New Lexus LFA with GAME-CHANGING battery!

is working on some next-level electric cars and truck innovation that might alter the game forever … And it's all to do with !

However why is this technology so essential? Well for beginners, let's have a look at lithium-ion batteries.

Any electrical on our roadways in 2023 come including a lithium ion battery. And although they're included in any new electric cars and truck, they're not precisely ideal. Not only are they very big, but they likewise lose a little capacity each time you charge them. Not only that, but they fume when they're being charged, and they only provide peak power in a specific temperature window.

So that's where come in. They do not have any of these concerns, and their innovation assists to prevent getting too hot. What's more, whereas big lithium ion batteries can take hours to charge, can charge much faster! They're likewise smaller sized and lighter, and electrical motors will have the ability to pull more power rapidly – assisting make cars and trucks powered by these batteries quicker!

So this technology sounds quite futuristic, however has been dealing with it for over ten years, and we might see strong state batteries faster than you believe! What's more, this own't just be in your standard family-friendly SUVs and saloons … It will also be consisted of in an all-new, all-electric replacement for the Lexus !!

Want to learn everything you require to know? Stick with Mat for this all-new, revolutionary news video!

Mercedes EQS v Mustang Mach-E v BMW iX v Model S variety test:


77 responses to “New Lexus LFA with GAME-CHANGING battery!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Name a better car than the original LFA. We’ll wait…

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Skoda Octavia

    2. ItsGren Avatar

      LTA Nur edtion

    3. Baqir B Avatar
      Baqir B

      You can’t simple as

    4. SubieSimp #roadto200subs Avatar
      SubieSimp #roadto200subs

      Lexus LFA NBR Edition

    5. Life with chippy Avatar
      Life with chippy

      Porsche 911

  2. Usaid Mujtaba Avatar
    Usaid Mujtaba

    What have they done to my poor lfa😭

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      They will make it better

    2. Yukimura Avatar

      @Luka Bošnjak Hardly. Now the only nieche ppl bought it for is gone. Another soulless “car”.

    3. 爱 Lee Moo Eez Avatar
      爱 Lee Moo Eez

      LFA always means to be a Halo car with pinacle of technology ahead of it time

    4. HENKEN_ _SENSEI Avatar

      @Yukimura it’s now a Hybrid TTV8 I’m pretty sure

    5. Yukimura Avatar

      @HENKEN_ _SENSEI I doubt it, but we shall see.

  3. jdmcity12 Avatar

    they will never top the old LFA with an electric car

    1. Maddy the Chaos Queen Avatar
      Maddy the Chaos Queen

      Why did you have to add “with an electric car”? The LFA cant be topped full stop. As Jeremy Clarkson said, its so good, even Lexus themselves forgot how to make it again

    2. Fatmos0010's Realm Avatar
      Fatmos0010’s Realm

      not with that mindset

    3. joe black Avatar
      joe black

      yes they will 🙂

    4. Neojhun Avatar

      LOL McMurtry Speirling. But you have a good point, Toyota could never build a masterpiece of an Electric Car like that.

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Neojhun McMurtry Spierling even can reach top speeds on par with even SRT TOMAHAWKs.

  4. Dzon Travolta Avatar
    Dzon Travolta

    This LFA was famous for his sound , now is electric 😔

    1. HENKEN_ _SENSEI Avatar

      TT V8

    2. Goldie Avatar

      It will be a hybrid, it’s just using a V8 instead.

    3. sodick damilare Avatar
      sodick damilare

      The world is changing…

    4. Kovy E Avatar
      Kovy E

      They sort of have to… along with everyone else. No choice.

    5. ็ Avatar

      You can thank politicians for that.

  5. My Channel Lacks Originality Avatar
    My Channel Lacks Originality

    What you need to remember is how Toyota makes their cars. Toyota don’t innovate as much as they used to. What Toyota do now, is sit back, watch what their competitors make, analyse it and then make their own improved version, which almost always has worked in their favour.

    1. Max Lechuga Avatar
      Max Lechuga

      They are the apple of cars, in that sense.

