New Range Rover Velar review: Better than the Germans?

Meet the new Variety Rover Velar!

It's a step down from the full-blown , and Mat's about to discover if it deserves the ₤ 54,000 starting rate.

When it comes to the design, there are several updates over the previous edition. Around the back, the Land Rover badge has actually been changed by big Variety Rover lettering throughout the back. There are also new 3D effect taillights, as well as an updated bumper. Along the side, you'll find an option of brand-new alloy styles, and on this cars and truck we have the 2-tone result design thanks to the black roofing. Up top, there are a number of brand-new style aspects, consisting of new headlights, a brand-new grille, and an updated bumper.

Step inside, and there's been a big modification with the centre console. Gone is the 2nd screen and physical environment control buttons – they have actually all been gotten rid of which performance added to the infotainment system. In their location … Is nothing! All you'll discover is a big equipment selector surrounded by silver plastic.

When it comes to the real infotainment screen, it's been updated, however it's not the most intuitive system. There are buttons on the steering wheel to handle the digital dials, but the menu can be a bit convoluted. The good news is though the general style of the interior is great, with lots of soft-touch materials throughout.

When it pertains to engines, there are a couple to pick from. If you want a diesel you can choose either a 2-litre turbo or a 3-litre with 200hp or 300hp respectively, and if you just desire petrol there's a 2-litre turbo or a 3-litre six-cylinder with 250hp and 400hp. All these automobiles feature an 8-speed automatic and 4×4.

There's likewise a hybrid offered, which includes a 2-litre turbo gas and an electrical motor that can put down 400hp.

So what do you think, is it worth the ₤ 54,000 price tag? Especially when you consider this can increase to practically ₤ 80,000 for the top-of-the-range model?! You'll require to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:33 Style
02:01 Price
02:45 Interior
07:20 Rear seats
10:31 Boot
12:29 5 Annoying Things
14:46 5 Cool Things
17:07 Engines
18:02 Town Driving
20:14 Motorway Driving
21:37 Country Road Driving
22:48 0-60mph
24:17 Verdict

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58 responses to “New Range Rover Velar review: Better than the Germans?”

  1. @DevanshShahOrigami Avatar

    i honestly prefer the pre-facelifted infotainment setup. it was way easier to use and honestly better looking too. now it just looks like every other car on the road.

    1. @AvionLaminar Avatar

      Yeah , now I hate LR for that .it looks like a low grade toy model.

    2. @surreygraham4466 Avatar

      Yup. Another car ruined by a stupid big screen and removal of physical buttons.

    3. @stephengoldie8337 Avatar

      @@surreygraham4466, Car makers make what people want. The old button system just looked cluttered. much better and tidier to have on a screen.

    4. @AmongUs-mb4qx Avatar

      @@stephengoldie8337 until you start using it, it’s either the screen or the road ( or should I say the tree)

  2. @Presto_001 Avatar

    I though Mat said the next upload is going to be another really cool cybertruck drag race after the last drag race? All good, I am happy to see another regular car get reviewed and it actually be a great one as well. Save the “not want to miss” video for Saturday. Looking forward!!!

  3. @gigaspek Avatar

    The old Velar looks better from inside and outside from the new one

  4. @drxym Avatar

    I really don’t understand why auto makers go out of their way to make the driver experience so awful by removing physical buttons & controls and using haptic buttons. While not everything needs to be a button or dial, stuff like aircon, defogging, volume absolutely should be. Stuff that is used frequently should not be buried in a touch screen when it is clearly not safe for a driver to take their eyes off the road to find and use it.

    1. @Mav86asian Avatar

      The Tesla effect, Teslas are absolutely horrendous ergonomically, have low build quality and material quality, have nothing in their dashboards except a big screen in the middle. Yet journalists doesn’t seem to mind. Best car ever they say. Yet if the same thing is done in ICE cars or even EVs from other carmakers, they will go nuts.

    2. @justaguyfromreddit Avatar

      ​@@Mav86asiantbf newer tesla aren’t built that bad

    3. @oskarskalski2982 Avatar

      It’s cheaper. Some accountant proposed this idea, so they can lower the cost of production , they save millions of pounds in the process, charge the same and the savings go to the CEO’s as a bonus in the process (because they charge the same, or even more for the new one).

