New RS4 Comp v M3 v AMG C63: Estate DRAG RACE

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … Thanks to for lending us his C63! We have actually got our hands on the brand new RS4 Competitors, and it's going head-to-head versus its crucial rivals- the M3 Touring, and the Estate! Okay, it might be the old C63

Estate, but while we do not have the latest gen in the UK yet, this is the best we might do! So let's see how the three compare. Beginning with the , it's powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbo V7 that can produce 450hp and 600Nm of torque. This power output might be the same as the old cars and truck, but it comes with a retuned transmission that needs to assist it both shift quicker and improve its launch! Power is sent to all four wheels through the gearbox, and it weighs in at 1,745 kg. It also rolls up with a price of around ₤ 85,000. Along with it we have the . It's loading a 3-litre

twin-turbo straight-six under the bonnet which is good for 510hp and 650Nm. Power is sent out to all 4 wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission, and it suggestions the scales at 1,865 kg. It's a bit more expensive than the Audi, costing around ₤ 87,000. Then lastly we have the AMG. It's real estate a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet that can produce 510hp and 700Nm. Power is sent to the rear wheels only, and it weighs in at 1,800 kg. When new it costs around ₤ 78,000, however offered it's the old gen, you can't even purchase one any longer! So will it be a clean sweep for the more powerful BMW? There's just one way to discover … LET'S RACE! Mat's estate offer: Audi RS6 v BMW M3 Touring: Sell

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74 responses to “New RS4 Comp v M3 v AMG C63: Estate DRAG RACE”

  1. Zno Avatar

    Nice cars. After talking with my friends and family and weighing my options, I have concluded that I can’t afford any of them. I’ll stick to my 2008 civic for now.

    1. cal l Avatar
      cal l


    2. MB@London Avatar

      Loool 😂😂😂

    3. coldu de Avatar
      coldu de

      Mazda 6 station wagon…good enough!!

    4. Ceraphiix Avatar

      Somebody give this man a medal

    5. an8698 Avatar

      Whatever u want bro😂

  2. carwow Avatar

    What’s the best car in this line-up?

    1. Lovro Kajkara Avatar
      Lovro Kajkara

      BMW all the way!

    2. Nelson Francis Avatar
      Nelson Francis


    3. Gergely  Avatar

      Audi all the way!❤🔥

    4. Manolo Orz Avatar
      Manolo Orz

      the porsche

    5. Gonçalo Santos Avatar
      Gonçalo Santos


  3. Kane I Avatar
    Kane I

    Can you next do a drag race of all the entry level, standard equivalents of these cars? Would be interesting to see even if it was a bit of a slower race.

    1. jjsteer91 Avatar

      There’s no non-comp version of the M3 in the UK so doubt they would.

    2. Benjamin Toft Avatar
      Benjamin Toft

      @jjsteer91that is not what he meant

    3. Kane I Avatar
      Kane I

      @jjsteer91 sorry, I meant like standard entry A4, 3 series and C class. Should have been clearer.

    4. schoona90 Avatar

      Just go with 3 mates to the dealers and try it yourself. Anyone can get the base models out….

    5. loser125555 Avatar

      @schoona90to drag race ? Cmon be real lol

  4. Dan Butt Avatar
    Dan Butt

    Fair play to the old C63 for keeping up with the newer models 👏

    1. Johnny Avatar

      That is why the new one won’t haha

    2. Dan Butt Avatar
      Dan Butt

      @Johnny Exactly – Long live the V8 🫡

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      fair play its all marketing

    4. SKiLLa Avatar

      That old DCT-7 really let’s it down, it’s really, really slow.

    5. Gabriel Balinski Avatar
      Gabriel Balinski

      Looks tuned tbh they previously raced a c63 s against an m4 comp and it was way slower

  5. SIFWD1 Avatar

    Sam was hilarious with his winning celebrations, and good on him as he usually gets stitched up with the worst car 🤣

    1. Lord Bel Track Avatar
      Lord Bel Track

      😂exactly like everytime😂

    2. TyreseRandall 1 Avatar
      TyreseRandall 1

      The reversing “ahaha” took me out😂😂😂😂

    3. Mncedisi Luhlanga Avatar
      Mncedisi Luhlanga

      Did u jsut call the c63s the worst car?

    4. khensile nkanyani Avatar
      khensile nkanyani

      I enjoyed I so much😂

    5. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr Avatar

      @Mncedisi Luhlangacompared to the RS4 and M3 it is the worst of these 3

  6. Onur Ibrahim Avatar
    Onur Ibrahim

    The c63 did a very good job, the owner maintained it well i guess. And it was a dry racetrack which helped it too

  7. JustinsSupercars Avatar

    It was obvious that the AMG could not compete with the AWD cars from a standstill. But the way it performed in the rolling races was just impressive. That’s a car that’s approaching 8 years of age. What a car.

    1. Antonius Tyaswidyono Avatar
      Antonius Tyaswidyono

      I’ll be honest. Merc can just plonk that old M177 into the new W206 chassis, called it a day, and it would still be able to give M3 Competition a bloody nose, AND kept AMG fans happy.

      But no, they just have to prove that the AMG ONE hybrid system can be used in a ‘normal’ car.

    2. JustinsSupercars Avatar

      @Antonius Tyaswidyono Let’s see what the future holds. Mercedes is preparing the M177 for EURO7 emission standards so it will stick around for quite some time. Maybe we will be surprised with the return of the V8 may it only be in the E-Class or CLE. I’m hearing rumors but nothing with substance yet. Greets from Brabus HQ!

