New MG4 XPower: A £35k supercar SLAYER!

This may just be the very best value performance automobile on the planet – satisfy the brand new !

Now was know what you're believing – how can an be a performance cars and truck?! But trust us, this is no typical MG.

You see, whereas the typical MG 4 is geared up with a single electrical motor that can deliver 203hp, the XPower includes double motors and the ability to produce 435hp and 600Nm of torque! That suffices to move it to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds!

But here's the thing, you get all that power for just ₤ 36,5000! That indicates you get more power than an RS3 for half the price!

But how different is the from the normal ? Well, it's practically identical. There's a bit of extra bodywork on the outside, and on the within, you get some Alcantara trim on the seats and some red stitching, but otherwise, it's basically the same cars and truck!

The question is, can an all-electric crossover SUV really compare to the strength and fun of the lesser-powered RS3 and AMG A45 S? You'll require to stick to Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Intro
00:16 Motors
00:49 0-60mph
01:11 Chassis
01:42 Back Road Driving
04:46 Style
05:32 Interior
06:02 Back Seats
06:13 Boot
06:29 5 Annoying Things
07:38 5 Advantages
09:07 Daily Driving
10:00 Verdict

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65 responses to “New MG4 XPower: A £35k supercar SLAYER!”

  1. Tinashe TF Avatar
    Tinashe TF

    Never thought the day would ever come where an mg would be described as a performance car

    1. Κίρκη Avatar

      What about the MG F and TF?

    2. spoenk Avatar

      It’s not really an MG though, is it?

    3. Tinashe TF Avatar
      Tinashe TF

      @Κίρκη that tiny thing was never powerful enough to ever be classed as a performance car.

    4. GaMingitSssEmoTionaL Avatar

      Well that’s because it ain’t MG anymore 🤷🤟 and ain’t been for around a Decade and abit now

    5. Κίρκη Avatar

      @Tinashe TF I would argue that 160 horsepowers on a rear mid-engine car that weights slightly more than a tonne (slightly less than 2500 pounds in freedom units) is plenty of performance, but to each their definition of what performance means I guess.

  2. Dre .M. Avatar
    Dre .M.

    If anything, electric vehicles have given opportunity for companies who have not been competitive in the ICE market for a long time, to make a comeback.

    I thought MG were done a long while ago, but it’s good to see an old brand returning.

    1. protagonist Avatar

      And they are in with a bang. Beating the Germans on the hot hatch, Chinese Volvo EX30 performance would be best value fastest 3.5 second car slotted above this

    2. Max's Technology Avatar
      Max’s Technology

      MG has been very successful in Australia for at least the last 5 years!

    3. Alex NutCasio Avatar
      Alex NutCasio

      @protagonist eh, NO, given that Volvo is double the price.

    4. Mark Cain Avatar
      Mark Cain

      Old name, the brand and type of car are totally different

  3. D Avatar

    Imagine being left for dust by an MG 😔

    1. Mark Cain Avatar
      Mark Cain

      I got left behind by an mgb gt V8 once, no way could my 1.6 focus keep up, sounded absolutely beautiful too

    2. Xander Avatar

      Yeah, in a straigth line. If I’d be in the market for another car at this kind of price point, I’d get a Hyundai or an used BMW over this anytime. As Mat said.

    3. Gypsy Emperor Avatar
      Gypsy Emperor

      MG were legit once.

    4. Mk3vrs Avatar

      And then you remember that you dont drive that shitbox. 😅

    5. 1 1 Avatar
      1 1

      Only for 150 miles or how much it holds

  4. Tan Shin Avatar
    Tan Shin

    This is about as fast as 911 Carrera S!

    1. Snake Eyes Avatar
      Snake Eyes

      For way less too. Of course, the 4S would smoke this because of AWD.

    2. Aitor Gallego Avatar
      Aitor Gallego

      ​@Snake Eyesthis is also awd

    3. Asian sex symbol (natty 4life) Avatar
      Asian sex symbol (natty 4life)

      ​@Snake EyesThis does the 1/4mi in 11.9s. What does the 4S do?

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Snake Eyesthe MG4 XPOWER possibly also gonna smoke out the Xanavi Nismo Z.

  5. David Stevenson Avatar
    David Stevenson

    This is definitely a step in the right direction for EVs!

    1. apekatt2007 Avatar

      What is? Making cheap cars, and having 7 years of warranty?

    2. Jashanvir Singh Avatar
      Jashanvir Singh

      @apekatt2007why not ¿. So u want expensive cars ¿

    3. apekatt2007 Avatar

      @jashanvirsingh2166  Cheap/affordable cars are definitely welcome. Still wondering what the OP meant since I feel like EVs have been cheaper or similar priced as new ICE cars

    4. King Bob Avatar
      King Bob

      @apekatt2007 yes, why? Are you suggesting a good price and reliability are bad things?

    5. apekatt2007 Avatar

      @King_Bob724  Cheap/affordable cars are definitely welcome. Still wondering what the OP meant since I feel like EVs have been cheaper or similar priced as new ICE cars

  6. King Bob Avatar
    King Bob

    It’s a crazy world we live in when a car that looks like that has over 400bhp and does 0-60 in under 4 seconds, that was top tier super car figures not too long ago. Madness.

    1. Stefan Schuchardt Avatar
      Stefan Schuchardt

      Isnt the ferrari enzo like a 4 second car?

    2. Harpreet06 Avatar

      The RS3 has had that for a while though

    3. Mark Cain Avatar
      Mark Cain

      What’s its 0 to 150mph acceleration?

    4. wayne tennant Avatar
      wayne tennant

      No soul at all

    5. Landscapes & Dronescapes Avatar
      Landscapes & Dronescapes

      @wayne tennant zero. Electric cars are boring as hell. I spent five minutes in my mates model 3 performance and was bored by the 6th minute.

