New Audi SQ8 review: Better Than EVER?!

Satisfy the brand-new e-tron!

It was formerly referred to as simply the e-tron, but has rebranded its largest electric SUV to now call it the Audi e-tron! The concern is, although the name has developed, has much else altered?

Well when it comes to the style … Everything looks pretty much the exact same! There are no significant distinctions around the back, while along the side it all basically mirrors the original e-tron, bar some brand-new alloy designs. Up leading it's a little various, with an all-new grille slapped across the front. But otherwise, it looks almost identical! Audi say that the headlight design has progressed, however to be honest, we believe they look pretty much the very same.

Step inside and it's more of the very same story! Disallow some brand-new trims, it's all practically identical to the last automobile. That's not necessarily a bad thing, mind. The SQ8 we have here comes equipped with incredibly comfy sports seats, and you'll find soft touch, high quality products throughout the whole cabin. Aggravatingly though, a lot of functions are managed through a touch screen, so they're hard to work while driving.

There are 3 editions of the e-tron to buy. The entry-level is the 50, which features 2 motors that can produce 340hp along with an 89kWh battery pack. The top-of-the-range cars and trucks is the SQ8 we have here. It's packing 3 electrical motors that integrate to put down 503hp. It's also equipped with a 106kWh battery.

All-in-all, not much has changed compared to the previous cars and truck. So the concern is, is it actually worth the ₤ 69,000 beginning rate? And need to you truly splash out ₤ 97,000 for this SQ8 edition?! You'll need to stick with Mat to see on your own!

00:00 Intro
00:50 Style
02:00 Price
02:47 Interior
04:50 Rear seats
07:02 Boot
08:59 5 Annoying Things
10:19 5 Good ideas
11:55 Batteries & Motors
12:46 Town Driving
15:38 Motorway Driving
17:50 Back Road Driving
19:21 0-60mph
21:15 Verdict

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29 responses to “New Audi SQ8 review: Better Than EVER?!”

  1. @sluuuudge Avatar

    I love carwow, but the video title is a little misleading given that the normal Q8, SQ8 and RSQ8 have just had facelifts…

  2. @lufu10 Avatar

    ngl paying that much for this is the worst decision a person can make.

    1. @RocketBadger Avatar

      Trade-in value for these will be £30-40K in 3 years. Depreciation is crazy on these types of cars

  3. @MotorTorq_ZA Avatar

    I do miss Buy, Sell ,Carwow though

    1. @Notes123 Avatar

      Same,it was iconic

    2. @1topman Avatar

      Before that it was carbuyer

    3. @jaybeemhardscrote7466 Avatar

      Dat “WOOOOOW” tho

    4. @MotorTorq_ZA Avatar

      I mean, change the logo all you want but at least keep the Buy, Sell, Carwow

  4. @shivneetsingh8592 Avatar

    Previous logo was better tho

  5. @ftw1540 Avatar

    It was a bit hard to remove the parcel shelf, and lower the seats. I could tell matt was struggling cos of his ott huffing ,puffing and sighing😂😂

    1. @Aadyi Avatar

      Right? And the boot is pretty small for such a massive 2.6t SUV…

  6. @LaurinKramer Avatar

    I think the cupholders in the rear armrest are an optional extra in some Audi models.

    1. @cooperajcpr Avatar

      Definitely are in the A7

    2. @konradkorzeniowski7561 Avatar

      Both USB ports and cupholders at the back are optiinal and you need to pay extra…

  7. @adrianhjordan1981 Avatar

    The USB-C in the centre console were USB-C in the original e-tron as well.

  8. @adrianhjordan1981 Avatar

    Owner of a 2021 e-tron here and honestly, whilst it’s a very nice car, I wasn’t even tempted to replace it with the updated model. Too many little quirks and annoying things.

    That said, Matt is wrong about being able to tell the difference between D and S modes in everyday driving. I almost never use D mode as I find S is just so much more responsive and easy to control at low speed.

  9. @coldfeet1337 Avatar

    I like carwow before the rebrand. As much as it was annoying, the old carwow definitely had more powerful marketing

    1. @sssssneaker Avatar

      nah it was just annoying

  10. @saadkhan9797 Avatar

    I miss the old BLUE 💙🔵 CARWOW…!!😢

  11. @TJ-eo2qf Avatar

    Got excited until I clicked on the video and realised it was electric

  12. @kanibtw1064 Avatar

    Literally saw this right next to my house today and was wondering when did this come out, never know anything until carwow uploads

  13. @sviatoslav0309 Avatar

    Buy, sell, car, wow! Is going to be missed…

  14. @morenikejiakingbolagun7256 Avatar

    Matt, an EV range test, it’s about time, 😢😢

  15. @neilgraham1895 Avatar

    Got the older etron (2021) with the rearview cameras, replaced one within the first 18 months and both cameras now faulty, don’t add them as an option.

  16. @soiggeofficial Avatar

    I’m pretty sure the “auto” drive select mode does not mean “automatic”. It is in fact just a balanced, middle option between Dynamic and Comfort.

  17. @auditclient3631 Avatar

    Can’t wait for Matt’s review of the cyber truck

  18. @user-nx6ec5fx6m Avatar

    Best looking EV and 2nd place is not even close

  19. @EH1942 Avatar

    Does anybody know why they removed drive select from the configurable button? Recently replaced my 8v s3 for the latest one… and this is genuinely highly annoying

  20. @06075345 Avatar

    We appreciate what Car wow does in terms of introducing new cars but car prices are simply out of this world. Way way too much!

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