New Porsche Cayenne review: It could save you money!

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Say hi to the brand-new !

's flagship SUV has actually had a mid-life facelift, and Mat's about to see just what's altered compared to the previous edition, while likewise seeing if it can compete with market leaders such as the BMW X5.

When it comes to the style, it's not overly various to the previous generation, provided it's just a mid-life facelift. Around the back, you'll discover a thinner full-length light bar, together with some upgraded exhaust designs. Alloy wheels now start at 20 inches rather of 19, rising to 22 inches. But step around the front and this is where the greatest design changes can be found. There's a brand new bonnet with creases sweeping along the front, along with an all-new bumper and grille, flanked by thinner Matrix LED headlights. All things thought about, it looks quite wise!

Step within and the standard quality is clear to see. There's leather throughout the cabin (although this cars and truck does have the prolonged leather bundle added!), and everything feels well-built and tough. There's a totally upgraded centre console, and the good news is has actually retained the physical climate control buttons. There's a completely revamped digital dial display, and a big infotainment screen which is pretty easy to utilize. This edition likewise includes a 3rd screen for the front seat guest constructed into the dash!

There are a load of engine choices offered. If you're keeping it petrol-only, you can pick up the Cayenne S with either a 3-litre V6 with 353hp or a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 474hp. If you desire a plug-in hybrid, 2 options included the 3-litre V6 and an electric motor to provide 470hp or 519hp. The range-topper is the Cayenne Turbo, which combined the 4-litre V8 with an electric motor to put down 739hp.

There's only a small problem though – it's not low-cost! The entry-level Cayenne begins at around ₤ 70,000, quickly increasing to over ₤ 100,000 for the range-topper with a couple of choices added! So is it worth it? Stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Introduction
01:06 Design
02:04 Rate
03:30 Interior
06:57 Rear seats
08:57 Boot
10:06 Frustrating Features
11:40 Cool Features
13:59 Engines
15:20 Town Driving
18:58 Motorway Driving
20:41 Back Road Driving
21:49 0-60mph
23:07 Verdict


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    1. @QZBpm-xj7tg Avatar

      Dear God, save the western countries from islam😢😢😢

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      😂 ignore the bot

    3. @lucifercannon Avatar

      You’re so scrawny, you used to hot Mat. Who cares about the cars!

    4. @alexc30r Avatar

      Where’s the new Duster?

    5. @-Pradi- Avatar

      When can we expect a test of the new Panamera?

  2. @footballgeorgiebest Avatar

    Porsche didn’t like all the positivity around last week’s X5 review 😂

    1. @QZBpm-xj7tg Avatar

      Dear God, save the western countries from islam😢😢😢

    2. @bryantwilson4731 Avatar

      @@QZBpm-xj7tgwhy are you commenting this 😂 ?

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      ​@@QZBpm-xj7tg western countries have embraced islam so much its scary😂😂😂😂😂 1

    5. @abdiyusuf7598 Avatar

      Again 😂

  3. @syan1450 Avatar

    I really like that Porsche still keeps its Desgin classic and doesnt go too much mondern with their cars

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      And also keeping their signature engines without overly focused on EV engines.

  4. @farzadjahanfard Avatar

    How a company can design 911 and this at the same time its crazy

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      They designed 911 and Cayenne Turbo in a flash. Thats why.

    2. @Glock7eventeen Avatar

      This is literally a 911 just bloated up lol

    3. @Rei_n1 Avatar

      Engineers are not the same, but the marketing department is what is common 😂

    4. @dardoukLYS Avatar

      If it weren’t for “this”, we wouldn’t have any 911 since long ago.

  5. @TheGreatHuman Avatar

    Jesus the price of it is crazy

  6. @AM-xf8mu Avatar

    What is that cockpit, it feels like the trim on top is missing

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The cockpit in 2024 Facelifted Cayenne looked like its cutted off like Shelby Series 1.

    2. @posiub Avatar

      i thought it looked odd but i couldn’t put my finger on it

  7. @ChrisN06999 Avatar

    The person controlling the camera should stop moving about randomly, especially when Mat is highlighting something. It’s doing my head in.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Definitely. Moving randomly may also caused problems for the one driving the car for sure.

    2. @TerbrugZondolop Avatar

      Agreed, he needs to send you a personal apology and beg for your forgiveness.

    3. @iHaveTheDocuments Avatar

      They think it makes it look posh and fancy. We’re looking at cars here, calm down carwow crew

    4. @dmitriitsunenko9055 Avatar

      @@TerbrugZondolopwhy be so passive-aggressive over constructive feedback?

    5. @salahtali9338 Avatar

      Especially when you are fasting in Ramadan I feel sick 5:02

  8. @dynamicsoulslayer Avatar

    Been waiting 9 months for this face lift review, thx matt! Pls do the Cayenne S E hybrid coupe also, cheers!

  9. @Ahxvhjvxftsxfth Avatar

    £100k for an SUV with plastic dashboard and manually adjustable steering column that looks like an earlier version that can be picked up for a few thousand pounds?!

