avatar

      7pm here PA. US..😮..Cheers!

  2. @NoNo-ux2jl Avatar

    No way this is the perfect car in the Middle East these things will sell like hot cakes change my mind

    1. @zanesmith666 Avatar

      Perfect to drive the slave carriages from the slums into the city so the modern day slaves can build more flashy buildings so influencers can come stay and girls can make fortunes being human porta potties 🤔

    2. @whereheattho Avatar

      yes, i know someone who own car dealer partnered with toyota in the ME got a waitlist of 40k people in one day 😅

    3. @JJR11 Avatar

      @@whereheatthooh nice which country?

    4. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      its to be sold in UK

    5. @zanesmith666 Avatar

      They don’t deserve this. Modern day slavers

  3. @AdventurousNomad007 Avatar

    Takes me back to the boxy Prado from the late 90s… I love it!

    1. @itssidx Avatar

      Im assuming this is just the new version of the “Prado” that we still get in the UAE/other countries in the middle east as well as Australia, but renamed the Land Cruiser in NA and Europe since they discontinued the regular Land Cruiser in those regions.

    2. @AdventurousNomad007 Avatar

      @@itssidx Yes it is…

    3. @jarokenny Avatar

      still got my 90

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@AdventurousNomad007this car is like 07 Discovery + BMW X6.

    5. @noyzmunky Avatar

      Kzn185 going strong!

  4. @carwow Avatar

    Sell your car for free with Carwow:

    1. @hanf022 Avatar

      Why you don’t test the

      It costs only ~30k USD and has a lot of premium stuff already included.
      Its like a land rover defender just 6times cheaper and way cooler with way more features.

    2. @rickvulcan2126 Avatar

      The sand coloured vehicle has round headlights. Will that be an option?

    3. @YoeurnMutta Avatar

      Wut? I ain’t sell my car for free

    4. @jpanderson6145 Avatar

      We’re international

    5. @alotheone Avatar

      Ask Toyota about a short wheel base version.

  5. @onlyhuman7420 Avatar

    Hats off to Toyota for keeping the physical buttons and for using conventional engine.

    1. @robert7622 Avatar

      A slow uneconomical relic of an engine. its 2024.

    2. @lucky889s9 Avatar

      Because they’re left behind in EV game. They’re still profiting from ICE and hybrid spareparts and service. The whole system in Japan is corrupt from mafia, suppliers, to company officials

    3. @honda900000 Avatar

      @@robert7622 A Land Cruiser will always be slow. Its a massive, rough car. Made for everything. You need a real engine. Not an engine, which is made for Chelsea.

    4. @hotshotsunnyz Avatar

      ​@@robert7622 like you ever driven in 5 th /6th gear.

    5. @stinger15au Avatar

      Basically Toyota managed to make it almost worse in every way to the old model, (looks cramped, plasticky, slow & uneconomical)

      They will no doubt be tough and reliable, but for $80k usd, it needs to be better.

      Unfortunately they will still sell millions of them based on the old cars reputation.

  6. @Aegon809 Avatar

    My grandma not caring what so ever about the car but glad to give Matt a sweet answer 😮‍💨😮‍💨

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Well very interesting.😅

  7. @sheamuscoe1492 Avatar

    There’s a big difference between supposed “cheap” feeling materials, and those that are designed to last, which is a known quantity in Toyotas in general, but especially their 4WDs.

    1. @dwindeyer Avatar

      Corrent, even within Toyota’s own factories.. All the soft touch Toyota/Lexus dashboards are falling apart and the scratchy plastic ones are still perfect

    2. @PrettyNormalPerson Avatar

      reliability isn’t everything

    3. @sheamuscoe1492 Avatar

      @@PrettyNormalPerson A Land Rover or BMW Owner has entered the Room. Good luck with that. 😂

    4. @PrettyNormalPerson Avatar

      @@sheamuscoe1492 nahh man I have inadequate funds for even owning a honda

    5. @sheamuscoe1492 Avatar

      @@PrettyNormalPerson Fair enough mate. I had a friend in the 80s that owned an Alfetta GTV, and I wanted one so bad, but watching his continuous heartbreak over the years turned me off the more unreliable, but desirable stuff out there. I’ve had a few little Hondas, and they took a real beating, living their life bumping off the Redline, but I couldn’t kill them. 😅

  8. @Ajay-vk7lz Avatar

    Cameraman Lewis is Carwow’s lovable comic relief character.

  9. @m2oman Avatar

    “Cheaper Feeling” Toyota Plastic will last longer than leather or soft stuff in hot and humid weather. I’m in Australia and this Model, most likely to be called the “Land Cruiser Prado” will sell like hotcakes here.

    Love your work MatWatson. Should we start a CarWow Australia Channell?