  7. Matthew Coleman Avatar
    Matthew Coleman

    It’s the bargain of the decade. Hopefully it’ll spur on other manufacturers to produce more affordable EV performance models!
    It does look like it sits a bit high to my eyes though

    1. Lloyd. Avatar

      How’s it a bargain? Loosing hundreds of pounds each month on a car that will be worth nothing in 10-15 years?
      Buy a older proper ice performance car and make money.

    2. Jon Beaumont-Pike Avatar
      Jon Beaumont-Pike

      They’re smaller than you think when you see one in person

    3. Vojtulee M. Avatar
      Vojtulee M.

      ⁠@Lloyd.who tf is gonna buy your super old ice performance car in 10 years when gas will be much more expensive? Ice cars loose about the same value as electric cars so this argument is irrelevant

  8. Emi X090 Avatar
    Emi X090

    You can actually switch the stability control off.
    Swipe down from the top right side of the screen and you get a menu where you can turn the controls off

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Eh? Is that possible?

    2. Emi X090 Avatar
      Emi X090

      @Purwanti Allan I think so, at least it is possible on my mg4 trophy, and it’s a lot of fun 🤩
      Being the xpower the performance version I doubt the took out this possibility

    3. Bowie Avatar

      He knows this have you not noticed he does these things on purpose to drive the comment section numbers up….😀

    4. Patrick Hassey Avatar
      Patrick Hassey

      Does it stay off? Had a VW ID and it was a nuisance having to go switch things off every time you turned the ignition off.
      No option for driver profiles in the VW to remember your settings.

    5. Igotta Cunning-Plan Avatar
      Igotta Cunning-Plan

      ​@Patrick HasseyIt’s not supposed to stay off permanently. Especially not in a car like this.

  9. Yulia: EXPLORE my Profile Avatar
    Yulia: EXPLORE my Profile

    Hello Carwow, I noticed in the description that you’ve listed the price as £365,000. You might want to double-check that figure; it doesn’t quite align with the image of a supercar slayer! 😂

    1. BritishTeaLover Avatar

      They’ve moved the comma, but lef the extra zero, so it currently says £36,5000 😅

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The car costed £430.000. In some of the Welsh countries.

  10. darren m Avatar
    darren m

    I wouldn’t call that a hot hatch, looks more like a small SUV

    1. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      Have you ever seen one in person ? It is a hatchback.

  11. Lukas Schneider Avatar
    Lukas Schneider

    As someone who is receiving his MG4 Trophy in a couple of days i am extremely annoyed this car wasn’t announced when I ordered mine. But I am extremely happy they are bringing one pedal driving to mine too.

    1. Renz 2.0 Avatar
      Renz 2.0

      Trade in. They’ll surely let you.

    2. tren133 Avatar

      I actually think for daily use the other new MG4, the extended range, may also merit consideration. XPower is good for acceleration, but it really seems like MG just shoehorned the extra motor in, and 400 plus hp is a bit too much for the chassis to handle. The Extended Range has 300 miles plus range with its massive 77 kWh battery, but also is fitted with the XPower’s larger 240 hp battery as a RWD only car. Sure the 0-60 drops to 6.5 seconds, but I reckon it may well be a more balanced car on the backroads.

    3. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      @tren133 My thoughts exactly.

  12. Renz 2.0 Avatar
    Renz 2.0

    This is surely the ultimate family runaround. Larger estate for the children and longer drives at weekends. Xpower for shorter hops. It may not suit someone who considers any twisting B-road a racing opportunity, but that won’t move the needle on sales figures.

  13. Chris L Avatar
    Chris L

    Quicker 0-60 than a Porsche Carrera 😱😱😱.

    Blimey, what is the world coming to?

  14. Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria Avatar
    Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria

    MG just stole the show. I’m impressed

    1. Steven Jones Avatar
      Steven Jones

      Until the SMART #1 Brabus and Volvo EX30 arrives.

    2. SE Asian Avatar
      SE Asian

      They would steal your money if you buy one lol. It’ll be worth nothing in 5 years, especially when it catches thermal runaway about 3 years after usage. It’s a heap of junk. But as Mat says, it’s a no brainer to buy one. As in one’s gotta have no brain to buy one.

  15. victor 91 Avatar
    victor 91

    The day Hyundai and Kia became ” performance” cars I knew all bets were off! It’s a good thing!

  16. Rex Treurniet Avatar
    Rex Treurniet

    Tried it out myself last weekend.. it’s a really funny little bugger this one.. Love it!

  17. Joseph Marsh Avatar
    Joseph Marsh

    £36,000 for this really powerful 0-60 mph MG hatchback is super amazing! However, I so think MG should make an EV to rival touring sports cars. I think they should turn their new MG5 EV, which is like an estate, into a fast estate by giving it the same power and 4WD. I bet if they do, the price would only be £42,000 for an MG5 EV estate with over 420hp and 4WD. Lets face it, fast estates are more fun and practical right?!

  18. D Train Avatar
    D Train

    Wow! That’s insane performance!!!

    I used to work for a big Rover MG dealer… the best we had then was the ZS-180! Which kinda was a civic.. oh and tons of head gasket issues on the rest of the range!

    I don’t like the brake Caliper covers- should have had four pot brembo… type but otherwise this is killer! Half the 0-60 of our FN2…

  19. Peter Evans Avatar
    Peter Evans

    Funny as you posted this video just after I had a test drive in one. Ferocious acceleration and was pretty impressed with everything else too.

  20. Lawrence Harrison Avatar
    Lawrence Harrison

    This car is clearly going to annoy all the right people. Well done MG.

    1. ||||upjidasoid Avatar

      Yes all the Tesla, Porches and Audi EV owners.

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