New Ferrari V12 – full details!

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It's Ferrari's replacement for the 812 Superfast, and it might simply be the last V12-fronted Ferrari ever launched! But with that in mind, could it possibly be the best Ferrari ever launched?! Let's take a more detailed look.

Beginning with the design, if anything it's not exactly quickly recognisable as a Ferrari! Rather than look similar to the 812, Ferrari desired the to be contemporary and futuristic, with really few sharp creases or sculptured body panels. However, fear not Ferrari fans! There are still a couple of traditional style components, consisting of the design of the daytime running lights, and the way the headlights wrap around the front bumper, comparable to the 365 Daytona.

Step within, and the interior seriously advises us of the Purosangue – apart from the absence of back seats, of course! There are three screens on the inside, consisting of one on the dash for the traveler. There's also lashing of Alcantara throughout, however would you expect anything else from a Ferrari that will likely cost ₤ 300,000+?

Now let's get to the centrepiece of the 12 – the engine! It's based upon the 6.5-litre V12 from the old 812 Competizione, and it creates an eye-watering 830hp and 678Nm of torque! It comes with a couple of crucial upgrades over the old engine, consisting of unique aluminium alloy pistons, and titanium con-rods that are 40% lighter than the steel ones.

So what do you believe – could this be the best Ferrari of all time? You'll need to stick to Mat and see for yourself!


71 responses to “New Ferrari V12 – full details!”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @kadynplayz3109 Avatar


    2. @kadynplayz3109 Avatar


    3. @mobilegamingita5525 Avatar

      Simply delicious italian pronunciation “Ferrari 12 Cilindri”, I love it😍😍

    4. @dr-ok3sn Avatar

      stop with these weird titles and put the complete name in it

    5. @MSDGroup-ez6zk Avatar

      Ugly car

  2. @cagataysucu439 Avatar

    Yeah, Pininfarina is definitely missed…

    1. @yousufanwar7030 Avatar

      Laferrari was not designed by Pininfarina.

    2. @user-lz3zt8iq4f Avatar

      Wym what happened to em

    3. @vukker7030 Avatar

      @@user-lz3zt8iq4fthey dont design the modern day ferraris

    4. @nigel.w Avatar

      True, but IMO it’s a much better effort than the 812, with some Pininfarina-inspired styling references, and the aggression and associated ugliness has been significantly dialled-back.

    5. @daniel6323 Avatar

      The 812 didn’t use Pininfarina and it was beautiful.

      Car designs are usually a hit or miss at the supercar level. This is a big miss. But the interior is worse than the exterior. Placing screens everywhere is not design, it’s laziness.

  3. @XCVIII. Avatar

    I thought Ferrari said the PuroSangue would be the last V12 💀 then they bring out this thing

    1. @EnzoNotFerrari21 Avatar

      Good, please never kill the v12

    2. @golden5522 Avatar

      I thought the 812 was supposed to be the last front engine V12

    3. @LukeSkywalker522 Avatar

      Because they’ve got engines left over

    4. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      anything for marketing

    5. @assbeatergamingxd281 Avatar

      its a marketing stunt so that people rush to buy it. Look at dodge for example, they have like 3 models that were supposed to be last* V8

  4. @joshuathomas512 Avatar

    From The Ferrari to Superfast to 12 Cylinder, Ferrari has a way with words

    1. @leratomotsumi7090 Avatar

      Talk about “say less”

    2. @ChR0nos_7734 Avatar

      well Testarossa means Red head. And Maserati Quatrroporte just means 4 doors

    3.  Avatar

      Looking FWD to the Ferrari Costoso Sostituto Pene

    4. @Wild_Energy_yt Avatar

      ​@@ChR0nos_7734 Italian and french language is just ridiculously majestic and fancy 😂

    5. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      Better names than naming it something which would translate to fridge or scrambled eggs in some language!

  5. @Joserider123 Avatar

    Ferrari: this will be last v12.

    Also ferrari: heres another one

    1. @naszadynastia Avatar

      I wait for 36 cyl

    2. @muhidnaveed2617 Avatar

      This will actually tho due to petrol car van

    3. @rolfknappmann Avatar

      Of course. Copying Lamborghini as always…

    4. @Lord.Crawford Avatar
    5. @evoxgamerz5877 Avatar

      @@rolfknappmannstill better

  6. @marcusj8623 Avatar

    The 812 looks so much better.