    1. @EpicB787Animations Avatar

      Here in America, we’ve been robbed of the Prado for a while now, only as the Lexus GX- which we still get, but now we get this one too! Oddly, though, like the UK, its just gonna be called “Land Cruiser”

      The Lexus LX is now the equivalent to the big boy Land Cruiser here.

      God bless America.

    2. @rhoelg Avatar

      nah people will always whine about lack of V8! lol

    3. @EpicB787Animations Avatar

      @@rhoelg even I’ll admit it’s a little annoying to pay the same or more for less engine with a cheaper way of getting horsepower at the cost of longevity

    4. @stinger15au Avatar

      It will absolutely sell, but that’s based on the old cars reputation.

      This honestly doesn’t move the game at all compared to the last model, there’s really no area other than looks where its better, and for no doubt $120k aud or more, it needs to do better.

      It’s unfortunate that it will sell plenty.

  10. @YegoYTP Avatar

    The Land Cruiser is back on top, I’d choose one of these over a new Defender in a heartbeat

    1. @player1GR Avatar

      It’s a land cruiser Prado. It always was on top in it’s as class

    2. @rgfromkl3594 Avatar

      Any day, and this makes the Defender look like it’s wearing makeup

    3. @bigduphusaj162 Avatar

      Defenders are garbage a Suzuki can smash a defender offroad so not really much to shout about beating one tbh

    4. @australianidoma Avatar

      This statement is false :p​@@bigduphusaj162

  11. @itssidx Avatar

    This is just the new version of the “Land Cruiser Prado” that we get in the UAE/other countries in the middle east as well as Australia, but renamed the Land Cruiser in NA and Europe since they discontinued the regular Land Cruiser 300 series in those regions.

    1. @abdullahbinshahid3199 Avatar


    2. @xXxFaustoMoraesxXx Avatar

      everyone in the car world knows this

    3. @piuthemagicman Avatar

      ​@@xXxFaustoMoraesxXxYet Mat should’ve mentioned it, even Doug Demuro did.

    4. @vqh21 Avatar

      Well he did refer the old car as Prado when he did the turning circle

    5. @lionheart.5983 Avatar

      ​@@xXxFaustoMoraesxXx yes. And?

  12. @Marvify Avatar

    thanks for beating it up for us, people who actually will use this offroad appreciate you!

  13. @sullysullivan1187 Avatar

    The design has my heart. To be honest I think it’s great value. This is something you can have for years.

  14. @mrhoooti680 Avatar

    this car isn’t for you only
    It’s also for your grand grand children when they driving it on mars 😁😁😁

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Peugeot RCZ also…

  15. @ArnoldPranks Avatar

    Japanese reliability and honesty towards their products is far superior to the unreliability and planned obsolescence of the Land Rover, or any other British automotive brand

    1. @pajtim9079 Avatar

      And yet Land Rover seems to always cross your mind, like many others. Living rent free in your head. I wonder why..

  16. @christianabiera Avatar

    “Glove compatible interface” is a weird way to say “we didn’t go stupid with capacitive buttons like most cars”

    1. @binskee677 Avatar

      It’s not, many of those real offroaders will be used in harsh conditions in cold weather where it’s a big advantage when you can use all the functions with your gloves on, especially when you have to get in and out a lot. Normal SUV’s don’t really need it.

    2. @christianabiera Avatar

      @@binskee677 🤓

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@binskee677but Subaru 360 literally needed it.

  17. @dimitardaskalov6293 Avatar

    Mat, the only type of guy wearing some muddy hiking shoes while presenting the latest saloon in the middle of the city, but putting white sneakers on an offroad trip.

  18. @wagend Avatar

    As someone who got stuck in snow in the Cairngorms last week in March, not far from where this was filmed, this is the video I was waiting for!

  19. @VikaSuponitskaya Avatar

    I imagine Mat returning all his test cars quietly at the parking lot and then running away before they notice what he’s done to them.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Imagine also if Mat driving the Cerbera Speed 6 then returning it a few hours later…😅

    2. @jhatmaker24 Avatar

      100% 🙂 Between throwing rear cargo covers, sticking twigs up tailpipes and in this case driving on rough trails like it’s the autobahn – it’s a wonder more things don’t break. Toyota should use this video as marketing material. “Our new Land Cruiser survived Mat Watson”

    3. @jamiep61 Avatar

      I enjoyed watching the Video. One of the best New SUVs 😊

    4. @Svendrys Avatar

      “Low milage, ex-demo car for sale”

  20. @LilyLingrend Avatar

    In love with the interior, all those knobs, buttons, dials, all of them physical. No capacitive BS, no high-gloss piano black. YESSS.

    1. @razerbang7770 Avatar

      buy it

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