    4. @lesnuitssanskimwilde7986 Avatar

      What a stupid trend. Regulations should impose dedicated controls for some of the features. After all it’s also about safety.

    5. @techieboy333 Avatar

      Typical JLR. Just as other manufacturers start to accept the problem and start fitting physical controls again, JLR decide to remove them for a sh!tty all-on-one screen interface.

  5. @jetforcer84 Avatar

    Hmm, I love the car. It is a real dreamcar for me. But the facelift, especially in the interior is not a big deal. The old interior looked better and it seems, it has the better usability.

    1. @markgt894 Avatar

      Dream car? Sad

    2. @jetforcer84 Avatar

      @@markgt894 your answer is sad. Can I deside on my own, what I prefer or do I have to ask you before?

    3. @markgt894 Avatar

      @@jetforcer84 my opinion, it’s sad.

    4. @martinafghahi Avatar

      @@markgt894whats you’re dream car then? Let me guess… a bugatti chiron super sport ?

  6. @felipefernandezlomas6770 Avatar

    In my XF, I put the wipers into service mode to change the blades, same procedure as on the Velar there, unaware that there’s a time limit. Of course the arms slammed down and smashed the windscreen. Not the handiest of features I must say

    1. @sonicrulez Avatar

      why the heck add a time limit, it’s not a contest to change wipers lol

    2. @Xenon0000000000001 Avatar

      The one thing that should be accessible from a touchscreen menu, and they use a ridiculous procedure pressing random buttons instead.

    3. @iandavis8725 Avatar

      There is no time limit if you leave the keys in the car whilst changing them. Otherwise the car goes to sleep and puts the wipers back into rest mode.

    4. @ahyaan2552 Avatar

      Should have taken it up with jaguar to cover the windscreen

    5. @Ag3nt0fCha0s Avatar

      Yeah but u ended up paying JLR for a new windscreen, right?

  7. @yendor86 Avatar

    The previous interior was MUCH better. Forcing all climate controls into a screen is the stupidest thing ever. Yet car manufacturers continue to ignore all critiques about it. Baffling.

    1. @gypsyemperor7535 Avatar

      Because it’s actually easier once your used to it

    2. @rui619 Avatar

      ​@@gypsyemperor7535easier😂😂😂 you mean cheaper to the manufacturer

    3. @iknewmickey4762 Avatar

      Over using Screens 👎👎👎

    4. @ralphkbauer Avatar

      How often do you use the climate switches? Set the temperature once and the automatic does her job. 2023 you don’t have to adjust everything manually during driving.

    5. @gypsyemperor7535 Avatar

      @@rui619 you don’t own one lol

  8. @RafinatorLp Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing more reviews of cars that were revealed this year instead of just drag races

    1. @modelrailwaynoob Avatar

      Well said. I never watch drag races. I’m over 16

    2. @berniesutton7277 Avatar

      Yep, I don’t bother with the drag races

  9. @ruk2023-- Avatar

    If JLR’s aim was to create a range of rovers that nobody could tell apart from one another then my hat is off to them. They have done this masterfully.

    1. @GodDamnItCarl Avatar

      It’s so they all look the same when stolen so they have no idea which is theirs as someone walks up and drives it away 🤣

    2. @M8F92 Avatar

      yeah no. They’re easy to tell apart.
      But there is always somebody who leaves a comment like this, for merc, audi etc

    3. @ruk2023-- Avatar

      @@M8F92 and there’s always someone who thinks they are better than everyone else because they can tell the difference between cars based on the shape of a window switch

    4. @M8F92 Avatar

      @@ruk2023– no I can tell the difference by actually using my brain.
      But you are correct, I recognize oncoming traffic while driving at night just by the headlight design. Or the tail lights from 500 meters far away quite consistently.
      However alone the size difference for the Velar is enough to realize what it is

    5. @ruk2023-- Avatar

      @@M8F92 I was really aiming my comment at the average buyer not the 5% of us that spend our time watching car reviews on YouTube

  10. @richardmcaleavy Avatar

    Totally agree about the interior update, it’s not good. It looks and feels more like a cost cutting change than anything else. Cheap plastics, bland design and no cup holder covers at key touch points for both driver and passenger = poor. I went to my local dealer to check out for my next car, but I’m pretty disappointed.