    1. @Elevate_G Avatar

      Everything now is paid extras.
      Leather dash – £5k
      Automatic adjustable steering – £900
      Even buttons on the steering wheel to play music is added extra
      It’s madness after you finish the spec, £100k turns to £115k

    2. @Mark__A Avatar

      Like on my V6 Macan, colour matched stiching was in the extended leather option. now on the new electric (sad) Macan, it’s £2000 to change the color of the stiching. just the colour as the stiching will be there anyway. Crazy. Rip off master class.

    3. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      Germans be finessing them. might aswell be a Landcruiser

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@Elevate_Gwell 78.97 percent of those properties now are paid extras.

    5. @matthewpotter8491 Avatar

      Exactly. It’s a joke and an easy pass. Really lazy poor effort by Porsche

  10. @jocazaba Avatar

    Those wheels are criminal 💀

    1. @spacegodmurder Avatar

      Yeah, they’re the ice on the cake when it comes to design. Poorly inspired

    2. @snakeeyes9246 Avatar

      You can pay extra to get better looking wheels, unless these are the winter wheels.

    3. @evgenyr1334 Avatar

      wheels are nice – clean, classy and not oversized and not black. Prefer this kind of style over aero-two tones-dimond cut bs makers like to put on cars recent years

    4. @JMNTN Avatar

      i much prefer a simple silver wheel with a fat tire, all cars come with donk wheels these days

    5. @Areku06 Avatar

      For 100k car those are worse wheels I’ve seen.

  11. @matthewcoleman8267 Avatar

    Anyone else get annoyed on behalf of the Deddington residents when Mat does his turning circle test lol

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Thats very interesting fact that 2024 Cayenne weighed heavier than even Buick GNX.

    2. @shammyh Avatar


    3. @SAMK1 Avatar


    4. @pdsnpsnldlqnop3330 Avatar

      Carwow should buy the town, or make a replica, just like Brookside Close.

    5. @reetpateet8656 Avatar

      Just wish I saw him to give him a wave! 🙂👋

  12. @davidgillham6847 Avatar

    It’s unbelievable how expensive cars have become, people really need to stop buying them at these over inflated prices, it’s just nuts!

    1. @kizmaiaz7671 Avatar

      But unfortunately they don’t so Porsche keeps on exploring how far it can go with its ludicrous price-setting and options policy before its customers back away…

    2. @hovanesmarkaryan896 Avatar

      This is a Porsche, it was never meant to be not expensive

    3. @andresroelalvarado5943 Avatar

      And we don’t have money, is hard to survive in this conditions day a day 😢

    4. @mcCorn6478 Avatar

      ​@@hovanesmarkaryan896 i think he meant all cars in general

    5. @nopants3560 Avatar

      No-one “buys” cars anymore. Its all Lease etc. A bank buys it and lends it to you for a monthly fee

  13. @arne101 Avatar

    11:11 the poor crew member in the back ground cleaning up Mat’s water mess from the dash is truly hilarious

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The Cayenne on EV mode apparently accelerated slower than 1989 Miata.

    2. @welephant2013 Avatar

      Well spotted. I went back to look. I wonder if we’ve missed anything else like this in other videos

    3. @MrRobix13 Avatar

      it’s scripted.

    4. @Mount_GRover108 Avatar

      Poor crew member

  14. @dinckelman Avatar

    The fact that you can get a horrible plastic dash on a 100k+ euro car is absolutely mental

    1. @Itsmarkyoung Avatar

      And the amount of plastic trim on the exterior…for £70k?? Egregious

    2. @MrDabadabadu Avatar

      Big Chinese “reset” is coming, just wait a little.

    3. @elowine Avatar

      No dials in a 100k car but at least you get a touchscreen that performs worse than a 8 year old ipad!

    4. @n9Fingers Avatar

      TBF every vw group car should have the slogan “cheap plastic is fantastic” 😂

    5. @cds5067 Avatar

      Who cares mate? I’m not living in my car unlike you

  15. @malickn538 Avatar

    You’re definitely not getting your moneys worth for £101k. Soo many missing features at that price.

    1. @maximuswong3092 Avatar

      My 1996 Toyota Yaris has more features than this car, like cigarette lighter and CD player

  16. @doctorlovera Avatar

    Car manufacturers: I will put a special film in the passenger display so the driver can not see it.
    Also, car manufacturers: I will put 3 displays and move every single important and frequently used function inside a menu in that display so the driver has to look at those displays while driving. 🤪

    1. @rbarbetta1978 Avatar

      That is such a great point. 😂

    2. @rbarbetta1978 Avatar

      Yuck. Ugly front end Porsche, c’mon.

  17. @ChR0nos_7734 Avatar

    I kinda liked acid green logo and brake calipers. And it looks like you can’t even add in the configurator

  18. @filipealves77 Avatar

    I’m surprised car brands still lend press cars to Mat after the way he treats them. 😅

  19. @dabmanplz1451 Avatar

    1:52 “Completely redesigned front bumper” proceeds to look exactly the same

  20. @erdemtecer4445 Avatar

    For all the times Mat is going on about ‘scratchy plastics in the cabin which are a terrible shame’.. Not a word about the plastic backs of the front seats. In a +100k car with all the bells and whistles?

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