    1. @MR9Mouhib Avatar

      No it doesn’t

    2. @unstoppableforcevsimmovabl1701 Avatar

      No way

    3. @mindasb Avatar

      @@MR9Mouhib Yes it does

    4. @MR9Mouhib Avatar

      @@mindasb Nop

    5. @epicmoon8874 Avatar

      A Million times

  7. @echln3209 Avatar

    Journalists have been saying “the last NA V12” for over a decade now

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Yep. Since 2009 probably.

    2. @PortuguesePirate99 Avatar

      yeah i mean i think they will try and keep V12s as long as they can meet the emmisions standards or untill EU regs officially put the hammer down etc and say you cant make them anymore, we all thought it would happen sooner but the dumb bastards who decide these things dont understand that electric is not the future lol

    3. @SubjectiveFunny Avatar

      The stupid EU laws are still limiting what they can do, while China pumps a bajillion liters of toxic waste into the ocean on a daily basis..
      We are literally screwing our entire economies for nothing.

  8. @Speedos28. Avatar

    It looks like the Roma and the 812 had a kid called Daytona

    1. @ItaThe3rd Avatar

      It looks like how the Roma would look like in a world without curves.

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@ItaThe3rdFerrari Roma next gen?

    3. @konstantinos5344 Avatar

      Na, the roma was way better looking than this, lol

    4. @ItaThe3rd Avatar

      @purwantiallan5089  Yes. I should’ve mentioned that. I agree with Konstantinos. The Roma is better looking

    5. @aaqq6030 Avatar

      Ferrari Roma 🤢

  9. @BennnWJK Avatar

    The F12 Berlinetta will always be my favourite V12

    1. @TheZeeShop Avatar

      550 maranello looks like business to me

    2. @pythonuploads5027 Avatar

      You are right, this one is super ugly especially at the front

    3. @user-eq4cd5fu5i Avatar

      Me too,f12 and 550 maranello especially

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      I remembered a lot about the F12 Berlinetta, the cover star from NFS RIVALS, as well as F12 Berlinetta LMGT1 in NFS SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED.

    5. @zwerko Avatar

      Agreed. Had a chance to take one for a spin, the ecstatic experience one gets from it is genuinely up there with some of the most joyous events in my life, like birth of my children. I know it’s just a car, but maaaan…

  10. @conor7154 Avatar

    Oh look it’s another video where Matt makes himself look like he’s seen it in the thumbnail but it’s just him reading the Ferrari provided copy

    1. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      I don’t think Ferrari invites them.

    2. @imelatedrn Avatar

      Damn, he completely fooled me

  11. @LStrike Avatar

    Looks definitely like a modernized Daytona at the front 😍

  12. @fearthesnake7470 Avatar

    F12 TDF is definitely my favorite front-engined V12, but this looks… unique. I like it when Ferrari tries something different than the usual.

  13. @faizalburhanuddin905 Avatar

    What I can see from this new design of Ferrari, it looks like the 365 Daytona at the front, while the tail light is similar to Roma.🤩🥰

    Really miss that classic look & Ferrari make it so nice. Well done Ferrari. Please bring back all the glorious classic Ferrari into this modern era.😊😌

  14. @adritsen8256 Avatar

    The front end really reminds of the Daytona and even before Matt said it… and that says a lot

  15. @GerbenBol Avatar

    The design team left the chat.

    1. @BatkoNashBandera774 Avatar

      they left all of existence apparently, not sure what life form designed this sardine can.

    2. @user-hq5ep3wc4q Avatar

      its clearly in the style of the 365 gtb/4

    3. @South4153 Avatar

      how can you not understand this design is beyond me😂 funny little haters

    4. @TaughtByTech Avatar


    5. @sandersson2813 Avatar

      Firing squad for any “left the chat” comment.

  16. @johnhightower3992 Avatar

    That front end smacks of an early 1970’s Ferrari Daytona

    1. @stormrider01 Avatar

      Ferrari 365 gtb/4

  17. @aloniabasmerom8868 Avatar

    Ferrari: This is the last N/A V12

    Also Ferrari: ANOTHA ONE

    1. @valkyries_007 Avatar

      Ferrari never ever said that, in fact they always stated that they will fight and do whatever they can to keep the naturally aspirated V12 in its purest form.

    2. @b.e.8845 Avatar

      The Zonda was like that, Ferrari still have a long way to go.

  18. @mossman2003 Avatar

    Just because it is Italian, doesn’t mean that the name can be silly. That said, the car is stunning, especially the Spider variant – although it is a pity they couldn’t do the same curvy detail over the roof like the coupe has.

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