New Audi RS6 Perf v BMW M5 v AMG E63 S: DRAG RACE

Thanks to everyone for providing us their automobiles for this race:
: @exclusiveautos6770

We have actually got our hands on the all- Efficiency, and it's about to go head-to-head against its crucial competitors, the and S!

Believe this line-up seems familiar? Well, that's since it is – we have actually done this race before! The concern is, will the all-new RS6 have what it takes to bring down the competition?

Well, let's first find out by checking out the statistics. Beginning with the RS6, it's powered by the same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as in the past, but the power has been dialled up, and it now produces a fantastic 630hp and 850Nm of torque! This power is sent out to all four wheels via an 8-speed automated gearbox, however, the cars and truck is the heaviest in this line-up, tipping the scales at 2,090 kg! It's also the most costly automobile here, with a price tag of around ₤ 113,000.

Along with it, we have the BMW. It's loading a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, which is good for 625hp and 750Nm. Power is sent to all four wheels through an 8-speed torque converter transmission, and it weighs in at 1,865 kg. It's also a little more affordable than the RS6, at around ₤ 111,000.

Then lastly we have the AMG. It's in fact the least powerful vehicle here, with its 4-litre twin-turbo V8 putting down 612hp and 850Nm. Power is sent out to all 4 wheels via a 9-speed multi-clutch transmission, and it tips the scales at 1,950 kg. It's the least expensive cars and truck in this line-up, too, costing around ₤ 106,000.

So will the most powerful automobile win it? Or will the BMW's extraordinary launch system move it to triumph? There's just one way to find out … LET'S RACE!

Koenigsegg Agera RS v Design S Plaid v Supercharged Hayabusa:

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77 responses to “New Audi RS6 Perf v BMW M5 v AMG E63 S: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Audi RS6 Performance v BMW M5 v AMG E63 – Which would you choose?

    1. John Erick Avatar
      John Erick


    2. Race Jam Avatar
      Race Jam

      M5 all the way

    3. ThaDynaKat Avatar

      Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo

    4. Dizzy Avatar

      AUDI RS6❤

    5. Ademola Sodeke Avatar
      Ademola Sodeke

      M5 all day!

  2. Kirill Uhlianets Avatar
    Kirill Uhlianets

    Finally a drag race with the legendary German trio

    1. Guu Avatar

      What about Porsche? 😅

    2. donttouchthewatch Avatar

      yeah, legendary soft limiters

    3. Sansen 1408 Avatar
      Sansen 1408


    4. pator fllied Avatar
      pator fllied

      oh sonic boom goes far or?

    5. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      trio of family saloons

  3. Cosmas Mukono Avatar
    Cosmas Mukono

    The drag race we were all waiting for

    1. Yamateh MLBB Shorts Avatar
      Yamateh MLBB Shorts

      I m not waiting for it

    2. Bahle Gaji Avatar
      Bahle Gaji


    3. VikiN Norway Avatar
      VikiN Norway

      We all knew the new rs6 would be slower than e63s and m5 comp. Just audi fanboys using excuses. Glad to see it comfirmed

    4. Abanan. Avatar

      for real

    5. Rishabh Narsale Avatar
      Rishabh Narsale

      What colour of your m5

  4. Desert Sandfly Avatar
    Desert Sandfly

    For a car that weighs just over 2 Tons, that RS6 performance launches like a slingshot. Holy crap!

    1. MegaUnavailableusern Avatar

      Maybe because weight helps with launching??

    2. Brin Kee Avatar
      Brin Kee

      Draggin Wagon

    3. SpiderShott Avatar

      ​@MegaUnavailableusernhelps with traction, not with launching

    4. MegaUnavailableusern Avatar

      @SpiderShott Which is a BIG part of launching, just check the track hawk off the line. But clearly this RS6 has a better LC than the other 2 cars.

    5. ambid123 Avatar

      @MegaUnavailableusern It really doesn’t, hp/weight ratio is the biggest factor for accelerating.