    2. Streuner Avatar

      what do you mean by “as much as they used to”? like, late 2000s?
      their new force engine or whatever it’s called is pretty innovative and shows results as seen in GR Yaris, and their newer hybrids are quite advanced. they also did the steer by wire in the new lexus and on

    3. Classicracer Uk Avatar
      Classicracer Uk

      Seems like an excellent business plan to me……

    4. Pokok Nyoq Avatar
      Pokok Nyoq

      Their strategy is different, that’s all.

  6. P C. Avatar
    P C.

    That could be a gamechanger for ebikes too🎉. I have a 700Wh battery and it weights more than 3kgs! Bit off topic but I’m happy to see this new development 😊

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. Ebikes hopefully has tons of energy saving like the one in Chevy E Ray.

    2. Mano Z Avatar
      Mano Z

      My 1000Wh battery weighs 5.5Kg. I switched to lighter tyres and wheels to offset some of the weight

    3. Seattle EUC Avatar
      Seattle EUC

      My 3600wh EUc weights 100lbs.

    4. veit jacob Avatar
      veit jacob

      A standard urban E-Bike weights about 22-25kg. I don’t know if a reduction of maybe 1-1.5kg is that much of a game changer

    5. Jane Chanlder Avatar
      Jane Chanlder

      That’s really good energy to weight ratio

  7. Yukimura Avatar

    Jeremy Clarkson was right.

    “Car so good even Lexus forgot how to make it again”

    1. Fullsize Avatar


    2. Septanos Avatar


    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Septanos Chisato Nishikigi was right.

    4. Baqir B Avatar
      Baqir B

      Lmao Jeremy knew it all these years

    5. Feminism Avatar

      Only the sound

  8. ps 25 Avatar
    ps 25

    They shouldn’t call this LFA.

    1. Kendrick H Avatar
      Kendrick H


  9. Ani Menon Avatar
    Ani Menon

    I’ve learnt more about batteries from matt than my teachers

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree. Those batteries are very durable

    2. HO DB Avatar
      HO DB

      maybe pay attention in class next time.

    3. kyblckwd246 Avatar

      For reallll

    4. Ani Menon Avatar
      Ani Menon

      @HO DB bro why you on youtube shouldn’t you be paying attention in class

  10. Tyler Hare Avatar
    Tyler Hare

    It is an absolutely beautiful car, and like the first one, it’s not built for any NEEDS, but for wants. Ive wanted someone to throw a manual gearbox in an ev since the craze began, if you want me to buy an EV this is a step in the right direction. Its definitely a way to give the soul-less EV’s a little more life to them

    1. Enrique A Thiele Solivan Avatar
      Enrique A Thiele Solivan

      EV do not need multiple gears. They are needed on ICE cars, due to the torque curve. Electric motors have the same torque from 1 rpm to their maximun rpm’s. Adding that only ads more parts to fail, and more cost.

    2. Kasper Rombouts Avatar
      Kasper Rombouts

      @Enrique A Thiele Solivanno that’s not why electric cars don’t need a second gear and your completely wrong about the torque curve ever heard of back emf ? Electric motors have instant torque keep that torque for a while and then it drops down

    3. Jonas Weber Avatar
      Jonas Weber

      If you convert to EV a car you can keep the gears

    4. Tyler Hare Avatar
      Tyler Hare

      @EnriqueThiele  i know they arent needed, but its more engaging for the driver to have them, thats why i said “it wasnt built for needs, it was built for wants”

    5. Carlos Leon Avatar
      Carlos Leon

      0 logic

  11. NG Avatar

    All the new LFA will do is raise the value of the original LFA.
    What a sad future we have ahead of us.

  12. Pan Kminek Avatar
    Pan Kminek

    Curious. Last time I’ve heard, Toyota was planning on selling first cars with SSB’s in 2023. Now it’s 2025. Is it another ever-moving goalpost?

    1. Jonas Weber Avatar
      Jonas Weber

      Yes because it’s not even a tech ready for market. They use this car IMO as a flagship to interest customers and investors…

  13. Mostak Ahmed Avatar
    Mostak Ahmed

    nothing can replace the OG LFA.

