New Audi RS7 vs San Francisco!

The RS7 is back, with an extra helping of 'Efficiency'!

Though you'll need to be seriously eagle-eyed to spot any visual changes, the genuine story of this brand-new very saloon lies under the bonnet. With a couple of tweaks to the turbochargers, the RS7 Efficiency gains 30hp and 50Nm for an overall of 630hp and 850Nm.

As a result, the declared 0-60mph figure drops to 3.4 seconds with leading speed digitally topped at 189mph. Some tweaks have actually been made to the chassis to make the most of that additional power, namely some weight cost savings in the kind of lowered sound deadening and the basic inclusion of rear-wheel steering.

Inside, you're met a familiar interior – albeit with some new sewing options and a little bit more technology as standard.

All this extra goodness comes at a cost however, with the RS7 Performance starting at ₤ 116,545. That's practically ₤ 20,000 more than in the past!

Is it worth the extra expense? Stick to Mat and find out …

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55 responses to “New Audi RS7 vs San Francisco!”

  1. Enviro_400_life Avatar

    I think the Audi RS7 performance can be very interesting especially because the ecu tune is so easy to go +700hp stock

    1. Yoko Ritona Avatar
      Yoko Ritona

      unfortunately stock the car is still slower than a M5 Comp.

    2. laweta potrzebna od zaraz Avatar
      laweta potrzebna od zaraz

      I’m afraid that even then it will be boring, after all, it’s an Audi.🙃

    3. Sancho Avatar

      Almost every new german car goes 700+ with Ecu tune look at the new M3 with only 510ho can reach easiky 700ho with only a tune

    4. i ViRuZ i Avatar
      i ViRuZ i

      @Sanchoi think AutoTopNL managed a 2.6 seconds from 0-60 in a 750hp M3. German cars are fucking ridiculous

    5. Graeme Collie Avatar
      Graeme Collie

      If it’s anything like the C7 RS7 the bhp figure you will get from an ECU tune will be identical whether you have a standard or a performance version of the RS7. So unless you love the blue stitching, blue raw carbon, alcantara trim inserts and the forged wheels, save yourself £20k, buy the normal version and tune it. Assuming the normal one is still available, I understand in certain markets it has been withdrawn and performance edition is all you can get.

  2. abderrahmane Boucahreb Avatar
    abderrahmane Boucahreb

    The RS7 is really underrated

    1. TheWeeknd♕ Avatar

      Yeah I like its saloon long style more than the RS6, looks wise RS7 looks really nice even though thats more practical.

    2. Alexander Avatar

      It’s not really. Its hella expensive, even 1st gen. Usually F10 M5 and E63 are less expensive too

    3. MS.E Flevoland Avatar
      MS.E Flevoland

      It is pretty af but it’s competitors are faster and sometimes even cheaper and more fun

    4. Altamash khan Avatar
      Altamash khan

      Yeah i had one,it was faster than many supercars❤

    5. Lesego Avatar

      @Alexanderthose aren’t the same class as this although faster, This is in the class of M8 and AMG GT

  3. Harshit Sahu Avatar
    Harshit Sahu

    Absolutely love the RS7, it isn’t very socially famous but an absolute amazing car.

    1. Szewczyk Dratewka Avatar
      Szewczyk Dratewka

      The rear is so ugly that it may be better. In the basic A7 has a front drive, which in this class of cars is absurd. You can feel that Audi has a lot in common with Volkswagen

    2. Czesław 59 Avatar
      Czesław 59

      @Szewczyk Dratewka Not surprisingly, Audi is VW’s own. Most Audi models are VW a slightly different looking version of VW.

    3. Moh 0189 Avatar
      Moh 0189

      ​@Szewczyk Dratewkathe rear is the most beautiful feature of the car what are you on about😂

  4. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    The Audi RS7 is one of the coolest and most futuristic looking Audi car ever!

  5. 오동혁 Avatar

    That paintwork absolutely lovely. It looks like wrapped but may not and quality is sooo great

  6. Elnathan Steelo Avatar
    Elnathan Steelo

    This video echoes “innovation”. A new approach by Matt to reviewing cars, innovative takes such as the gradient tests, interior review while on the move and visiting popular places in San Francisco while doing so…pretty clever Carwow, retains your audience and keeps them captivated by your innovation 😊

  7. imre baksa Avatar
    imre baksa

    Man the edits on this video is something else. Really good job to the editor, nice work.

  8. Cpybara Pull-Up Avatar
    Cpybara Pull-Up

    I don’t know about you all but that car especially in that colour looks damn amazing

    1. laweta potrzebna od zaraz Avatar
      laweta potrzebna od zaraz

      How did you get 50 likes in 3 min?

