New Mercedes CLE revealed: Better than a BMW 4 Series?!

Meet the !

It's a brand new automobile that rolls up as a replacement for the , C-Class Cabriolet, E-Class Coupe & E-Class Cabriolet … That's right, four cars rolled into one! The question is, does this method offer enough to strike worry into BMW and Audi?

Well let's have a look over the cars and truck. Starting with the design, it's certainly quite striking! Up leading there's a newly-designed, huge grille, which is flanked either side by newly-designed, thinner headlights. Around the side you'll find some cool alloy designs, and around the back has actually opted for an easier style than other new cars in its line-up … However that's no bad thing! Sure, the side profile looks reasonably similar to the outbound C-Class, however all-in-all there's no denying this is a good-looking cars and truck!

Step within and the interior appears all-too familiar to the existing C-Class. But just like the side profile, this is no bad thing, as the interior is definitely gorgeous! Not only will you discover a huge infotainment screen extending up from the centre console to the dash, you'll likewise be dealt with to a variety of colour combinations, along with a cabin swamped with soft-touch materials. This is one seriously outstanding interior!

When it pertains to engines, there are a number of gas and diesel alternatives to select from. The entry-level is the 200, which is a 2-litre 4 cylinder paired with an EV motor to deliver around 200hp. The range-topper will be the 450, which ought to have the ability to provide 381hp from a 3-litre 6-cylinder engine! It ought to also move you to 60mph in about 4.4-seconds.

What's more, we expect an AMG edition to be revealed in the future, which is most likely to come geared up with the exact same 6-cylinder engine that's being established for the forthcoming E63. With that in mind, we anticipate it to be able to produce a minimum of 700hp!!

So what do you believe, was this a masterstroke by to combine these vehicles? Or should they have kept the C & E-Class coupes separate? Let us understand listed below!

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Style
02:04 Engines
02:55 Performance
04:04 Interior
04:57 AMG
06:18 Functionality
06:56 Cabriolet
07:17 Infotainment
08:22 Driving
09:13 Rate


54 responses to “New Mercedes CLE revealed: Better than a BMW 4 Series?!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Mercedes CLE vs BMW 4 Series vs Audi A5… Which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Mercedes CLE!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: BMW 4 Series!

    3. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Audi A5!

    4. Your dad👨 Avatar
      Your dad👨


    5. Your dad👨 Avatar
      Your dad👨


  2. E53 Avatar

    The previous E Coupe was mad gorgeous. Let’s hope for the Amg version

    1. Deen al-Afriqi Avatar
      Deen al-Afriqi

      Yeah this looks more c-coupe than e-coupe. Meh

    2. E53 Avatar

      @Deen al-Afriqi I wouldn’t trade my e53 in for this to be honest.

    3. George Avatar

      This is not an e class coupe replacement. It’s 100% a c class coupe, he only mentioned them because mercedes discontinued e class coupe/cabrio and s class coupe/cabrio at least for now. It’s a shame that they did this and didn’t even made a e63amg coupe for the previous generations.

    4. Real eyes realise real lies Avatar
      Real eyes realise real lies

      ​@Georgeand the CLS.

    5. Francisco Ribeiro Avatar
      Francisco Ribeiro

      ​@E53it has it, they showed in the premiere

  3. ThunderTiger0801 Avatar

    Its ta good looking car but the rear lights maybe curve a little too much around the corner and into the side profile. Looks a little unrefined when looking form behind and seeing the details disappear to the sides

  4. strudl32456 Avatar

    There is not a single ounce of “E” in this model, the main point of the previous E coupe was the missing B pillar.

    1. Nabil S. Avatar
      Nabil S.

      Well the last gen CLS is closer to the W213 rather than the W222 s class

    2. Adrian Avatar

      @rekaarnes Also got a 209 with the 3.5L V6. Great sound and the missing b pillar is just gorgeous

    3. Doa Avatar

      @Nabil S. CLS has always been an E class 4 door coupe

    4. Nabil S. Avatar
      Nabil S.

      @Doa So why would it be weird when the CLE shares most of it parts with the C class? CLS = E class CLE = C class 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Ned Aznir Avatar
    Ned Aznir

    1. This looks like an update over the previous C class coupe.
    2. Even the interior is based on the current c class.
    3. Back then the e class coupe was based on the W204 c class
    4. Call it an e class instead of the c class coupe because they can charge more
    5. The car industry is in a very sad state

    1. Alex M Avatar
      Alex M

      the front looks better than an m440i at least :))

    2. CantDcdeGoodNamsTakn Avatar

      Absolutely agree! How can it be an E coupe replacement when it has a C class interior?

    3. ♛ĦăŁį ĞâĻį♛ Avatar
      ♛ĦăŁį ĞâĻį♛

      Wrong. The last e class coupe (C238) was based on the e class (w213 lineage). The C207 e class coupe (W212 lineage) was based on the c class.

    4. fahrer30m Avatar

      The current C Class has reached higher levels of confort and quality than past E class.

    5. Faheem Abbas Avatar
      Faheem Abbas

      The car industry just wants money now.
      Cars are going to be built like crap on purpose, even Toyotas, compared to their older models.
      Planned obsolescence. They need more customers as soon as possible. Cars are going to break more often to accomplish this.

  6. E Reinaldy Avatar
    E Reinaldy

    the only drawback of this car is the rear lights and the shape of the rear bumper. supposedly, for the rear bumper at the bottom it is made a little dive inward like having a diffuser. the rear bumper is actually protruding backwards underneath so it looks strange.

