New BMW 5 Series review – still the best?

The i5– it has actually finally arrived!

This is the first all-electric variation of the iconic 5 Series saloon and sits between the i4 coupe and range-topping i7 limousine.

While you get a large set of kidney grilles, they are not as intrusive as on the i4 or i7– except for the strangely put sensor cover. You'll also see flush door deals with, alloy wheels ranging from 19- to 21-inch units and great deals of blue flashes to ensure everyone understands it's an electric cars and truck.

Inside, it's a classic – professional, neat and filled with tech. The German brand has actually also increased the cabin size to make the currently comfortable interior much more accommodating. The boot is useful too.

When it concerns the 5 Series, the entry-level uses a 2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged gas engine that puts out 208hp. When it pertains to the i5, the entry-level i40 utilizes a single motor that puts out 340hp and is equipped with an 82kWh battery pack which features a declared variety of approximately 361 miles.

The range-topping i5 is the M60, which has 2 motors that integrate to put out 601hp. It has the very same 82kWh battery pack, which benefits a range of 320 miles.

However as with all BMWs, how it drives is just as essential– so how does the i5 fare when Mat takes it for a spin? Enjoy the complete review here to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Design
03:16 Price
03:43 Interior
06:47 Rear seats
08:04 Boot
09:02 5 Annoying Features
10:58 5 Cool Features
13:02 Engines & Motors
14:31 Autonomous Driving
17:49 Motorway Driving
19:11 Town Driving
21:13 Country Road Driving
22:42 0-60mph
23:03 Verdict

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70 responses to “New BMW 5 Series review – still the best?”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Rate the looks of the new BMW 5 Series out of 10!

    1. Mohammed Musleh Avatar
      Mohammed Musleh

      1 is a compliment

    3. jass sekhon Avatar
      jass sekhon


    4. ROCHYGAMER10 Avatar

      2 but if it’s electric -99999999999999999999999999999

  2. Peter Ambrose Avatar
    Peter Ambrose

    It feels not too long ago when BMW posted a video comparing the F10 to the G30
    Wow time flies so much…

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      I still miss M3 CSL and original 2003 BMW M3 technically.

    2. Ben Jones Avatar
      Ben Jones

      I recently watched that video as I recently got a f10

    3. Mile Avatar

      wheres the video comparing this rubbish to the g30

  3. Milo拧 Vujasinovi膰 Avatar
    Milo拧 Vujasinovi膰

    imagine having a perfect car design and deciding to ruin it for no reason

    1. Aryan Daksh Avatar
      Aryan Daksh

      F90 really was flawless

    2. VISHAL S. CHAUHAN Avatar

      The design language of bmw till 2021 was perfect

    3. Tengu Avatar

      5-series was the last cool BMW. Not anymore…

    4. Nseven Avatar


  4. 蓱讈讌之尾讈讌謷摘讈讌輮蠀讈讌幞W佔呏ィ讈讌知蓱讈讌之h讈讌之 Avatar

    New shape BMWs make previous models look even better.

    1. My Account Avatar
      My Account

      You will probably post the same sht when the next one after this is unveiled

    2. AMV12S Avatar

      Bangle’s 7 Series looks amazing now.

    3. AMV12S Avatar

      @My Account When the next one be unveiled, probably we’re going to see other cars because we know the next would be ugly. 馃槄
      These cars are damaging BMW’s public image.

    4. Magic Wind Avatar
      Magic Wind

      They designed the new gen of 5th to be an electric vehicle from the scratch. So It just couldn’t be the same as it was.

  5. Senpai Avatar

    I don’t know man, those plastic looking side skirts make it look somewhat cheap in my opinion. The same goes for the back bumper.

    1. KoAxiZ Avatar

      Dont worry they compensate the cheap look with a higher price.
      Balanced, as all things should be

    2. A guy from Germany Avatar
      A guy from Germany

      There are many plastics. I work with plastics. There are plastics more expensive than the whole car. It looks cheap but less weight, durability against fire and so one

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      bmw is cheap, they use alot of plastics

    4. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      @A guy from Germany Audi/VAG 4-5 cylinder ones last longer but all German cars no where near Toyota for reliability quality. German is just perceived quality by the feel and look of their interiors thats where they put the money

  6. 饾悁饾惓饾惍饾惈饾悶 // 饾悋饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悮饾悺 Avatar
    饾悁饾惓饾惍饾惈饾悶 // 饾悋饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悮饾悺

    I wonder what happened to all of these new BMW cars and especially their new controversial grills, I don’t really think this is hideous as much as I expected and thank goodness that the grill isn’t so huge like BMW’s usual design where they miss completely. But from my opinion I’m not a big fan of the overall design character from this new BMW 5 Series, I really think the old generation of the BMW 5 Series or any other old BMW car generation in general stands out so much compared to the new generation, nonetheless I do like the interior and the technology of it and regardless excellent review as usual Mat.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The BMW 5 Series apparently as bad as even Aston Martin V8 Vantage…馃槄

    2. Robin Avatar

      What I find rather funny, if you look up those “old” BMW reviews on YouTube 2012-2017. People always kept complaining how old-fashioned unadventurous BMWs look in the comment section. Now it’s the other way around, yet the selling numbers go up.

  7. Daz Boy Avatar
    Daz Boy

    It鈥檚 like the designing engineers gave up from the rear quarter backwards

  8. 榛勯緳 Avatar

    Fun Fact: Both new 5 series & i5 sold in China will get the same flat-screen from new 7 series in the backseat as well as those screens on the door It’s an specs only exists in Chinese market

    1. questionyourself Avatar

      Yeah 5 series Long Wheel Base. Nothing new, china has many models like 5 series, e class, a6 and so on in bigger versions because the full size versions, 7, s class and so on get taxed to hell there. So most people who would buy these cars take the lwb version of the upper middle class offering.