    3. Flyswatter Avatar

      the C63 still lost to the M3 in the first drag race, which was in 2WD mode

    4. Dragos Avatar

      Ofc it will win against an awd car in a rolling race. Power loss is bigger. If you compare the amg with the rwd M3, the BMW will be faster. Still a great car the amg.

    5. Onur Ibrahim Avatar
      Onur Ibrahim

      @Flyswatterlol what are you eatching m8, rewatch those races again 😂😂😂

  8. Vintage yu-hi-oh Avatar
    Vintage yu-hi-oh

    I would still take the c63s before the other two, so much character ❤

    1. Heinman Avatar


    2. Mr. Lambert Avatar
      Mr. Lambert

      Yeah, I definitely agree with this, but still BMW me all day for I am a fan and I drive one lol. X3M40i. When lease up next up M3CM

    3. S Avatar

      Totally agreed, but I’d take it in coupe form.

    4. ricowswave Avatar


  9. Thando Mbambo Avatar
    Thando Mbambo

    I’m a BMW guy, but that M3 really depends on that 4WD system. Boy, that C63 has some legs for sure. Overall, banger of a race.

    1. Bruder Massikus Avatar
      Bruder Massikus

      Well, so does the Audi?

    2. Thando Mbambo Avatar
      Thando Mbambo

      @Bruder Massikus Audi has always been about Quattro—4WD. However, the gearbox tweak Audi made is definitely a noticeable difference.

    3. Gift Frez Avatar
      Gift Frez

      Lol 😂 it beat it wit rwd only on the first race… And stpp capping u are not a bmw guy

    4. Aries Custom Avatar
      Aries Custom

      @Gift Frez Check the jealous Kia guy. 🤣

    5. Othnxxl TV Avatar
      Othnxxl TV

      You know it’s serious when a car has leg

  10. Suleman Shaukat Avatar
    Suleman Shaukat

    Whatta beautiful race with friends having a laugh and Old Merc coping up with newer rivals is so good to see.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Seems like the old merc has nice touches that never lost.

  11. Kas Barlow Avatar
    Kas Barlow

    This has made my weekend already. The Merc surprised me in the rolling races and Sam’s laughs are the icing on the cake… Love it love it looooovvveeeee it…🤣

  12. Graham Evison Avatar
    Graham Evison

    I have an AMG C63 as my daily driver and its supremely refined and comfortable and is a very practical car. Now at 60k miles and been totally reliable. I have driven the Audi RS and just found it less comfortable. Great video, good to see the W205 still delivers.

    1. philippe lemaire Avatar
      philippe lemaire

      I had a C63S i was impressed bunt the tirque

    2. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      depends what you mean reliable alot of sensors and stuff go on these German cars

    3. Graham Evison Avatar
      Graham Evison

      @hassy g no more sensors than any other modern car. I’ve been driving for over 40 years and a lot of different cars, and reliability is largely a factor of proper maintenance.

    4. Graham Evison Avatar
      Graham Evison

      @philippe lemaire its a lovely refined engine too.

  13. Auditography Avatar

    If only Audi did give the RS4 at least 50-80 more hp. Such a missed opportunity on a lovely car. The M3 Touring would be my pick here.

    1. Ted Avatar

      Probably an easy after market tune.

    2. i ViRuZ i Avatar
      i ViRuZ i

      @Tedevery of those high performance wagons get 50-80 so quickly and effortlessly it‘s insane.

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      if only they were faster than Tesla

    4. blaze smooth Avatar
      blaze smooth

      ​@i ViRuZ ino the c63a

  14. Livingston Bijabi Avatar
    Livingston Bijabi

    The design proportions on this Audi RS4 is jaw dropping. It’s somehow makes the car look super fast and understated at the same time.

  15. Tippy35075 Avatar

    I’d be curios if the smaller front tires on the C63S meant it couldn’t stop as fast compared to the M3 Comp and the RS4 Comp

  16. Mohammed Nabil Hobloss Avatar
    Mohammed Nabil Hobloss

    By far this was one of the funniest and most entertaining carwow videos! Sam’s mocking technique is just something else 😂

  17. Jamie. Explore my profile Avatar
    Jamie. Explore my profile

    Id rather have the new gen M3/4 over the atrocity that is the new gen ‘c63’ so to see the old gen win on the roll race is amazing 😅

    1. Yung Jetsquee Avatar
      Yung Jetsquee

      they just need a tune. they come choked up from the factory to keep C63S, E63, and E63S Sales up. on mine i have essentially stock E63 fuel/spark tables and wastegate manual duty cycles on my C63 and it’s literally a whole new car. going to have it dynoed soon.

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    I wonder: If Audi can make RS4 with 60hp deficit hold up to M3 touring just with gearbox reprogram, what would happen if they properly reprogrammed RS6?

    1. BlackSpecter Avatar

      same result faiil. audi need like 80hp to beat bmw. not just a fake badge competition and gearbox

  19. Araújo Oluap Is Waiting. ... Avatar
    Araújo Oluap Is Waiting. …

    That RS4 is way too quick for the deficit of 60Hp…wonder what wold happen if they actually gave it 510Hp

    1. Eric Ray Avatar
      Eric Ray


    2. DaytonaRS5 Avatar

      The perfect daily, that’s about what I have. The S58 is still faster, but I like it that way as I don’t have to see the front of it 😂

    3. B Avatar


    4. Lollo Don Avatar
      Lollo Don

      it will go straight into a wall faster

    5. gregory bigg Avatar
      gregory bigg

      I had my gearbox remapped along with a tune and ended up with 535bhp and 810nm of torque, it was an absolute weapon.

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