    *edit: when I saw it on the Mercedes channel, it turns out that the rear is not bad. apparently because the car video is shown in black, so the diffuser is not visible because the color resembles the color of the car body. white and blue for CLE turned out to be more suitable than black, because the lamp connection on the stop lamp did not match if it was the same as the car body color.

    1. Sarthak Verma Avatar
      Sarthak Verma

      Actually true , finally someone noticed!!

  7. Baki Avatar

    The previous e class rear lights were perfect, luxurious and elegent yet still very modern and would suit this even more and suits the sportier amg package too

  8. Mezzie Mezole Avatar
    Mezzie Mezole

    The one thing this brand new Mercedes needs and it doesn’t have are no pillar door frames so all 4 windows could go down on the coupe I know the convertible will have it but that’s a huge let down with the coupe I loved that about the e class coupes forever also the taillight bar isn’t my favorite..

  9. JustinsSupercars Avatar

    I’ve seen the 53 AMG version of this car. Looked absolutely insane! Extra wide fenders and big diffuser. But I’m afraid it didn’t sound like a V8. To me it sounded like a 4 cylinder. Maybe a straight 6.

    1. Donat Prodan Avatar
      Donat Prodan

      A test car in camo?

    2. JustinsSupercars Avatar

      @Donat Prodan Yes, it visited us at Brabus.

    3. jkliao648 Avatar

      the 53 version isn’t the full amg model anyway, so there is hope that we could get a 63 version with a V8, although I’m not keeping my hopes up.

    4. JustinsSupercars Avatar

      @jkliao648 Im not sure what it was. Could have been the 63 as well. But it had oval exhaust pipes. Then on the other hand I doubt that they would make the 53 version so aggressive. Like I said it had huge air intakes and really wide fenders like the C63s have. And a massive diffuser. Don’t know if they would do that to the 53 line up. But again the sound was disappointing

    5. LisakRacing Avatar

      @jkliao6486 cylinder hybrid is confirmed for cle 63

  10. QB TRAILERS Avatar

    Both previous gen E Classes looked absolutely gorgeous. This replacement, nah man I just don’t know. Sensibility in these manufacturers is just killing the fun now. This looks like what a new C Class Coupe would’ve been.

    1. Chris G. Avatar
      Chris G.

      But don’t underestimate the size.
      It’s bigger than the previous gen E coupe so it’s a worthy successor to the E coupe and the C coupe.

    2. rscosworthfan Avatar

      I AGREE

  11. fahrer30m Avatar

    The fact that in 2023 a car manufacturer keeps bringing to the market this type of Coupes and not only focus on shitty SUVs, automatically deserves all my admiration.

    1. MrJordanwain Avatar

      But Mercedes are combining 4 cars into one to focus on SUVs?????

  12. Maria Sharapova Avatar
    Maria Sharapova

    I just love how Mercedes is using all the alphabet to create new classes😂😂

    Missed the old days when there were only C, E, S, SL, and G

    1. Cosmin Iftode Avatar
      Cosmin Iftode

      Like the old days when the S class was actually SE, SEL and SEC ?

    2. Kondja Negongo Avatar
      Kondja Negongo

      Dont recall when those were the only classes… this CLE is just a rebadged CLK

  13. Cliff Burton’ın kardeşiyim Avatar
    Cliff Burton’ın kardeşiyim

    Reminds me of the CLK , which has a C series platform underneath but way better looking coupe with frameless B and C pillars

  14. Colin John Hunt Avatar
    Colin John Hunt

    I’d be very impressed with an AMG version but only if it has the V8.
    Great review, thank you Matt

  15. Boss Del Avatar
    Boss Del

    I own an E CLASS coupe and bought it over the c class because of its more better looks and no b pillar. The best thing about it is being able to put down all windows and no pillar in the middle. Mercedes have really missed a trick combining the two coupes. Because the cle is basically a c class coupe. I really hope now they bring out a s class coupe

    1. Sandeep Ratiya Avatar
      Sandeep Ratiya

      S class coupe is already dead bud, new SL replaced both S class coupe and AMG GT Coupe

    2. Sandeep Ratiya Avatar
      Sandeep Ratiya

      So I think Mercedes now makes only 2 coupes: CLE & SL

    3. Steve1980 Avatar

      Mercedes aim is to cut down the model range, hence getting rid of the C and E coupe/cabriolet.
      The S Class coupe went a couple of years ago, The CLS has also been dropped.
      They are also going to get rid of the C and E class estates because the SUV market is bigger.

  16. Chris G. Avatar
    Chris G.

    I loved the previous gen E coupe but considering the time we life in, the new CLE exceeded my expectations!

  17. John A Avatar
    John A

    I have current c coupe, and I’ve been waiting for this. This looks like an upgrade I’d get, looks good, and compact. It’s certainly not an E class coupe as it seems to compact, guess I’ll have to see it in the flesh. I think they’ll price it out of the range of a typical C coupe buyer.

    1. Josh Stuart Avatar
      Josh Stuart

      Apparently it’s bigger than the current gen E coupe!

  18. James Latief Avatar
    James Latief

    I really thought the E stands for EV. A coupe/convertible EV would be nice to have in Mercedes EV line up, this could be a great alternative to the Tesla Roadster.

  19. RiwenX Avatar

    As a CLA owner who’s looking for a replacement… It looks GREAT! However, I’m not sure about the interior, or more specifically about the touch buttons… I prefer real — physical — things.

  20. jerzy Avatar

    When I saw it i was surprised, i was waiting for that car and I didnt expect it to look this good. I dont know why a lot of people hate on this design, its one of the best MB designs in a while

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