New Car Day…Goodbye Defender | 4K

The day has actually lastly pertained to bid farewell to the Defender and collect my brand-new Hendy Group Long Termer …


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26 responses to “New Car Day…Goodbye Defender | 4K”

  1. @philipmichaelhughes5719 Avatar

    Very fair appraisal of the Defender, telling it how it is warts and all. As you discovered, the 110 wheelbase especially as we both have two pups, is the most flexible.

  2. @bordersw1239 Avatar

    Gone from one of the most stealable cars to one no one will ever want to steal – clever 😂

    1. @beaublue1625 Avatar

      The Defender is not one of the most stolen cars 🤦‍♂️🙄

    2. @ToBeOrNotToBeThatIsTheQuestion Avatar


  3. @jamiep61 Avatar

    A great colour and one of my favourite Compact Hatchbacks 😊

  4. @HQBProductions Avatar

    Oh Peter….nooo…..yet I have been a Vauxhall fan for…well my Dad bought our1953 Velox and hence a whole line of Vauxhalls have come and gone since. I think Tracey will hate it on sight… will be interesting to see what you feel driving it…the Peddlarz… won’t be good news. Good luck….and after the Paris news, should we go back to estates?….and my favourite was my Omega 3.0 l estate in 1997..simply a joy to own and drive. Hmm….back to the Configurator boards all over again!!😱😱🤔🤔🤔😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😨😨😃

  5. @richardhargrave6082 Avatar

    I’ve never been a Vauxhall fan, I quite like this car.
    It is using Stellantis platforms and powertrain, so maybe something else in the group.
    Good to see you have a more affordable car

    1. @Racelinekarting Avatar

      I would have the Peugeot 308 over the Vauxhall. It’s all personal taste but looks better on the outside and inside but fundamentally the same car. Received great reviews.

  6. @timphillips4147 Avatar

    No wonder you’re looking glum Pete. Always a wrench but hope the next long timer will bring you tons of joy, looks cool in Cobalt blue 🔵

  7. @mtough Avatar

    I watched the entire video expecting it to be a wind up. No one ever got that excited over an Astra before.

    1. @neilgoodman5848 Avatar

      My god – RR defender to Astra 😩😩

    2. @wynhughes9072 Avatar

      Free motoring though. Different car every few months. Can’t be bad

    3. @beaublue1625 Avatar

      Brilliant comment 😂😅😂

  8. @danielheathcote5625 Avatar

    Be interested to see how you get on with this.

    I think it’s great getting product specialists to come on and chat with you like if they’re doing a mini handover. The handovers we’ve had I; cars weren’t that good and my family aren’t changing cars every few weeks or months so it’s nice to hear from Chloe that post handover, you won’t be thought of as a pain if you want some further info and help as you explore your new toy.

  9. @simoningate2056 Avatar

    Tell Chloe that she’s a star – especially if she was “volunteered”.

  10. @podmanification Avatar

    At least the weather has improved from recent videos! Awesome colour. Have to agree..Daisy is a wonderful car

  11. @georgedaville4662 Avatar

    Great long term review of the Land Rover Defender Ped. I like you like the cobalt blue paint work on the Astra. It will be interesting to see how you settle in to living with the Astra on a day to day basis. There will be a lot of people who are looking at this car looking for your guidance as to whether this is the car for them 👍🇬🇧😎

  12. @martinboulden4388 Avatar

    In one respect this is a terrible choice, and I doubt anyone with private taxed income will be rushing to buy one in EV or petrol format. But actually this is huge and brilliant consumer advice because I spend half my time in Europe and constantly being offered this type of vehicle as a hire car. So will be interesting to see what it’s all about before I end up with one at a Spanish airport ! ❤❤❤ the colour is the saviour ! ❤❤❤

  13. @stevenbennett3922 Avatar

    Be interesting to see what you think of this one. Watched another channel yesterday where they looked at the depreciation of electric cars. The electric Vauxhall Mokka was number 1. Something like 42% in the first year.

  14. @Frobac Avatar

    As the owner of a Corsa-e, I’ll be interested to see how you get on. Glad you like the colour, although I definitely prefer my car’s orange.

  15. @iankirkby1733 Avatar

    Reviews of cars that are more affordable for the majority of us mortals has to be applauded. Not as clickable as Porsches, Maserati’s and other £100k cars but well done for being relevant. Interesting to see how you mix it up over 2024.

  16. @ZZR1200ZX Avatar

    It probably depreciated £20k as you pulled away.😂😂😂

  17. @MotorScotti Avatar

    Very much looking forward to your experience with the Astra. Had an ’09 for a few years and loved it.

  18. @kevincross9206 Avatar

    A little surprised that you didn’t get a tourer, but this will be an interesting (short) long termer!!

  19. @gmac7947 Avatar

    Car salesman myself…….Chloe is an asset to THE HENDY Group……….excellent

  20. @martinjones5560 Avatar

    I love the styling of the new Vauxhalls. Modern but without the fussiness of a lot of new cars. I shall look forward to updates on this one.

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