New Aston Martin V12 incoming!!!





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  1. @shines4031 Avatar

    YES! Now there is hoping it goes in a vantage!

    1. @GoofyAhhDog1 Avatar

      I mean it did say, “and all will be vanquished” so maybe aston martin vanquish.

    2. @Goofy_ahhhh Avatar

      ​@@GoofyAhhDog1fr mein brudder

    3. @CJ-hv6fe Avatar

      @@GoofyAhhDog1the comeback of the Vanquish? OMFG

  2. @randomdudeexploringlife9546 Avatar

    I don’t get it
    Why Merc keep on producing a V8/V12 for Aston and Pagani
    But when it comes to its own car we get a four cylinder hyprid💀

    1. @graygamingps4503 Avatar

      Money I suppose. At least this V12 is an Aston engine

    2. @snakeeyes9246 Avatar

      Because Mercedes sells too many ICE or PHEV cars and their overall emissions are too high. Aston and Pagani sell way fewer cars. Gotta slow the sea level rise down somehow.

    3. @berndelignie8002 Avatar

      @@snakeeyes9246this is the reason. Brands can only sell certaib amounts of polluters.

    4. @under-your-bed_ Avatar

      I think Aston Martin makes their own V12s if l’m not wrong.

      And the reason why they make engines for Aston and Pagani is like the other person said, emissions.

      They will need to sell multiple PHEV and EV for them to make V12s and all that since they produce more than a 100k cars a year

    5. @djoetma Avatar

      Because for Mercedes it isn’t interesting to sell these kinds of cars. Those customers go to AM or some American manufacturer.

      Also, we don’t know for sure if this engine was actually made by Mercedes.

  3. @mauricecarton Avatar

    that teaser looked like a Sauron flashback

    1. @cbotten106 Avatar

      Yeah I was expecting a Lord of the Rings tie in there at one point.

  4. @adhirsingh8614 Avatar

    Please new Vanquish or DBS🙏🙏
    With the DB12s looks and interior, this would be the perfect car 😱

  5. @a_rk997 Avatar

    Dear God… It’s happening!!

  6. @annahenrietta9517 Avatar

    Combustion is ALIVEE!!!! *Maniacal Laugh*

  7. @jezza82 Avatar

    I love how about 5-6 years ago. We were told this was going to be the last v12 ever produced etc etc. now it’s just like all new V12’s new V16’s. It’s brilliant!!

    1. @riba2233 Avatar

      Alt righters making stuff up and then getting mad about it 🙂

    2. @weebly_ Avatar

      Yeah because EVs flopped way harder than manufacturers and law makers anticipated

    3. @riba2233 Avatar

      @@weebly_ they didn’t, they did much better than expected

    4. @DeadNoob451 Avatar

      ​@@riba2233lmao nice cope.

    5. @riba2233 Avatar

      @@DeadNoob451 not a cope, just facts

  8. @mattb9664 Avatar

    Yep- the really well off and the rich will get to drive V8-V12 for fun while everyone else will need to drive 4 bangers and electrics.

    1. @FishandHunt Avatar

      Make some money, join the club.

    2. @under-your-bed_ Avatar

      If you can’t be beat em, join em

    3. @harryh536 Avatar

      So what? Do you NEED a V12?
      Also, second hand Aston Martins are not that expensive.

    4. @shroomyesc Avatar

      Since when were V12s ever a normal person thing lol

    5. @Chalky. Avatar

      I can’t afford a new V12 but I can certainly afford an old Jaaaaag

  9. @The_Drive778 Avatar

    There is no electric Aston Martin only V8s and V12s 🗿

  10. @spezzy Avatar

    Finally. Looks like the same engine as the DB11 and DBS SL, probably pumped up a bit. Can’t wait for the Vanquish and/or DBS with the V12 and updated interior. Won’t replace my old ones but will be a welcome addition to the collection.

  11. @MaitsebaleHerold-uj8in Avatar

    Am I mad or big engines are making a comeback either way I’m for it

  12. @reybar365_ Avatar

    Other car makers: We need to go electric or downsize to a 4 cylinder
    Aston Martin: V12 go vroom hehe

    1. @CJ-hv6fe Avatar

      Also Bugatti with the V16 lol

    2. @__-fm5qv Avatar

      To be fair it’s not a great comparison. Most manufacturers aren’t creating inherently expensive and thirsty sports cars. No one expects an Aston or Bugatti to be eco conscious.

    3. @insanityideas Avatar

      And that’s why Ason Martin can’t turn a profit. Everyone loves a good V12 sound, but electric cars outperform these engines in power and drivability. They are developing something many of their customers may not want.

    4. @reybar365_ Avatar

      @@insanityideas it’s more about the driver experience, don’t you think?

    5. @insanityideas Avatar

      @@reybar365_ the driver experience for Electric is more immediate and consistent torque delivery without gearbox delays, power bands and turbo lag. I am sure some customers will want the challenge of getting the best from their engine, others just want to stick it in auto and have uncomplicated power delivery. The fact that restoring old sports cars with modern electric motors is even a thing suggests there is a market for petrol heads and car guys who don’t want to burn petrol. The ongoing existence of Aston Martin now depends on how many true petrol heads exist.

      I like a car with a nice big petrol engine, but if you actually care about power then electric is where it’s at… If you care about super lightweight handling then Electric is not the answer. Which explains why the dodge charger is going electric and at some point BMW and Audi will have to stop limiting the performance of their electric cars to below the M or S badged petrol vehicles.

  13. @laistab1916 Avatar

    So glad the v12 is still alive !!

  14. @Manchler Avatar

    “all will be… Vanquished” i already know what it is when they said “vanquished” its a new aston Martin vanquish and a big w to aston for keeping the vanquish a v12

  15. @SzofikaHalvorsen Avatar

    Wait is that going to be the new Aston Martin Vanquish? Notice the “And will be VANQUISHED”. That could be a teaser for a new V12 Vanquish.

    1. @XrayIuxx Avatar

      Thats exactly what I thought!

    2. @yusufabdoolla5919 Avatar

      It’s basically a Mercedes

    3. @christophersansom7751 Avatar

      @@yusufabdoolla5919not really

  16. @versailles9412 Avatar

    Aston Martin sticking its finger to electric is the best lol

  17. @aloniabasmerom8868 Avatar

    Guys this V12 is gonna be for the next gen Aston Martin Vanquish

  18. @jammiedodger7040 Avatar

    Both Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin have said they will continue to use the V12 till they are no longer allowed to use it.

  19. @bumbleman2952 Avatar

    Why was this not given to the DB12?

    Y’know? The New Aston that LITERALLY has the number 12 in its NAME!

  20. @revaddict Avatar

    “This will be the last V12” Jeremy Clarkson over a decade ago.. 😂

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