    2. Szewczyk Dratewka Avatar
      Szewczyk Dratewka

      @laweta potrzebna od zaraz Cheats like Audi on exhaust gas quality test 😆

    3. T ridder Avatar
      T ridder

      @laweta potrzebna od zaraz Bots

    4. Bendegúz Varga Avatar
      Bendegúz Varga

      Nice profile pic

    5. Ashok Op Avatar
      Ashok Op

      Not better than panamera

  9. JulliaStark Avatar

    Great to see Mat and carwow now shooting videos all over the globe. The golden gate bridge is a piece of art just like that Audi RS7 in that colour too.

    1. Kwachu jachu Avatar
      Kwachu jachu

      You got 250 likes in 3 min wtf??

    2. laweta potrzebna od zaraz Avatar
      laweta potrzebna od zaraz

      @Kwachu jachu Apparently he’s cheating, like an Audi driver when you ask him if he happens to drive a more expensive version of a VW.🤣🤣🤣

    3. Florian Haffner Avatar
      Florian Haffner

      @Kwachu jachu Bots. Youtube gets more and more fake and shady

    4. Ivo Jansen Avatar
      Ivo Jansen

      sus profile picture, there are kids on here

  10. Paddle Shift Avatar
    Paddle Shift

    Of all the car tests that CarWow has ever done, this was one of them.

  11. Glen Mason Avatar
    Glen Mason

    RS7 design is amazing, always been under rated !

    1. laweta potrzebna od zaraz Avatar
      laweta potrzebna od zaraz

      looks 🤮

    2. sickbozzer Avatar

      @laweta potrzebna od zaraz Alfa Romeo Tonale 🤮

    3. Iminyourwallslol Avatar


    4. Heellp Avatar

      ​@laweta potrzebna od zaraz Alfa = workshop

  12. 𝓒𝓸ṟ𝓭. Avatar

    To be honest, the RS7 Is scary quick, and also a limousine at the same time, which is why its my favourite car from audi.

    1. Raven 212 Avatar
      Raven 212

      Best of both worlds man. Love the RS7 and kudos to any owner of any RS model really. Let alone tunability and modding.

      RS5 owner here 🙂

  13. Jaden Peter Avatar
    Jaden Peter

    I loved that engine spec display when Matt opened the hood.. good editing 3:28 🔥

    1. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
      Ben Lecluyse


  14. Chartreux Avatar

    Love the Individual Car Reviews! You should drive it here in Germany on the Autobahn but i’m glad you got invited to test it in San Franciso, even if you got Limits there, still great looking Environment!
    I just saw one of these 2 Days ago here on the Autobahn with Dealership Plates and It not only sounded better than i expected and was passing me effortless while i was driving 200km/h (120mph) so the Driver drove probably 220-230km/h (136mph-142mph)
    Prost & Cheers from Frankfurt, Germany

  15. Reginald Henry Avatar
    Reginald Henry

    Hey Matt the next time you’re in San Francisco, think about taking the Pacific Coast Highway to the Redwood National Park it’s a long drive almost to the border with Oregon but the roads are fantastic and you can see some of the oldest trees in the world. The performance looks like an awesome car and the drive would put its handling, and braking prowess to the test.

    1. Bryan Womack Avatar
      Bryan Womack

      Skyline blvd down in the Santa Cruz mountains is fun too. Only 40 min drive.

    2. Reginald Henry Avatar
      Reginald Henry

      @Bryan Womack You’re right and not as far as my suggestion, I was born in Woodside Ca. My parents moved to New York when I was eight so I didn’t grow up out there most of my family still live in Northern California so I come back for visits that’s how I know about the State.

  16. LukeTheNuke Avatar

    That handling on that twisty brick road was insane, crazy how fast Mat could go!

    1. AWildMal Avatar


    2. José Enrique Roca Avatar
      José Enrique Roca

      As much overtaking as F1 actually

    3. AWildMal Avatar

      @José Enrique Rocahe went past 15 bugatti bolides in 3 seconds 😯

    4. Durry Pompé Avatar
      Durry Pompé


    5. Kovy E Avatar
      Kovy E

      You know what else is insane? The homelessness in that city.

  17. KTrades Avatar

    Man I love Audi!!! Had 3 of them so far, and my 4th will be the RS7. Absolute beast.

  18. Abhishek Rana Avatar
    Abhishek Rana

    Absolutely love this car. One of my favourite Audis.

  19. Chirag Yadav Avatar
    Chirag Yadav

    What a good looking car it is and easily tuneable also, just absolutely stunning back 😚🇩🇪

  20. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body Avatar
    Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I do love that colour, I do think the newer shape A6/RS6 has grown on me better than the previous shape (which I liked), however the newer shape A7/RS7 still doesn’t look as good as the original Gen shape. I did own the original equivalent of the newer S7 so maybe it’s bias but I don’t think it is, it doesn’t quite look as good to me.

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