  5. Julia MongAR Avatar
    Julia MongAR

    Matt always nails the launch

    1. M4NGL3D 1212 Avatar
      M4NGL3D 1212

      Good launches + Audi’s crazy launch control

    2. / / / A M G Avatar
      / / / A M G

      Those bots are crazy a lot nowadays

    3. theKuɴ Avatar


    4. countryside_guy Avatar

      All down to the car, every single time.

    5. Rasher basher Avatar
      Rasher basher

      @/ / / A M G I totally agree with you..
      😂 this channel is full of them

  6. Jesus Loves You  Avatar
    Jesus Loves You

    I would almost say matt is one of the best, or even the best drag racer in England currently. Because of the amount of practice he gets from all the drag races. His reaction 🏁is spot on!!!

    1. Dar Cos Avatar
      Dar Cos

      Yes, he rarely makes a mistake and has great reaction time.

    2. Linsanity Avatar

      its bc he doesnt do drugs, including sugar 😒

    3. Martin Avatar

      Lewis Hamilton is better than him

  7. T Avatar

    Honestly, no matter how better the newer ones of these 3 cars are gonna be. The fact is those 3 are all the BMW, Mercedes or Audi you ever gonna need! The absolute best from the current technology and engineering. I am not ready to say bye to these incredible machines.

  8. Prathamesh Rivonkar Avatar
    Prathamesh Rivonkar

    The way Audi’s Quattro puts down all its power is phenomenal…

    1. Jim Anderson 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Avatar
      Jim Anderson 🏳️‍🌈⃠

      Durango would smash these crap

    2. Vadim Avatar

      @Jim Anderson 🏳️‍🌈⃠in an alternate reality 😂

    3. Jacob Benthum Avatar
      Jacob Benthum

      Wat in a rolling race that’s when u see most peps on the road ,at the lights we’ll that’s camera crazy 😮

    4. Mathew M Avatar
      Mathew M

      @Jim Anderson 🏳️‍🌈⃠a fat rwd boat that spins off the line, yeah course

  9. 1FastG Avatar

    I’m an M5 guy all day but that Audi launch was something to admire lol

    1. TALIYY Avatar

      Same but i think it just comes down to driver. When matt drives the M5 he gets the best launch

    2. Timothey Demchenko Avatar
      Timothey Demchenko

      Gotta admit that Audi’s launch was almost as impressive as 911’s launch and it’s saying something

    3. Angel Manuel A. Z. Avatar
      Angel Manuel A. Z.

      @Timothey Demchenko i mean 911 does 10.2 man, 1 second difference is a lot

    4. Timothey Demchenko Avatar
      Timothey Demchenko

      @Angel Manuel A. Z. I meant in terms of consistency. M5’s launch is also impressive, but it lacks consistency

    5. Angel Manuel A. Z. Avatar
      Angel Manuel A. Z.

      @Timothey Demchenko M5 CS solved that to be fair, the best M5 out there vs the best RS6 out there should’ve been the perfect race, but normal M5 and M5 comp sometimes run into launch problems, as you said, consistency

  10. Hari Avatar

    that M5 is legitimately an automobile masterpiece.

    1. DeeJay Avatar

      Indeed ntm this is the old platform as well the next gen M5 will be out in about a year or so which will be their true competitor

    2. Layers Avatar

      I like the Mercedes better

    3. Luke Skywalker Avatar
      Luke Skywalker

      @Layersm5 all day m/// power

  11. Cody Musser Avatar
    Cody Musser

    I’d love to see the 3 wagon versions do this race

    1. C W Avatar
      C W


  12. Dutch Schaefer Avatar
    Dutch Schaefer

    Genuinely shocked by that launch from the RS6 🚗💨😳

  13. Hakai Avatar

    Very kind to not bring the monster version of the M5 😅 Good race and great launch from the Rs6 !

