New Toyota Land Cruiser: See why it’s better than ever before!

Fulfill the brand new !

It's been 72 years considering that launched the really first , and ever since there have been over 10 generations of this off-roading legend! The question is, has this new edition deserved the wait?

Well based on appearances alone, we 'd state it absolutely has! The colony Cruiser rolls up with a retro, boxy style that reminds us of a timeless Defender, Suzuki Jimny, and Mercedes G-Class. Whether you're looking at it from the front, side, or rear, the blocky style is clear to see and we absolutely love it!

What's more, Toyota will also be launching a restricted edition First Edition model which increases the retro style a lot more! This will show up with rounded headlamps, as well as the option of some limited-edition two-tone paint tasks.

While the outside is keeping things retro, the interior has actually been especially modernised. It might keep things a bit blocky, however there's a huge infotainment screen on the dash, a digital drivers display, along with a big centre console that can even house a refrigerator.

There are a couple of engine options offered, although they won't be released in all markets. When it concerns fuel, the entry-level will be a 2.7-litre 4-cylinder with 163hp and 246Nm. There will also be a more effective 2.4-litre turbo gas with 281hp and 430Nm, however, both of these will not be offered internationally. The entry-level diesel is a 2.8-litre turbo diesel with 204hp and 500Nm, which is quite similar to the engine from the outgoing Land Cruiser. You can likewise expect a moderate hybrid and full hybrid choice to go on sale in the future.

We do not know the cost yet, however provided the last Land Cruiser expense from a minimum of ₤ 40,000, you can anticipate to be paying a bit more for this new design. But will it deserve it ?! You'll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:29 History
01:20 Style
02:23 First Edition
03:08 Chassis
04:30 Engines
05:59 Efficiency
06:45 Interior
08:13 Off-road
09:14 Safety
09:58 Cost

Land Cruiser v Mercedes G-Class off-road:


47 responses to “New Toyota Land Cruiser: See why it’s better than ever before!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    What’s the best-looking off-roader you can buy? Let us know BELOW!

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Rivian R1S

    2. Noora Avatar

      LC 300

    3. rang3dlov3s Avatar

      Defender 110 v8

    4. 3D Viking Avatar
      3D Viking

      Ford ranger

  2. Reva Joshua Mesakh Avatar
    Reva Joshua Mesakh

    Sharp design are modern and cool, but boxy and rugged design is timeless!

    1. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      It’s ugly…theres a reason everyone in the Toyota Comment section are slating them. Nobody likes this shitty design

    2. A_B_C Avatar

      But this one trash.

      G wagon alsp boxy but 100× better.

    3. Ronnie Martinez Avatar
      Ronnie Martinez

      Those crybabies haters…
      This new design is amazing…
      It’s retro, and a proper off roader…

  3. DImancor Avatar

    I am so into that new wave of 80’s design in cars)

    1. Winstan Avatar

      Yep without a doubt the best era of design.

    2. Ad Blocker Avatar
      Ad Blocker

      Yeah you will have to drag Toyota into 21st century kicking and screaming

  4. Initiale Paris Avatar
    Initiale Paris

    Toyota Land Cruiser is so legendary that it will be bought everywhere, no matter what others say. And I really like the new one

    1. InsaneBimmer Avatar

      A garbage can is reliable. Doesn’t mean it’s any good haha

    2. Joe Cie Avatar
      Joe Cie

      Turbo, 4 cylinder, hybrid.
      Never, if they’re going to give us this junk just go to electric.
      The repair bills will be crazy .
      Been a Toyota fan my whole life but not with this junk.
      For every dollar you say that the pump you’re going to spend $100 more in repairs

    3. Kim kim Avatar
      Kim kim

      ​@InsaneBimmeroverpriced too. lc200 and lc 300 are way too much overpriced compared to patrol , which is way cheaper and also very reliable

    4. Safwat Abedin Avatar
      Safwat Abedin

      @Joe CieIm curious what makes you think its junk compared to its competitors?

  5. Andrés Roel Alvarado Avatar
    Andrés Roel Alvarado

    Me encanta este nuevo modelo de la Land Cruiser de los mas bonitos de esta epoca bien por Toyota

  6. Doug Avatar

    I’m happy Toyota is dialing it back to the formula they had in the 80s – a straightforward 4×4 utility. I wonder what this means for the 4Runner now that they seem to occupy the same space.

    1. Chickitter Tech Avatar
      Chickitter Tech

      4runner is dead i thought?

    2. Faheem Abbas Avatar
      Faheem Abbas

      @Chickitter Techin US it’s still pretty popular, so much so that they’re usually going for around $15k USD over MSRP $444 in the US, but people want a new 4Runner. It hasn’t been changed since 2013 besides updated tech I think.

