NEW Lucid Air review

This is the Air, and it looks set to be the biggest risk to Tesla yet!

That's no surprise, as it's the brainchild of Peter Rawlinson, formerly the chief engineer of the Model S.

Starting things off with the style, not only does it look rather chic – it's really aerodynamically efficient too. In reality, it has the lowest drag coefficient of any production automobile on sale today.

That suave outside is matched by a tech-rich and really roomy interior too. With an excellent infotainment setup, a large glass roof and acres of space in the back, there's much to like about the Air.

It even offers some mind-blowing figures, with this Dream Edition Efficiency providing 1,111 hp and 1,390 Nm of torque!

The catch? It all comes at a pretty eye-watering expense, with European rates beginning just above ₤ 150,000.

Is it worth that asking figure? Stick with Mat for his latest extensive evaluation to discover …

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69 responses to “NEW Lucid Air review”

  1. Jermaine Mcfarlane Avatar
    Jermaine Mcfarlane

    I love the apparent quality, the design is nice as well. Great review as always.

    1. ILOVEALGARVE Avatar

      @John Smith but it is our money, our very best money and a lot of it 😒😪😭

    2. Alistair Balister Avatar
      Alistair Balister

      arent these the same people that handicapped a telsa to try and slow it down and didnt tell anyone? Why should I trust anything they say?

    3. angela1984a Avatar

      Can’t be bothered wasting some 25 minutes watching this… Unfortunately though –as I understand it – Lucid Motors is de facto owned by ‘the guy’ who is responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi… Could I personally buy a car from ‘that guy’?… Answer: No [Bleep!] way.

    4. Srboljub Kovacevic Avatar
      Srboljub Kovacevic

      @Jeff Lee many Yugos still roam the roads of Serbia 30+ years into their existence without major problems (ok, sometimes without major parts 😂) – Lucid is yet to check the 3 year mark

    5. Jeff Lee Avatar
      Jeff Lee

      @Purwanti Allan “Lucid Air imo accelerated as fast as even the Koenigsegg Agera R.”……

      and this is important in a world where the max speed is 65mph exactly how?

  2. SNM Avatar

    imagine cracking the front windshield

    1. Luuk Van Amsterdam Avatar
      Luuk Van Amsterdam

      Imagine cracking a Model X windshield…

    2. LEGEND Avatar

      “If you’ve got to ask how much, you can’t afford it.”

    3. SNM Avatar

      @LEGEND lol

    4. Tom Thorpe Avatar
      Tom Thorpe

      Apparently so based off other peoples experience. Around $700 USD to get it replaced so insurance should be ok with that.

    5. jelly d Avatar
      jelly d

      Model y is 2000 EUR, so this will be more

  3. OverWatcher _ Avatar
    OverWatcher _

    Engineers removing completely functionable and practical buttons from their interiors to justify their overengineered infotainment systems has got to be the worst trend in motoring right now.

    1. Emiliano Ruiz Avatar
      Emiliano Ruiz

      does your phone have buttons grandpa? The new generation wants all touch screens unfortunately. I’m 40 years old and this is how the future will be NO BUTTONS.

    2. M S Avatar
      M S

      @Killah Croc Gaming Exactly. It makes no sense. It just saves them money to put everything on a glorified ipad. That is why I won’t buy a Tesla till I have the dashboard info in my line of sight (not center console) and buttons to do the rudimentary things.

    3. Oliver Rashid Avatar
      Oliver Rashid

      Plz don’t blame the engineers it’s the design and marketing departments 😭

    4. RadioNul Avatar

      @Dr. Buzz VonJellar hard to see how a glovebox button costs more than an electrically operated glovebox

    5. NeistMKII Avatar

      @M S its a simple touch screen for me in my tesla model 3 i have gotten used to the touch screen controls if anything i like them more because reduces the clutter and more simple for me. and the mirror and steering wheel thing, your only adjusting that stuff like once or twice anyways.

  4. Mahima Baduwasam Avatar
    Mahima Baduwasam

    This guy always find a way to entertain us with puns and reviews.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Tesla Lucid Air accelerates like Lancia Stratos. So fast. 👍

    2. Dave Martin Avatar
      Dave Martin


  5. andyuk2010 Avatar

    Saw a few of these on the road in the US whilst driving there. They look amazing and have a solid presence on the road.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Some cars also cruising along in San Antonio.

  6. Tresla Avatar

    Carwow needs to get into realty. It would be so convenient to be able to sell my car AND my house, just so I can afford the new Lucid Air 🙂

    1. Paul Robinson Avatar
      Paul Robinson

      @Alistair Balister I hadn’t heard anything about that, do you have some sources I could see?

    2. Mario Habijanec Avatar
      Mario Habijanec

      Don’t forget your kidney

    3. TechBaffle Avatar


    4. ezra ihua Avatar
      ezra ihua

      Love your soul bro

    5. Joshy Joshy Avatar
      Joshy Joshy

      Get a job

  7. Marcelstinks Avatar

    I died a little when Matt destroyed those crisp white floor matts with mud

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. LOL. 😂

    2. Manakuski Avatar

      White floormats is quite stupid anyway. Almost impossible to keep clean.

    3. Lifesloser Avatar

      He can tread anywhere those scarpa walking boots are sick

    4. blå blä Avatar
      blå blä

      @Lifesloser They have nothing on Altberg.