    1. Raúl Zyrk Avatar
      Raúl Zyrk

      The competition is the equivalent to the S and the Audi performance another bigger M5 would get out of the league

    2. SadKing Avatar

      Audi has such a start due to the fact that it has 100 more torque than the M5. But the M5, with its 625 horsepower and 750 torque, proved to be worthy!

    3. Lauren Arch Avatar
      Lauren Arch

      Sorry audi is king at launches out of the 3 next to porsche. However on the roll the BMW an benz are all underrated power figures, audi is pretty much on par with stated numbers which once again proves audis superiority at puttin power down. On even playing field audi is superior quattro awd. Far more capable company. By the way audi r8 v10 plus takes care of any bmw. And with an honest 610hp a supercar indeed. 0-60 in 2.6 secs an quarter mile 10.6s proven many times. Now overall faster car audi an bmw doesnt come close to mercedes. Amg one hypercar, amg gt black series.

    4. GODLY NAME Avatar

      @Lauren Arch Everyone is talking how the audi haves more torque, no one says anything about the almost 400kg weight difference.

    5. Hotline Bling Avatar
      Hotline Bling

      @Lauren Arch oh yeah same 1/4mile time with M5 CS which is a 4 seater sedan, good job LOL

  14. billyy2000 Avatar

    What a spectacular vehicle the m5 comp is… truly a masterpiece

    1. Ibrahim Sahin Avatar
      Ibrahim Sahin

      True, but still got its launch and gearbox problems like always

    2. yakup yildirim Avatar
      yakup yildirim

      ⁠​⁠​⁠@ibrahimsahin8003 even then performing better than his competitors

    3. Alexander Au Avatar
      Alexander Au

      Older platform still mashing everybody

    4. Zeus SSJ Avatar
      Zeus SSJ

      Can’t complain that’s a pretty straight forward gearbox. 8 speed torque converter. Mainly focusing on comfort shifts,heck even rolls Royce uses that

    5. DeeJay Avatar

      @Alexander Au Fr though rather still interesting this race included all the recent gens of both the merc and gen M5 is about a year away that will be their true competitor

  15. Gregg Cesaroni Avatar
    Gregg Cesaroni

    I did not expect that RS6 to be that quick…. That launch is insane

    1. Bogdan S Avatar
      Bogdan S

      m5 remains victorious 🤙🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂

    2. mike walling Avatar
      mike walling

      @Bogdan S 3 tries later lol

    3. DonTerrific Avatar

      @mike wallingYeah because the guys couldnt launch the M5

    4. mike walling Avatar
      mike walling

      @DonTerrific yea took loads of people to get it right. rs6 launched amazing every time lol

    5. DonTerrific Avatar

      @mike walling True it launches great. And thats about it. Around a Track there is 0 Chance that it’s quicker.

  16. Daryonyx Avatar

    Wow, the drone shots are amazing! I’d like to see similar captures in new drag races!

  17. DRGVRP_Dashcam Avatar

    I can’t wait to see a drag race with the rs7 performance bc it will be lighter so it might perform better and the rs6 performed amazing

  18. Nimish Avatar

    That Audi is impressive. I was in shock during first drag race. Like, it literally jumped 5 meters ahead of that M5. Insane launch.
    But still, That M5 for me. Best.

    1. DeeJay Avatar

      Indeed ntm this is the old platform as well the next gen M5 will be out in about a year or so which will be their true competitor

  19. Hanyani Mangwani Avatar
    Hanyani Mangwani

    👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿This has probably been the closest Audi, BMW & Merc have ever been. S/O to Audi for finally brining out the top of the range of their RS cars. Thank you Carwow, this race really had me on the edge of my seat…and yea, it’s true that BMW lies about their performance figures for sure!! 😁 #AmgFanBoy

    I’d really love to see the RS3 performance go up against the new BMW M2

  20. Come Fast To Get Into My Body Avatar
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Rory is such a great racing driver ~~ glad to be seeing more of him on camera ~~

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