New car joins the garage and IT IS AWESOME ! | 4K

A new car is joining my garage. It is time to collect my brand-new Long Termer. The Vauxhall Astra EV has been fun however its replacement is a cars that must provide motorists cars and truck perfection.

Take A Look At Hendy Southampton and get in touch with Emma is you would like to arrange a test drive.

Hendy Southampton
Leigh Roadway, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9PT
New Car Sales: 023 8098 1529.


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00:00 – Saying Goodbye to the Astra.
03:07 – Welcome to the Dealership.
04:38 – Handover with Emma.
10:32 – Welcome to my brand-new Long Termer.
11:42 – The first drive home!

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21 responses to “New car joins the garage and IT IS AWESOME ! | 4K”

  1. @francoisg3500 Avatar

    Evening all! Hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend in particular for all those peddlers attending the Goodwood Members Meeting! Would love to see a long road trip with the Emira while you have it.

  2. @paulcoles3265 Avatar

    Evening all. New Car Day=Happy Day 🎉

  3. @Tristanbirdyt Avatar

    Good Evening Petrol ped
    Hope you are doing well wishing you a speedy recovery very enjoyable video looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the lotus V6 manual

  4. @garrymatthews4430 Avatar

    Well done Pete hope you flu goes as quick as the new car

  5. @Brian-uu3jq Avatar

    Watch them potholes Pete 👍

  6. @H1WEX Avatar

    You can’t beat a supercharger whine! Get well soon!

  7. @user-jt8yd3pp4n Avatar

    Wow! Great car Pete, love these. Be amazing on some tight twisty roads.

  8. @owenmcdonald5922 Avatar

    You will have to record Mrs P driving and get her thoughts.

  9. @shanewaller2864 Avatar

    Hi Peter being a brand ambassador certainly does have its perks .absolutely loving the new Lotus, if you need someone to drive it while your away, I’m sure I can make myself available 😃👍

  10. @leeavison Avatar

    Summer is on the way Pete , I think a road trip up to Orkney and then back down to the West side of Scotland .. Such atrip .. I love it .. Great Video .. MUST WATCH

    1. @soudley8 Avatar


  11. @grahamwest1079 Avatar

    Petrol Manual rear wheel drive PERFECT

  12. @richardgrant5009 Avatar

    Cracking car.Gear box looks a bit challenging. 👍

  13. @recumbentrocks2929 Avatar

    That sound!! Love the look of it too. You are one lucky guy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. @harrycummings6501 Avatar

    Lucky lucky boy, and you said a Vauxhall EV was fun…..the Emira must be about to blow your mind!!!

  15. @wildlifewalkswithcountryge749 Avatar

    Love the way the camera angle changes at 58mph! 😉💪

  16. @bobsterd1973 Avatar

    Oh wow! I can’t wait for a full review, since launch this has been my current ‘if my numbers come up’ car.

  17. @wordreet Avatar

    Petrol V6 with manual gearbox! Heaven! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    And the website says 400bhp for these right now?
    That dark look black/green would deffo be my choice, and at least Lotus haven’t gone the way of their EV’s looks, which is sufficiently OTT to make me to call the Electra ugly.

  18. @Jake.Warren Avatar

    What a fantastic car!
    Hope you feel better soon 🤞

  19. @Ued3b Avatar

    10:35 naughty Peter

  20. @trev8591 Avatar

    Emma did very well, her body language initially screamed “nervous and scared”, you really put her at ease quickly. Well done both of you. Cracking little Lotus, Pete (I can forgive the “stuck-on iPad ICE/Satnav” for this one. Not sure where the Petrol Pups will fit, though?!

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