    2. Kanupriya Singh Avatar
      Kanupriya Singh

      The 5 series lab is also rumoured to be coming to India as well, to rival the e class lwb, hope it gets those features.

    3. marksapollo Avatar

      That screen is nuts, 8K! Better idea I think then Mercedes all screen dash design.

    4. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      yeh China too powerful thesedays nice life for their citizens

    5. Allan Ho Avatar
      Allan Ho

      5 series LWB is already a 7 series size but less luxurious. Entry level – the 525Li cost like $65k usd and an entry level 730Li is like $145k usd.

  9. Juan C Avatar
    Juan C

    Can we at LEAST put the screens into a traditional gauge cluster shape? Who was the genius to just slap screens and call it a day?

    1. hugeandy71 Avatar

      this is the thing i will miss the most on future cars, every manufacturer is going that route, it’s ugly and cheap and i can’t stand it

    2. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      It is not 1990 anymore

    3. Jarkko Haimakainen Avatar
      Jarkko Haimakainen

      Let some talented, “based” and truly enthusiastic graphic designers and developers of the game industry work on BMW’s digital gauge clusters and the result will be better, both in visual glamour and in functionality/ergonomy. Heck, they probably could improve the layouts and functionality of fighter jets’ digital screens. Digital gauge clusters could have hundreds of “skins” pre-installed.

    4. System11 YT Avatar
      System11 YT

      Someone fresh out of design school who has only driven a Tesla. It really is worthless and obviously unreadable. You can tell from the video it’s reflecting everything. It wouldn’t be as bad with some kind of shroud, the shape isn’t really the issue, it’s the way it’s presented and fitted.

    5. Wilson Mpesha Avatar
      Wilson Mpesha

      Exactly. This obsession with big screens just slapped on the dash is so unimaginative and not aesthetically pleasant in any way.

  10. Henry Nwobu Avatar
    Henry Nwobu

    What a great time to get the previous gen 5 series particularly the m550i for that v8

    1. john doe Avatar
      john doe


    2. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      great time repairing

    3. Csx_r Avatar

      U can still get it with a V8 馃槖

    4. Kenyon Guillory Avatar
      Kenyon Guillory

      Previous gen was boring. M versions were great.

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      鈥婡Kenyon GuilloryM3, M1, M2 2023 and M3 2007 also looked great.馃槀

  11. Nicolae Nicolaev Avatar
    Nicolae Nicolaev

    The design is not bad, however t he 5 series peaked at G30/F90 LCI, in my opinion

    1. MyTimeWillCome Avatar

      I couldnt have said it any better

    2. PrinceBarin Avatar

      Agreed although I am tempted to keep my pre-LCI because I think the old front lights are more iconic 鈥淏MW鈥. Rear lights on the LCI are MUCH nicer than the older versions.

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      peak? what are you on about;. designs change all the time

    4. Martin Svensson Avatar
      Martin Svensson

      It peaked with the E34 and E39.

  12. Mano Z Avatar
    Mano Z

    The last gen 5 Series was the best looking Saloon in recent times imo. Now they ruin it!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Well they always ruin it. BMW is always like BMW.馃槄

    2. Ogab CHEMS EDDINE Avatar

      Best looking BMW** saloon

    3. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      No, this one looks very good as well.
      Still the most beautiful current sedan

  13. ReapZ13 Avatar

    Doesn鈥檛 matter if the turn signals are cheap鈥hey won鈥檛 see much use anyway.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Well sadly is. Thats also the case for all the current BMW models.馃槩

    2. Clint Beli毛n Avatar
      Clint Beli毛n

      i smell someone driving constantly on the left lane with that comment.

    3. MrBasFed Avatar

      As a matter of fact this thing with not using turn signals on BMW begun since the BMW introduced the new levers with no fixed positions.

    4. Jan Kees Avatar
      Jan Kees

      @Clint Beli毛n BMW drivers at least know where the gaspedal is. And that a highway is to drive faster to get somewhere.

  14. Abhinav MJ Avatar
    Abhinav MJ

    This makes the previous generation 5 series look like an angel

  15. Tanay Avatar

    I like the previous design better
    That was a perfect blend of sporty and luxury

  16. Dustin G Avatar
    Dustin G

    I鈥檓 so glad they came out with this car鈥o hopefully soon it helps drop the price of the f90鈥檚!

  17. PlatinumPaul Avatar

    This looks like something GM would release for the European or Australian market. Would make a fine Opal or Holden that’s going to be primarily sold to be a part of rental fleets.

    1. coopdivi Avatar

      Alas, Holden is no more. Thanks for nothing, GM.

  18. Charlotte : Single again 鈾 Avatar
    Charlotte : Single again 鈾

    Your video was truly entertaining. I can’t express how much I liked it. Keep it up and never stop surprising us.

  19. Chriss Tian Avatar
    Chriss Tian

    With the new design BMW is showing off with their recent models, they really are doing a great job increasing sales, over at Audi. Well done!

  20. wesley reid Avatar
    wesley reid

    Great video Mat, I have to agree about those indicator stalks, speaking as a former 5 Series owner they were always a thing of subtle beauty, never had that cheap sounding twang of poor spring dampening, that鈥檚 a bit of a driver focused miss on the part of bmw, which we normally hold with higher standards. I also think it鈥檚 a bit too expensive as it鈥檚 not riding aloft a bespoke EV platform which ever passenger will see clearly the moment the enter the back seats and encounter that massive transmission tunnel, surely that could have been a removable part in the chassis building process for the EV variants.
    Shout out injured Yianni

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