  11. @yoyomo777 Avatar

    The old exterior, especially on profile looked more distinctive and was much better.

  12. @brendanwaters9646 Avatar

    Used to have a Velar, and I much prefer its interior compared to that new one – feels like it’s been a value-engineering exercise.

    1. @just2view874 Avatar

      What problems did you encounter when you had it?

    2. @gordonlaurie Avatar

      Completely agree, my Velar was much better than this. Oh, I had zero issues with it in 3 years, nothing at all went wrong. My wife still goes on about how much she loved it.

    3. @just2view874 Avatar

      @@lexfrancis5916 was it worth the money?

    4. @CL4SSiCS Avatar

      ​@@just2view874one thing, do not get the 2.0L diesel one. Has alot of problems and it sounds like an old peugoet. Probably because it is a peugoet engine

  13. @choosumfat Avatar

    I always liked RRs and still do, but the interior is a serious disappointment to me. The old one was cumbersome and slow (something the new gen does not seem to improve on) but it was way nicer and definitely classier, which let’s face it, RR is all about class. So much so, that had I been able to actually afford one, that could well end up being a dealbreaker for me. Just has that 90s budget car vibe to me.,

  14. @kizzyp2735 Avatar

    The older interior had more of a sense of occasion about it . The tilting upper screen , the dual function climate/seat controls , the split upper and lower graphics which changed depending what driving mode you were in . The shifter that rose from out of the centre console , the hidden cup holder that appeared when you pressed the land rover logo . This one is just dull.

  15. @Mark_1Mosee Avatar

    I love the way you incorporate reviews with fun iam a carwow addict for sure😊

  16. @LordTechPro Avatar

    The pre-facelift Velar was designed by designers and engineered by engineers. This facelift one has been designed and engineered by the accounting department

    1. @eugenembaiwa586 Avatar


  17. @davee1238 Avatar

    I have the old style. Pulling away at a round about, it hesitates which is a bit nerve wracking, and most times you just wait for bigger gap. Leg room in the front passenger seat is terrible. In the cold, the handles don’t pop out unless you use the remote, and even then some of them don’t open, or close…. Low profile tires make a very uncomfortable ride, and usual electrical faults from LR. Depreciation has also been hell. Bought 2nd hand for £44K, 2 years later, 26K. USB devices don’t always work, and sometimes, there is a huge delay before the radio, or music starts playing (depending on what mood the car is in!!). DAB signal is terrible compared to other cars in the area. And as covered in the video, you are quite low down to what would expect from such big car and the front pillars obscure your view when turning.

    1. @behindthebuild8016 Avatar

      That sounds horrible

  18. @Need-You-Tonight Avatar

    *_The BIGGEST drawback with the new Velar is that center Console BS. The previous one was perfect with a good mix of button and screens. AND agree on the gear selector thing. I am in belief ALL automatics should be a dial. what is the point of making it look like a manual you touch the thing 4 times during a normal drive trip._*

    1. @krane15 Avatar

      Well there’s no physical connection so it can be located almost anywhere. Now that that’s the case, carmakers get to redesign the center console to be more efficient and user friendly. It just looks like RR didn’t know how to do that.

      I would imagine all the usable storage space there would be if the shifter was reloacted to the steering wheel column. The rear seats folding and the rear window lowering just screams of poor design. For those reasons alone I’d never consider it.

  19. @beinjar5634 Avatar

    Mat is always on point he points out useless features rather than sugarcoating it

  20. @milijappert1320 Avatar

    It just blew my mind when i saw the climate controls on the first car. The rotating knobs integrated into the screen looked so sleek and futuristic and matched the gear selector, the new one is the biggest downgrade of all time.

    1. @samirav1137 Avatar

      Spot on. What a useless change

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