    3. S Avatar

      4runner is longer than this one and offers a third row too. If one wants something less off-roady than they can go for Highlander. If u want that and a bit larger – Grand highlander and if the full blown flagship – in the US u go for Sequoia, everywhere else – Land crusier 300.

    4. Nick Haseman Avatar
      Nick Haseman

      @Chickitter Tech they were planning on discontinuing it in the early 2010s but sales skyrocketed. The 6th gen should be past the R&D phase by now so there will be some overlap in the market with the two for the time being once the 6th gen does get released but that probably wont be an issue considering how popular both the vehicles will be.

    5. Marcos Castellanos Avatar
      Marcos Castellanos

      It’ll be redesigned soon, I’m sure they’ll make it fit. I’m hoping they make the 4Runner a true wrangler/bronco competitor.

  7. RandomButPro Avatar

    Toyota’s designs are just amazing nowadays.

  8. Anik Adamali Avatar
    Anik Adamali

    Absolutely love this! Cant wait to see these on the road. Shame they don’t get detuned V6’s from the 300 though. Also pity they still continue with the gutless 2.7l petrol, they really struggle in Nairobi (5000ft above sealevel.)

    1. Munene Njue Avatar
      Munene Njue

      The 2TR engine is lethargic but lasts forever, that’s why they have stuck with it.

    2. Marcel Motorzoneza Avatar
      Marcel Motorzoneza

      Such a cool comment! Here in South Africa, we only get the 2.8 diesel, no petrol motor for us.

    3. Munene Njue Avatar
      Munene Njue

      @Marcel Motorzoneza Africa will almost exclusively get the diesel only, I’ll be surprised if they bother with the petrols.

    4. Wilson Mpesha Avatar
      Wilson Mpesha

      You wanna see hundreds of these bullying through past traffic? 😭

  9. sandeep nath Avatar
    sandeep nath

    It looks like a sharper FJ Cruiser. Looks great!

    1. Daluvuyo James Avatar
      Daluvuyo James

      Exactly, I said finally a 4 door FJ

    2. BOSS😎😎 Avatar

      Looks like a lr defender💀

  10. Rori paddison Avatar
    Rori paddison

    Can’t wait to see this in a carwow off road test va defender or discovery.

  11. Christopher Bynum Avatar
    Christopher Bynum

    The fact it starts mid 50’s in the US is the best part.

  12. Glenn Micheal Avatar
    Glenn Micheal

    It looks more like the FJ Cruiser than the Land Cruiser and that is not a bad thing.

  13. Baylon Melanie Avatar
    Baylon Melanie

    The new Prado looks really great, timeless retro design!

    1. Mu5ty Laghmani Avatar
      Mu5ty Laghmani

      I will miss the Prado, I love the new Prado, I don’t know why do they have to discontinue it😭

  14. Tirupati Srinivasa Atma Raman Avatar
    Tirupati Srinivasa Atma Raman

    Toyota has been going absolutely nuts 😍❤️❤️ or should I say BONKERS !!! Glad Toyota have finally made not just cosmetic changes but also layed their fingers on improving the performance !!

  15. Huw Williams Avatar
    Huw Williams

    The 2.8 diesel sound to be very like that fitted to the old 150 series and lately to the Hi-Lux. It may be a mild hybrid and it does have a very updated body but basically its hidden bits seem not to be much changed. Hopefully its driving dynamics will be very much improved, but it needs to be because the 150/Prado/Colorado/LC or whatever your preferred name for it is, was first sold in 1996 or so and had the D4D 3.0 diesel from around 2001 or so and, of late, its driving dynamics were well behind the curve and it was past its sell-by date by at least a decade.

  16. Andre Fortuin Avatar
    Andre Fortuin

    All Land Cruiser models are available here in South Africa, from the Prado to the 300 to the 700, even the big Lexus is available here, so I am sure this model is definitely coming to SA.

  17. CB Avatar

    Honestly, this is hands down the best looking Toyota in a long time and including the GR86. Finally, the brand is stepping up and releasing a lot of interesting cars.

  18. PJ Adamson Avatar
    PJ Adamson

    I absolutely love this! Especially the 70 model! That thing looks so retro I want one now

  19. Piyush Quicker Avatar
    Piyush Quicker

    Overall the car really looks like a Rolls Royce Cullinan but in a very nice way. It has the mix of retro and modern looking design with that boxy shape and considering a land cruiser it has great road presence and a good off-roader (considering it’s history).

  20. Julia Fenix Avatar
    Julia Fenix

    This is going to be such a hit everything a 4×4 should be

    1. R.E.P.L.Y me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW Avatar
      R.E.P.L.Y me on Tele.gram👉@DONATECARWOW

      You’ve won…

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