New Toyota GR… PRIUS?! 🔥






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  1. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Man, Toyota is just GR-ing everything in its lineup now. I would like to see how much of a power difference this has compared to the regular model. Like the looks though especially the white and carbon finish.

    1. Slumpedead Avatar

      I mean given that the top trim of this has Civic SI power… most likely above 200hp

    2. Socially Dead Avatar
      Socially Dead

      @Slumpedeadthat’d be perfect if it was rwd

  2. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Surely Mat makes a few great videos about Goodwood this year.

  3. Gourab Das Avatar
    Gourab Das

    Who broke Prius’s heart 💀

    1. Mohammed Avatar

      we car guys did break Prius Heart with insults😅😅

    2. Monk Avatar


    3. ousou78 Avatar

      Time for Prius’ revenge and break car enthousiast hearts back with its price.

  4. Tobias de Oliveira Avatar
    Tobias de Oliveira

    Brilliant, we need an in depth review!!

  5. Foysal Hossain Avatar
    Foysal Hossain

    Man Toyota is killing the GR line up🔥😍💯

    1. noName yet Avatar
      noName yet

      @inS41NT Normal prius is doing 0-100kph in 6.7s now, if anything the GR will be even faster

      There’s only 3 real GR line and all of them are still in production, GR Corolla, GR Supra, GR 86

    2. Saurav Chhabra Avatar
      Saurav Chhabra

      ​@noName yetYaris?

    3. noName yet Avatar
      noName yet

      @Saurav Chhabra As far as i know GR yaris is no longer in production

    4. cosmo Avatar

      ​@noName yet It is though

    5. Tim Price Avatar
      Tim Price

      ⁠@cosmoe never got any of them here in the US, This year 2023 is the first year we finally got the Corolla GR & GR86, owning a Focus ST & Fiesta ST, I want the Yaris GR more then them all being it’s same powertrain as the CorollaGR, just 600lbs lighter! It’s gotta be a rocket 🚀

  6. nurd Avatar

    Dang the new prius looks good especially the GR edition 😲

  7. Kleon Causapin Avatar
    Kleon Causapin

    Looks fire 🔥

  8. gaymer man Avatar
    gaymer man

    Thats at least a 7hp increase 🥶

    1. The Antics of a Spider Avatar
      The Antics of a Spider

      Nah its prolly gonna be 5 😈

    2. Benjamin Matute Avatar
      Benjamin Matute

      Bet 3

    3. Sim Avatar

      That’s already a 200% increase

  9. The Suplex Guy Avatar
    The Suplex Guy

    And that’s why Leon Edwards has the best physique

  10. bilbo swaggins Avatar
    bilbo swaggins

    prius been hitting the gym 🔥

  11. Alejandro Marquina Martínez Avatar
    Alejandro Marquina Martínez

    I love the rims, they reminisce to the ones on the Toyota LM Hypercar

  12. Rizle 876 Avatar
    Rizle 876

    Mom has never looked better getting the groceries

  13. Jay Clay Avatar
    Jay Clay

    About time Toyota embraced GR accross it’s range and went back to grass roots with the performance vehicles!

  14. tomasz korkuz Avatar
    tomasz korkuz

    Nice. I only liked GR Yaris before , now I want this one.

  15. Kaan C Avatar
    Kaan C

    Corolla rejected Prius, now he bulkin 💀

  16. David Avatar

    Now Doordash and Grubhub delivery will be a few seconds quicker.

  17. TheV8Pumpkin Avatar

    Prius has entered its villain arc 😳

    1. Benjamin Matute Avatar
      Benjamin Matute

      Truth 😂

  18. K L Avatar
    K L

    I’ll take a ride in that taxi even if I’m not going anywhere.

  19. MTM Builds Avatar
    MTM Builds

    The GR line up is crazyyyyyy

  20. I'mMan Avatar

    Prius really glowed up 🔥

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