  8. Adrian Echim Avatar
    Adrian Echim

    For the performance Lucid you’d have to sell your house, not your current car.

    1. sarika Jain Avatar
      sarika Jain

      And your kidneys as well

  9. Giggity Goo Avatar
    Giggity Goo

    Just can’t imagine anyone with that much money to spend on a car, choosing this one

    1. Brian Attyberry Avatar
      Brian Attyberry

      You’re right. I’d choose the Sapphire

    2. S. Dot Avatar
      S. Dot

      ​@Brian Attyberry or you can get a car just a quick and save 150k

    3. Quentin Freeman Avatar
      Quentin Freeman

      Well in the US they do cost substantially less money. The import costs on this thing in Europe must be insane!

    4. Doug W Avatar
      Doug W

      I’ve seen a couple of them in silicon valley. So somebody is buying them. But in the same parking lot row you might get a half dozen Teslas.

    5. PatriotPigeon Avatar

      In the US they start around $80k I believe, so you all across the pond are paying rughly double due to your own stupid government’s import taxes. Over here they make tons of sense compared to a tesla in many ways, so they are bringing PLENTY to the table to make them appealing. If nothing else, look at that back seat room, and look at the non-minimalist design, and look at the brakes that actually WORK. For what you all have to pay for it, I agree that it doesn’t seem that great, but just keep in mind that you only have to pay that much due to technicalities of law, the product itself is priced very competitively, so it’s not fair to blame it for something it can’t control.

  10. higurro Avatar

    I’ve cracked two windscreens in the last 12 months (heat cycling the first and a rock for the replacement). Not sure if the insurers would have been satisfied with a £100 excess for a windscreen as expensive as that one looks though!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. Tom Thorpe Avatar
      Tom Thorpe

      Apparently so based off other peoples experience. Around $700 USD to get it replaced so insurance should be ok with that.

  11. Clive Crasane Avatar
    Clive Crasane

    It’s how Mat slams the door right after saying you don’t have to slam the door

  12. 🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴 Avatar
    🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴

    Great review Matt. Now let’s round up all the performance versions of the EV sedans and have a good old fashionedv drag race. Model S Plaid, Model 3 P, Lucid Air Dream, Mercedes EQS, Audi E-tron or the Porche version, etc etc

    1. Ian Davis Avatar
      Ian Davis

      @🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴 Roadster 2.0 is no where to be seen. Could be years yet.

    2. 🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴 Avatar
      🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴

      @Ian Davis yes sir and Lucid is having tons of production issues currently as well so it’s all up in the air right now. If I was a betting man I’d put my money on Tesla upgrading the Model S before Lucid making the Saphire at scale profitable.

    3. Santi Avatar

      @lushbikes and what is the point of a drag race in real traffic? Why do you have a steering wheel then?

    4. gamer6700k Avatar

      ​@🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴 get ready pay us both money, because your gonna lose

    5. 🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴 Avatar
      🇩🇴 JJDominican 🇩🇴

      @Santi  Lushbikes is not wrong this is Car Wow a show based on drag racing everyday automobiles so this is the perfect platform to discuss this topic. And to answer your question the purpose will be to beat anybody and anything to the next light😅 winning every redlight drag races weather the other knows he’s in a race or not😆

  13. Mustafa Nasif Avatar
    Mustafa Nasif

    Can you imagine causing a traffic jam simply because you forgot the pin to your car? 😂

    1. Hublot is for wee fannys Avatar
      Hublot is for wee fannys

      @Sam M No! When have you been sat in traffic, switched driving modes and look down to your keys missing?

  14. Nigel Holmes Avatar
    Nigel Holmes

    If I was spending that kind of money, I’d go for a Bentley Flying Spur.

  15. Eugenius Theodidactus Avatar
    Eugenius Theodidactus

    Nice car with some features I wish Tesla had, but Tesla’s goal is to _stay in business longer than a few years._

    1. NeistMKII Avatar

      which they will because there to popular

    2. AP13P Avatar

      80% features on this car are from a Model 3.

    3. Kebyo Avatar

      ​@AP13P you mean every other cars

    4. Sören Borchers Avatar
      Sören Borchers

      @AP13P And Tesla took 80% of their features from basically every other manufacturer who built cars before them… what’s your point?

  16. Andrew Parker Avatar
    Andrew Parker

    Always think the Lucid Air looks as if it could have been a Renault concept car from about 2000

    1. Twmpa Avatar

      I agree. The first car I thought of when I saw the rear three quarter view was the old Renault 25.

    2. TheSweetVillain Avatar


    3. Sabir Jarrar Avatar
      Sabir Jarrar

      I thought of saab if they made a prototype but then I saw your comment and you’re so right

  17. Gordon Norris Avatar
    Gordon Norris

    I would definitely buy this if it would have cost around 50-60k.

    1. Ross Calder Avatar
      Ross Calder

      I easily have it if they paid me 100k

  18. Peter Tobin Avatar
    Peter Tobin

    Imagine the cost of having to replace that massive windshield (or wind screen)when it gets a crack in it while driving on our roads here in our Canadian winters

  19. Hans J. Nielsen Avatar
    Hans J. Nielsen

    Things Mat like about this car, is that it has soft close doors in the front, after which Mat gets into the car, opens the front-door twice, and them SLAMS the door shut like any normal person would do. 😉

  20. Thai's tuning Avatar
    Thai’s tuning

    i would love to see the same type of reviews but with older cars

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