    1. I'm Kairyu Avatar
      I’m Kairyu

      This is not the actual lfa successor, look up the Toyota gt3 project. It has a high revving twin turbo v8 with lfa styling

    2. Mercedes benz Patron Avatar
      Mercedes benz Patron

      You mean no replacement for OG 🤪

    3. ChaseThatHorizon Avatar

      Agreed, the OG LFA is the best.

    4. Neodestro Avatar

      that v10 sound nothing can replace

  14. Oscar Avatar

    The thing that surprised me the most is the striking presence of those Aerocatch on both the “real” prototype and the renders.
    I wonder what they’re trying to tell us.

    1. Carlos Leon Avatar
      Carlos Leon

      what’s an aerocatch?

    2. Acyds Avatar

      @Carlos Leon when you look at the prototype there’s 2 black thingies on the hood near the headlamp, those are aerocatch it’s like a hoodpin or connector for body panels

  15. FujiokaYosinori Avatar

    Lithium-ion batteries were developed by Akira Yoshino of Asahi Kasei Corporation. All-solid-state batteries are also being developed and researched by Toyota Motor Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and others.

  16. Robert Coffey Avatar
    Robert Coffey

    Okay, this new LFA has a more generally appealing design. Feels like more of it makes sense together.

  17. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body Avatar
    Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Yeah I’ll believe the solid state battery when I see it… no one is near them at the moment and this fluff piece from Toyota and Car Wow are pure concept!

    1. Carlos Leon Avatar
      Carlos Leon

      Didn’t they crack it a couple years ago already? We’re already in 2023.

    2. iMark Avatar

      “no one is near them at the moment”

      Where are you getting that from? They do exist, they just arent in production/up for sale in cars yet. But they have been made and are being tested now for cars but the first actual concept solid state batteries were made way back in the late 1800s. It’s only within the last 10 or so years that the tech has progressed to the point where they could be a viable replacement

    3. Amos Darra Avatar
      Amos Darra

      The Estrema Fulminea, an italian Hypercar, uses solid state batteries (produced by ABEE and Imecar Elektronik) combined with ultra-capacitors. The project has been unveiled in 2021 and they’re starting production next month. The batteries have an energy density of 450 Wh/kg, which translates to only 300kg for a 100kWh battery.

    4. Sev Cars Avatar
      Sev Cars

      Billions of dollars are spent globally into development of this new hardware. Breakthroughs will happen. But nobody can put a date on the first phase rollout of a final product yet.

  18. Bishal Ray Avatar
    Bishal Ray

    Nothing can be better than the LFA.. No matter what they make..

  19. CAR NL Avatar
    CAR NL

    I drove a electrified Lotus Elise with a manual already 20 years ago. Such a thrill. The engine was making a lot of noise and the gearbox did really speed up the acceleration (first was faster then 4th for example). But you could drive away in 4th if you would like. I found it such a cool thing, despite in these days electric cars feel so boring to me.

    1. Sami Avatar

      You mean you drove a Tesla?

    2. CAR NL Avatar
      CAR NL

      @Sami No. A Detroit electric (Dutch company, dont know if they still exists) Elise. They converted conventional cars to electric onces.

  20. alangil40 Avatar

    I’ve had this same idea for a simulated manual transmission for years. Similar to how a digital guitar amplifier can simulate the tones of various tube amps, I have always thought that it should be possible to have an EV simulate the torque curves of various ICE engines. I even had the idea that you can simulate a stall. Imagine being able to select your car modeling the experience of an N/A vs turbo vs supercharged in a flat-6, V8 or V12. I am astounded that Toyota/Lexus is actually doing this. I should have patented my idea. I wonder if they will also simulate in-cabin engine sounds. If done properly, and with improvement over the years, it could be so good as to be close to indistinguishable from the real experience. Even if not, I am so glad someone is out there thinking about preserving the driving experience in future cars. I honestly thought it would be Porsche that would do something like this first.

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